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#Talking #Tuesday Edition: As we #Twitter along… @sylviahubbard1 #sylLit #amwriting. Readers talking abt me… #SneakReaders

Lately, I've seen more "readers" connect with me on Twitter than "techies." This pleases me to know with help from my current readers I'm garnering the attention of other readers. My readers are "talking" about me. Yah!! I'd love to go way back but a few current ones I will point out that I favorited … Continue reading #Talking #Tuesday Edition: As we #Twitter along… @sylviahubbard1 #sylLit #amwriting. Readers talking abt me… #SneakReaders

Reader Question: Book Prices & Stealing Innocence Update

More reader questions. Keep them coming!! Sylvia Hubbard (hubbooks) Love 101 Price: $0.99 USD Sweet Justice Price: $0.99 USD Stone's Revenge Price: $2.50 USD Mistaken Identity Price: $1.00 USD Silent Lynx: Heart of Detroit Series Free! READER QUESTION: I have order rough diamond and silent lynx. May I suggest that you increase cost to more … Continue reading Reader Question: Book Prices & Stealing Innocence Update

Looking for Sylvia Hubbard

It's always pretty exciting to check my stats on a daily basis. Sometimes I'll check them on my phone just to see who's been looking for me or what they are looking at when they come to my page. i guess that's why I prefer wordpress more than blogger because you get really cool stats … Continue reading Looking for Sylvia Hubbard

stealing innocence III: Lethal Heart

Author's Note: After surveying several readers, there was a consensual agreement that everyone wanted to know what happens to Lethal Heart and when would some woman actually wrangle him. Well, you know when I came at Lethal, I had to come correct, so I found someone. Someone that could actually give him a run for … Continue reading stealing innocence III: Lethal Heart