2 amazing reader reviews for #Lovelikethis #amreading

I've been overly overjoyed with the success of downloads on Love Like This. Now even though it's free, I still find it fascinating how people have taken this book and just shared it all over the world. Love Like This was a playful novel for me, but if this is what gets readers to read, … Continue reading 2 amazing reader reviews for #Lovelikethis #amreading

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The twist is still in full swing. It's now available on Amazon.com because I had a lot of readers asking for Diamonds in the Rough and Silent Lynx on their Kindles. Instead of fighting Amazon to put it there for free. BAMMM! Here it is. all available for you to have. Now currently during the … Continue reading #CyberMonday Deal on #SylLit World 5Books ONLY $1.99 #Amazon #Smashwords