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What you’ve been waiting for. If you’ve read Love Like This, then you’ve met Parker and he has problems of his own.

Three sisters that want him. What more could a guy ask for, but everything you wish for is not always everything you want.

Especially after I write about it.

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Book Synopsis:

Life has never been worth living for Charisse before her father died. After three attempts to kill herself were unsuccessful, she makes a deal for release from hell on earth, with one of the people who made her life what it was.

It wasn’t until Chyna finds out that her husband, Parker Mills was having an affair with her twin sister, Cheyenne, that she realizes she’s losing the best thing she’s ever had. Feeling the ultimate betrayal by her own sibling, Chyna knows she has to do whatever it takes to keep her husband and give him what he longs for – a baby. Knowing that she’s unable to have children and Cheyenne is afflicted with the same condition, she decides to go to the only person that can help her save her marriage – her younger sister, Charisse.

In the end, one sister will die, another will lose everything and one will get everything that she wants.

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His Substitute Wife… My Sister Book Two

Rating: Not yet rated.
Published: Feb. 01, 2014
Words: 85,040 (approximate)
Language: English

Short description

Pick off where Book One ends as sisters: Charisse, Chyna and Cheyenne all want one man, Parker! One sister will die, another will lose everything and one will get everything that she wants.

Extended description

In the continuing drama, Charisse continues to struggle with her problems while mounting problems with her sisters draw her in a web of more mental torture.

Yet, Chyna’s plan might actually work and Charisse is still determined to end everything in the end, but the growing attraction to her brother in law starts to touch her heart.

Parker can’t let go of the one thing he wanted, but it was his sister in law he desired and not his wife. What is a man to do?

One sister will die, another will lose everything and one will get everything that she wants.

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Men You Love To Hate #BlackFamilySeries Collect Them All

First there was William…

I really didn’t think William was a person to hate when I was writing Stone’s Revenge. I more or less empathize with the pain and hardship he went through to make him the man he was in order to to bring him to life.

Then there was Jaelen…

I can’t tell you how many times I really hated Jaelen, originally appearing in stealing innocence, the sequel and other books as well, and he was just so selfish and mean to Kimberly. I remamber all the fan mail I got about him and how women were whipping mad.

Jaelen’s more misunderstood than he is mean… I think. Or maybe he is just mean.

A lot of people kept asking how could Evan be his friend, because Evan’s so nice.

He wasn’t nice all the time but he’s only really mean when you hurt him. Like he was in Love Like This with Nicole. He was trying to be mean.

When you read Love Like This and Hope Is Love, you get that there is a side of the family the “brothers” don’t like to speak about.

That’s when you Xavier Black, from The Mysterious Mr. Black and Axel Black, from The Revenge of Three.

Sides of the family that are closely related to The Heart Family (which is a whole ‘nother story.)

And yes, all of them are men you LOVE to HATE!

Get all four books for your eReader today and Love to Hate them for yourself!


If you’ve read them all, please go back to the place you’ve purchased them and leave a review. (Especially for the Mysterious Mr. Black and The Revenge of Three. Serious in need of them, please)

Plus, what do you think will happen next in the series.

#WickedChances Chapter 26 – #LiveStory #NaNoWriMo.org #lawritingchallenge #wip #amreading – WC

The Wicked Chances chapter you’re looking for is no longer available for FREE.

I saved this book post to keep the unique comments from myself and my #SneakReaders.

Please go to Wicked Chances on Smashwords to download the rest of this book.


By Sylvia Hubbard
Rating: 1 star1 star1 star1 star1 star
(5.00 based on 3 reviews)

Published: Nov. 01, 2012
Words: 102666 (approximate)
Language: English

Short description

To save her life and the life of her children, she must give in to becoming a man’s wife.

Extended description

A woman with her children on the run from her past swears never to be another man’s whore. Now her baby’s father turns up dead and not only is his loan shark after her, but the police are after her as well.

Yet, when the malevolent, real estate accountant, Sterling Newman, finds out she is the key to completing his dream property, he blackmails her into marriage or turn her over to police.

Forced to marry in order to save her life and the life of her children, she vows to hate him forever. Yet, somehow he finds a way to make her body betray her heart.

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As you read the book, you can always return to these posts to see what others are saying and even add your own as a way to interact as well.

Got special comments for certain chapters just for the author.

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Works In Progress

(Updated 1/25/17 – scroll down to see new works posted!  Tell me what you think)

Many times, I start a story and never finish it because of stalled research and/or for other reasons sometimes I can’t answer, but a lot of readers want updates all the time and I wanted a place for them to keep up with this. So here it is. If there is an update, I’ll place it in the comments here.


Tentative Completion Date:  Unknown
Armando Bellini becomes lost at sea.  A horrible storm tears his yacht to shreds and he’s saved by a beautiful stowaway, Faith, who has many secrets.  He tries to deny his attraction to this quick thinking fox.
stealing innocence III: Lethal Heart
click here for excerpt (coming soon)
Tentative Completion Date:  Unknown
Tentative Availability: $4.00 (download) $14.99 (paperback)
…in the heart of Detroit, lies corruption and struggle over political power. When there is a plot to unseat the “hip-hop” mayor by desecrating his political career, there’s only one woman who knows the truth, but must survive in order for the deceit to be known.

EmperorsAddictionBookCoverEmperor’s Addiction – click here for excerpt
Emperor loves sex. The touch, taste and smell of a woman sends him over the edge and he can never get enough of it. Yet when he catches his teenage daughter sucking face with a punk, he promises her to stay celibate if she does. Everything was fine until he met her schoolmate, Reese, a young woman wh brings his addiction overboard and he doesn’t know how long he can resist taking what he wants.
Read excerpt
Tentative Completion Date:  Unknown
Tentative Availability: $2.50 (download) $13.00 (paperback)
update: starting blogging this 6/2008….Completed book | Part One complete| Part Two still to come
The Murderer's LoverGrand Murder(was the tentative title) New Title: The Murderer’s Lover
Her one time taking a chance in her life and she thinks she’s spent her first one night stand with the first publicized serial killer in Detroit, The Murder Capital! Now he’s stalking her and she believes she may be the next victim.
Bad thing about it is that she thinks she wants more of him.
Tentative Completion Date:  Unknown
Tentative Availability: $2.50 (download) $13.00 (paperback)
Tentative Website: http://aaeln.com



password to this story Harsh, cold and selfish Madison was the character in the story that had done the evil and got away with it. Yet just when she thought she had won everything she felt life should have given her, the knowledge that her husband loved another rips her world apart.
With just the clothes on her back, Madison walks away from her wealthy life and wanders into the world.
Malik, a cool level headed deeply passionate man finds out that there is no happy ending. He had thought if he laid the world at a woman’s feet he would feel like a king, but it was not enough and now he finds himself drowning his sorrows every night trying not to crave the life he wants.
Two Strangers + One Night = A Fate Destined
To access this story you will need a password.
The password to this one is the name of the youngest child Charisse Sheridan had in His Substitute Wife…My Sister.

Double Playing 

Two men plus One Woman Equals Deception, Greed & Lust.


To access this story, you will need a password.

Password Clue: What was the fake name Grae used when she wanted to keep her identity hidden from Ezekiel in Secrets Lies & Family Ties? This is the password to the story called: DOUBLE PLAYING at www.sylviahubbard.wordpress.com



(tentative title)

Alone… Pregnant… And About to Be Murdered…

troubleWithGabrielleA one night stand a mysterious man and four months later Gabrielle Payne is unhoused and pregnant.

When things are at the worst, she finds out her mysterious man, Oliver Farnsworth, was murdered and very wealthy with no heir to claim the fortune his mother left him.

Gabrielle decides to reveal her secret and ask for just “a little help.” She is taken in by Oliver’s step mother, Nareen McGee.

The old house of Oliver Farnsworth is larger than any place she’s ever been, but she starts to see things are not what they seem. And she starts to find out several things in the two short weeks that she stays there:

  • Oliver Farnsworth was murdered by poison, but his murderer was never found.
  • He has a twin brother, who lives outside of the state and is on the outs with his family.
  • The step mother is greedy and is lying about how happy she is about the Gabrielle’s pregnancy.

and lastly….

  • The step mother plans to kill her to gain the fortune Oliver Farnsworth left.

With no place to go, what’s a woman to do?

MISTAKEN IDENTITY 4: The Perfect Woman For Them

#3 COMPLETE: http://amzn.to/1HwnbZp

The premise is simple. The relationship complex, but when loving them is right, she doesn’t want to be wrong.

To Read Mistaken Identity (the first one) please click here.

Title of book was changed to four because there was already a two & three out and yes, there will be a five.

threewaystoblissTHREE WAYS TO BLISS

What more could a woman desire?

Or is it the men that guide her hunger for more?

Not only does she have the loving of three men, but her life has become something she could never dream of.

Yet, once one has accomplished the world, is it wrong to want the universe?

Can they give it to her?

What more can the road to lust bring to her? And in the end will the destination kill her?

Good Deeds II: Karma – You get what you give

Author’s Note: This is clearly a fan fiction from the original movie Good Deeds. No, I’m not tryng to be the next Tyler “Emitt” Perry Jr. I just couldn’t help “enticed” by Walter’s unfinished story and what happens when Karma comes back to bite you!

Synopsis: The story starts a year later where Walter is trying to get his life in order. Determined not to let anything come between him – drugs or women – every day is a challenge to stay focus on business and not succumb to any addictions or distractions. Yet, all the backstabbing he has done to his brother, could possibly come back and destroy him… unfortunately it’s right on the brink of getting possession of the one thing he wants in his life… his father’s company

To see when this story starts, fan me on wattpad.com or make a comment there and i’ll post when the story starts.

sexstasy-temp coverWe do not mix our cultures, Malachi,’ his harsh father’s words said to him several times while growing up. ‘They are mutts with no morals or values! Groveling for our scrapes and scraping by on fat backs and garbage.’

And Malachi Hassem never questioned this, plus curiosity killed the cat…

Too bad King Heart will make satisfaction bring it back.

Enjoy one man’s journey into the forbidden with a chocolate beauty that cannot deny him.

Ravenous: Taking Care of Him

ravenousAlthough Grandmother Wei had been cruel, she taught Chon a thing or two to help her make money and that was organization!
Now with one more client to help to get her to the financial goal of owning her own business, Chon was determined to finish the job she started.
Too bad Dorian Zane was going to be the most challenging customer she’d ever had.

Dorian Zane wanted one thing… to be left alone so he could just work himself to death.
Work made him forget the demons that cursed his soul, work made him forget the appetite for what he truly desired, work made him feel normal.
Now she had come into his life and she didn’t even know she was the answer to his soul’s pain. He needed her nectar and he needed her to want to give it to him.
Step one: Get her to work for him.
Step two: Get her to want him
Step three: Get her to give him anything he desired.
Step four: Tear her soul apart and sacrifice her to the lust demons that were voracious in appetite.

See more at Wattpad | Click Here



DarkRegrets-BlackFamilySeriesDark Regrets

To find out she’s the half-sister of Phillipe Darkore, a millionaire in Detroit and her father doesn’t even want to recognize her, Cerise tries to expose the secret organization that she felt mind raped her mother. When blackmail doesn’t work, she threatens to contact Sharlie Costello, a Pulitzer prize newspaper reporter that would love to ruin any millionaire in the City of Detroit.

Cerise Beryl Darkore felt her mother’s innocence was taken advantage of and she was hell-bent on exposing the truth about the secret organization until Phillipe who will stop at nothing to keep the organization a secret, hires Phelix Black to “distract” Cerise.

She really needs money to hold on to the house and property her mother left her and Phelix can give it to her, if she submits to being for one year. And if agrees to his term for the rest of her life, he would supply her with whatever she pleases.

Yet, his terms are providing him with a child and being a mother to that child, but she must give up her guardianship of the child and never reveal she is the mother to the child. Plus, under no circumstance can she reveal anything about the organization.

Cerise wants the house, but she wants to stay true to her revenge for her mother. Phelix Black has strangely lustful proclivities she doesn’t know she can handle. He’s a Black to the bone and puts all his insane cards out on the table. Take it or leave it, he says. Disobedience won’t be tolerated and Phelix is smarter than she assumes.

Cerise is determined to have her cake and eat it too, but at what cost? Her body she can give, but her life and soon her heart could be jeopardized as well.

amazingGraceCover.jpgAmazing Grace

He believed the Sins of the father will pass to the son. Every moment of his life since his father’s death he is haunted at the thought he will become like the monster his father was. He would kill without mercy, hurt without pity, lust without regrets and never love.

And then he met her …Grace Oliver.

Will his past determine her future?

StrangerInMyHouse2When he came home after two years from running off for two years, her husband was different. He wasn’t the same man who had been there before yet everyone was convinced this was Malik Bane. He walked liked him, talked like him and to everyone else he acted him like, but Yalina knew this wasn’t her husband, but could tell no one of her suspicion. Not even her husband.

Why was this man impersonating her husband?

Especially when the biggest sale of land in Detroit was getting ready to be sold to a private owner donated from The Bane Estate and ONLY her husband has the power to stop it.

Should she say something about her suspicion and if she did it? Would she be jeopardizing her life? And where exactly was the real Malik Bane?

Author’s Note: This started this cover off with plans of replacing Sex Weed, but I’ve decided to make this a different story. It looks like it could be a fun erotic.

GiveMeSomeGimme Some

What do you do when a man who you thought was just going to be a side gig, turns out to want to marry you… Needs to marry you because you are carrying his baby.

He almost killed himself to stop you from aborting it, but you had no intentions of having a baby… let alone just any man’s baby.

And this was just any man… or was it?

Austin Harrington didn’t care about life. Slept with whomever and whatever he could, but then a horrible accident and he no longer could produce the heir his mother wanted. And if he couldn’t do that, his evil step sister could claim everything his family had worked for.

Now he finds out there is a possibility he could have a baby on the way and he needs to do whatever he can to made sure this baby stays alive and is a legitimate heir.

But Regina is against marriage and against babies. He’s going to some how have to convince her to marry him, stay with him until the baby and convince his sister they are in this together. Otherwise, he loses everything.


Jordyn finds out her past isn’t the truth and that she’s been living a lie. Doing the only thing that will keep her sanity, she leaves her family and strikes out on her own, trying to live an honest life.

Yet, when her family seeks revenge and she is joined in the fight to get it, she finds, sometimes one has to leave the past where it should stay – buried.

As more and more secrets come to light, Jordyn is sucked back into her old world, where getting everything means losing everything.

Author’s Note: Betrayed was broken up into six books. The last is still a work in progress, but you can check out the rest of them at this link. Click here


old cover

EVE’S DECEPTION (synopsis)

Losing her faith, Eve was never a big believer in the church.

When she is paid to seduce the new very handsome Godly assistant pastor of same the church that turned their back on her so long ago, she knew this was her chance to bring down the entire congregation and send every one to hell that hurt her!

New Cover ( and tell me what you think)


Nothing ever goes well for her.

Luxe dances, but not because she just needs all the money. She actually loves to dance. She loves the looks the men give her. The worshipful looks that makes them want to possess her, but no one knows her real secret. She’s terrified of sex. Being high maintenance and demanding a lot just for her attention was her ploy to dissuade men from persuing her. The more money hoops she made them jump through the less the wanted to persue her.

Yet, one of her seductive dances gives her a secret of life and death and she realizes she needs to lay low or end up like her customer – dead.

An ad on Craiglist is the perfect opportunity. A man needs a companion in the middle of Upper Peninsula for three months. No strings attached and sex is optional. Knowing he could never afford her price tag, she doesn’t worry about giving sex and being in the midle of no where, no one could find her.

She would be safe. Right?

BOOK OF ANGELS (3 Books Series)

BookSeries.jpgFour book series consisting of four fraternal Quadruplets siblings struggling not be to like their parents – they come from a long line of thieves and killers.

  • Book of Michael Guardian – theme: Arrogance/Pride
  • Book of Raphael Guardian – theme: Power
  • Book of Gabriel Guardian – theme: Healing
  • Book of Lucifer Guardian – theme: Evil

Will love be the change in them or the death of them? Coming soon!

The last book isn’t featured predominantly because Lucifer’s story weaves throughout all the other novels with his brother.

Michael and Gabriel first appear in The Murderer’s Lover

AmazingMercy2.jpgAmazing Mercy

(from the Amazing Sisters Standalone Series – see above for Amazing Grace)

Iniquity was the last thing he needed, but everything she wanted!

She needed something bad because she had been trying to be good all her life.

He was searching for the one woman that could give him something he never should be addicted too. Though his soul fought the temptation, he knew he could get no peace without fulfilling his needs.

Yet, can he be the bad boy she wants in order to get the good stuff she has?

Coming soon!

BlacksInnocence.jpgBlack’s Innocence

(this will be paperback and ebook)

Taking her virginity was easy, damning her soul will be fun.

Adopted out to another family before he knew his real parentage, the cruel Black’s blood runs through Tyler’s veins.

He was trying to be a nice guy, but when his best friend wrongs him, his revenge will be nothing less than stellar.

Lauren prided herself on saving herself for marriage. Ten dollars a week on her measly income also provided her with a dowry any man would be proud to have, along with her virginity.

Yet, from the first day she met her fiancé’s best friend, her life became hell on wheels and there was nothing she could do about it.

Black’s Innocence is a standalone novel to the Black Family Series. See more of them at:


Author’s Note: No it doesn’t have to do with the Stealing Innocence Series.

Wood Brother Series

Three brothers grew up living off the land. When their mother dies, they discover how their father made his fortune and with the family about to lose the land, they must make a choice to go back into the family business or lose everything their parents have built.  Brothers Maximum, Nixon and Madox have a choice to make, but either way they are going to have to give all or nothing.

Book One: Out of the Woods

outofthewoods.jpgMadox Woods knew as the youngest he would have to be the one to save his family’s property. Kidnap the daughter of a wealthy mogul, wait for the payoff and then make sure her body is never found, but there is a twist. The client specifies Madox needs to break her heart.

Madox had never fallen in love and he certainly didn’t know how to break a woman’s heart.

(Thanks for the cover www.misswebdesigner.com

Book Two: Nick of time (Nixon)

Book Three: To The Max

Being the only brother not married, Maximum decides he’s going to mail order a bride. The process should be simple, but the trouble that follows will turn the brother’s lives upside down and Maximum’s heart inside out.

Wrath of Passion

F: Morgan Knight | M: Baracus Wraith

When Morgan struck out on her own without her overbearing mother always in her ear, Morgan moved into an apartment complex she thought would keep away the drama she ran from.

Yet, her odd neighbor who she only sees at night has a weird fetish she can’t help but to indulge in.

He loves to make women perform on him in his vehicle in the middle of the night. Peaking out of her window right in frt of his carport space she comes upon his night fetish and cant stop watching… several nights a week.

When he looks up to sees she is watching him… he smiles wickedly. He knows.

Does she still keep watching?