Men You Love To Hate #BlackFamilySeries Collect Them All

First there was William…

I really didn’t think William was a person to hate when I was writing Stone’s Revenge. I more or less empathize with the pain and hardship he went through to make him the man he was in order to to bring him to life.

Then there was Jaelen…

I can’t tell you how many times I really hated Jaelen, originally appearing in stealing innocence, the sequel and other books as well, and he was just so selfish and mean to Kimberly. I remamber all the fan mail I got about him and how women were whipping mad.

Jaelen’s more misunderstood than he is mean… I think. Or maybe he is just mean.

A lot of people kept asking how could Evan be his friend, because Evan’s so nice.

He wasn’t nice all the time but he’s only really mean when you hurt him. Like he was in Love Like This with Nicole. He was trying to be mean.

When you read Love Like This and Hope Is Love, you get that there is a side of the family the “brothers” don’t like to speak about.

That’s when you Xavier Black, from The Mysterious Mr. Black and Axel Black, from The Revenge of Three.

Sides of the family that are closely related to The Heart Family (which is a whole ‘nother story.)

And yes, all of them are men you LOVE to HATE!

Get all four books for your eReader today and Love to Hate them for yourself!


If you’ve read them all, please go back to the place you’ve purchased them and leave a review. (Especially for the Mysterious Mr. Black and The Revenge of Three. Serious in need of them, please)

Plus, what do you think will happen next in the series.

12 thoughts on “Men You Love To Hate #BlackFamilySeries Collect Them All

  1. Hi Ms. Sylvia,

    I have read them all, and I have left a review for all of them. Yes, all of these men are people that we, the readers, love to hate. I think that because of their roughness and mean spirits, we love them more than we hate them. They really bring the punch to the stories. I would like to see the Heart series finished next, but I know it will probably be the Bellini. Then, maybe not, everyone knows that you like to throw twist and turns at us, the readers. Whatever the next series is, I am ready for it.

    Your loyal fan,

  2. I sooooo enjoyed this series, I really need to re-read them all. OMG can’t wait to read the next book.

  3. There are quite a few men I absolutely love to hate like William, Ezekiel (from sex lies & family ties), Jaelen, Xavier & Axel Black, Tyrone Lott and of course KING HEART. However, I LOVE JAELEN. I read Hope is Love first hence my first encounter with Jaelen & COULD NOT STAND HIM, BUT once I read his story in stealing innocence (my third book read) I understood him & fell in love. Tyrone Lott is another I love more than hate but his sarcasm gets me going at times. He’s just over the Top. With each of these characters I hate them ins a the beginning, but then they win me over. King Heart is my ultimate love to hate. I hate his ruthless was bug love his power & effect on others coupled with his fine as hell (my fallen angel). He needs love too, but will still get my I hate you moments.

    1. King is loathsome, although he surprised me in The mysterious Mr. he helped keep Xavier from being committed. Unless he seriously reforms I don’t see myself ever liking him

  4. I too have read them all and I loved every last one. I hated both Jaelen and Ethan at first. Jae was just plain mean and so vidictive but he grew on me, Ethan because in Love Like This he did not care about hurting Nicole to get back at his wife even though she was innocent. Ironically I liked James from the get go inspite of the fact that in Love like this we get to know that he is the reason Ethan finally decided to leave his wife after he found out that she was sleeping with him, and in Hope is Love he is described as a womanizer who had a preference for married women. Loved the mystery of Axel Black and the double personalities of Xavier Black. I simply cannot wait to see what characters you will create this year.

  5. I have read and will re-read the “Black Series” over and over again because they are just that good. Ms. Hubbard has quickly become my favorite e-book author. She is truly the queen of Black Romance & Suspence. Just when you think you know the plot because you’ve read the others, Ms. Hubbard throws you off again. If you have’nt read any of her books, I suggest you view her website and start from the beginning. You will not be disappointed! Happy reading.

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