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What you’ve been waiting for. If you’ve read Love Like This, then you’ve met Parker and he has problems of his own.

Three sisters that want him. What more could a guy ask for, but everything you wish for is not always everything you want.

Especially after I write about it.

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Book Synopsis:

Life has never been worth living for Charisse before her father died. After three attempts to kill herself were unsuccessful, she makes a deal for release from hell on earth, with one of the people who made her life what it was.

It wasn’t until Chyna finds out that her husband, Parker Mills was having an affair with her twin sister, Cheyenne, that she realizes she’s losing the best thing she’s ever had. Feeling the ultimate betrayal by her own sibling, Chyna knows she has to do whatever it takes to keep her husband and give him what he longs for – a baby. Knowing that she’s unable to have children and Cheyenne is afflicted with the same condition, she decides to go to the only person that can help her save her marriage – her younger sister, Charisse.

In the end, one sister will die, another will lose everything and one will get everything that she wants.

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It’s going to be available soon at other bookstores.

And if you are waiting for Book Two buy your copy in advance below at #Smashwords now! READ BOOK ONE ABOVE AT THE LINKS ABOVE BEFORE BUYING BOOK TWO WHICH WILL NOT BE RELEASED UNTIL FEBRUARY FIRST.

His Substitute Wife… My Sister Book Two

Rating: Not yet rated.
Published: Feb. 01, 2014
Words: 85,040 (approximate)
Language: English

Short description

Pick off where Book One ends as sisters: Charisse, Chyna and Cheyenne all want one man, Parker! One sister will die, another will lose everything and one will get everything that she wants.

Extended description

In the continuing drama, Charisse continues to struggle with her problems while mounting problems with her sisters draw her in a web of more mental torture.

Yet, Chyna’s plan might actually work and Charisse is still determined to end everything in the end, but the growing attraction to her brother in law starts to touch her heart.

Parker can’t let go of the one thing he wanted, but it was his sister in law he desired and not his wife. What is a man to do?

One sister will die, another will lose everything and one will get everything that she wants.

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His Substitute Wife is going to be my closing cost house. A dollar from every book sold is going to go to the $4000 I need to help with getting our new house.

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The counter for this endeavor will go up January 1st, so by then I should have significant sales.

Pre-readers know this book is worth what I’ve put on it, and I know as a new reader once you read book one, you’ll enjoy it.

In the end, I want to thank you for helping me reach my goal.

I’m hoping to reach my goal by February.

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7 thoughts on “what you’ve been waiting for… New Book: #HisSubstituteWife Book One… Prequel: #LoveLikeThis

  1. Ohh wee Mrs Sylvia em em em. It’s ashame that ur not more known as the great author that you are. This as always was soo good. And it didn’t even require a lot of intimate scenes. This is def a must read. How you put together these crazy families is beyond me but you do it so elegantly lol that I just keep coming back for more and more. I’m excited for book 2. Can’t wait to see who ends up where and even more excited that it’s coming out sooner rather then later. Haha.

  2. AMarie, I agree with you rgarding Ms. Hubbard not being recognized as the great author that she is. I have read everything published and have re-read most stories too. She has a way of keeping her readers engaged with her twists and turns in her plots and I enjoy the craziness with her families. I’ve read a lot of complaints from people about her editing and don’t care about all that, everyone makes mistakes. When I read, I look at the whole picture, not the pieces, if you can notice an error, you can read through it, especially when there aren’t that many. I look foward to book 2 and the other 3 books in the Black/Heart Series. Keep up the good work Sylvia!

  3. ok hello again im back. lol so ive finished reading His Substitute Wife book2. wooow it was so good. ur books always leave me wanting more and more and more. i just be wanting to know everyone’s story in one overly thick book. haha. so much was revealed and i wasn’t expecting all that went down between Joanie and Cheyenne. Dang that was deep how they actually ended up being connected as far as there background story. and surprisingly even though i didn’t care for Chyna i felt bad for her torture. em em em. God sho don’t like ugly. Lol And that Cherisse let me tell you sometimes I could have reached through the pages and smacked her. For everything she still let her sisters do to her even though she new it wasn’t right, thank heavens for friends like Kimberly and Nevada along the way. And how about them BABIESSS lol oh u really got us with that. (I wont give it away though)  ….Now i must say i loved how u gave us a little back ground history on Nevada & her sister. its funny bc in this book it was like u were introducing them. but really they have already come to the surface in other books. That im sure ur fans will notice. but i loved knowing a little about their background. i was thinking out of all ur characters to come. i really looking forward to Nevada & Mandingo bc though u really haven’t said to much i see A LOT happening there 😉 . and im also looking forward to King and her sister. don’t get me wrong im excited for Onyx and her brothers story and for the rest of Emperor. But since reading a little about the sisters and a little bit of Mandingo in Hope is LOve, it is just something about that entire situation that has been INTRIGUED. lol haha. so all in all thank u AGAIN for another great read. I totally loved the outcome. ur the best and soon everyone will know. its been so exciting reading multiple new books from you over the last few months and not having to wait really long. with every curve ball life maybe throwing you ur still pumping out greatness. #yougogirl 🙂 godbless!

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