Reader Question: How did you know what genre was your niche?

Every once in a while on the facebook page someone will ask an indepth question that I just have to come back here and post. Plus, this breaks up the monotony of the blog story and for people interested in why I write what I write, this does help. If you have a question to ask about my writing style or anything else, just click on my contact page or go to the facebook page. After you LIKE the page, you can post any question either in discussion or status page. READER QUESTION:.....

What are Author notes on this site?

Google Definition of author's note on the Web: * when the author wants to create an aside to explain something. I've had a recent request to explain why some of the post are listed as author's notes. As a writer, I want to give my readers the experience of a great read, but the … Continue reading What are Author notes on this site?