What are Author notes on this site?

Google Definition of author’s note on the Web:

* when the author wants to create an aside to explain something.

I’ve had a recent request to explain why some of the post are listed as author’s notes.

As a writer, I want to give my readers the experience of a great read, but the mindset I was in while I was writing.

In the live writings that I do, I feel (and this is just my take on it) I give the reader not only the full on insight into how i write a story, but also how I thought of a part of the story or when the story comes to me.

My author’s notes are more or less, sidebars into the story. I wish I could publish a book with sidebars and write down what I was thinking at the time of each epiphany in the story.

That would be cool I think.

I used to love reading Stephen King’s re-produced novels he’d done as Richard Bach.

In the front of them, he’d have notes on how he created those stories and I thought that was really awesome.

Maybe I have a little Stephen King in me and want to do the same or create the same good feeling Stephen King created in me.

More to come…

Thanks for being a reader, visitor and/or fan.