#1 Googled “Popular Black Erotica Writer”…. Me?

Got this great tweet [https://twitter.com/TopBillion/status/254588632361476096] 1h Himon Sill ‏@TopBillion @sylviahubbard1 you're welcome! 🙂 when i googled 'black erotica authors' your name was at the top of the search results I decided to Google myself and got this screen shot: I was stunned and completely shocked at first and then I felt so honored to know … Continue reading #1 Googled “Popular Black Erotica Writer”…. Me?

Author’s Note & Some Bad News

  I knew the minute I didn't use Google Docs was the minute something was going to happen. Now if you're an older reader, you're feeling the large dread in the pit of your stomach because in the past Author's Notes are always a bad thing usually on this site. Especially when I'm so deep … Continue reading Author’s Note & Some Bad News