#WritersWednesday Gripe: U only ask me questions about yr writing, but u have never supported a project or event I’m doing. #lotsofnerve

The word Synergy seems sometimes foreign to writers, yet as the Internet goes from Web 2.0 to Web 3.0, writers and authors are realizing Social Networking is what is important to succeed in this world.

As a thought leader on the Internet, according to Klout I know when I speak on things I influence others to check out what I’m speaking about. I’m honored to be considered a thought leader on Klout and I know people take that to heart when they see me online EVERYWHERE.

So I do get calls, email & text messages like this for example:

“Hey Sylvia, I see you everywhere and I have a new book coming out that I’d love for you to let everyone know about…” They’ll leave they’re book URL where I can buy it and end with. “I hope you support me by purchasing a copy.”

Or another one is:

“Hey Ms Hubbard, I need more people to know about my book and would love if you could share my information with your social network.”

“Ms. Hubbard, I see that you have thousand of people who follow you on Facebook. You don’t know me and I heard about you from a lot of people and I would like you to share about my book on domestic violence with the people who follow you. I know when they see my book, they will want to follow me too. Thank you in advance.”

“Hey Ms. Literary diva, we haven’t spoken since I published my book five years ago in the yahoogroups with you and I heard you know a lot about ebooking. Can you tell me how to do it because I’m confused and two other authors told me to get in contact with you.” (This one wanted step by step process through email FOR FREE).

(these are actual notes from Facebook or twitter)

Yet, and that’s a big YET, they’ve never once supported me by even retweeting one thing I’ve said. I may not know this person from anywhere and they have the nerve… oh no, the audacity to ask me to purchase and share their information as if that would benefit me in some way.

I like sharing things about what’s going on in Michigan. Yet just the fact that you would like me to buy and share your literary project when you haven’t once came out to any of my events, purchased a project of mine, responded to an online discussion, followed me on twitter or even retweeted one thing I’ve said, really doesn’t encourage me to do anything for you.

I want to help everyone. I love sharing my knowledge with others and showing people the right way to social network. Yet, even after I share advice with the thousands of people who contact me annually for advice, I would say I get maybe ten to a hundred  people a year who actually take the time to show their appreciation.

I’m not complaining. Anything that I have been given I truly appreciate all and honored by what they have given me.

But the ones that haven’t. The ones that have asked me for valuable advice and never once supported me in anyway, I speak to you. The ones that have sat down with me for an hour and picked my brain personally, why haven’t you at least shared on your social network an event I do; A book I have; a blog post I’ve done or even a quote I’ve posted?

The ones that I have helped set up publishing companies, saved money on printing expenses, gave social media advice that’s worth thousands of dollars, why haven’t you even given a love offering or a donation to my organization or even taken out an ad?

I wonder about this and thought after eleven years of being for the literary community and helping almost a million writers and authors out, I needed to say something personally to them.

Now don’t feel sorry for me. I know I’m an asset to humanity and the blessings I give to others I don’t expect repayment in any way. Really, I don’t, but I do expect for the ones that I do help to pay it forward – which some do and some don’t.

 Social networking is more than just opening up an account on facebook or twitter and saying buy my book. If you don’t understand that, you will never understand what it takes to sell books on the World Wide Web.

I’ve probably made some people mad at me – especially the ones I’ve quoted from the hot mess they’ve sent me, but at this point, I’m only here as a person who would love for you to take whatever advice I’ve given you that has helped you out and help me or someone else with it, and give credit where credit is due. (back to me at twitter @sylviahubbard1) LOL.

I just hope this message reached the hearts and minds of the people who really needed to hear it and give the understanding to them .

If you are confused about how to help your favorite author or literary friend out, here’s an article by Lindsay Buroker called: 

How to Help Your Favorite Authors

10 thoughts on “#WritersWednesday Gripe: U only ask me questions about yr writing, but u have never supported a project or event I’m doing. #lotsofnerve

  1. Wow, Sylvia! I had no idea that you were going through that but I’m not surprised. People can be really selfish and I’ve had to personally deal with one-sided relationships from a so-called friend who insisted upon being the center of attention to another ex-friend who was bribed into backstabbing me and now insists on me marrying him. I can totally see where you are coming from. I will remember what you wrote above before asking for any advice. Thanks! P (and by the way, I’m not on Twitter)

    1. aww, it’s okay. Like i said, it’s eleven years coming and I just thought I should say this now before my writers conference comes up and not one person who i’ve helped won’t even share the event on their page. (which has happened not one year, but several years.)

      sometimes it’s hard to not to succumb to the negativity that overwhelms our literary community, but I’ve just decided that i’m going to keep going.

  2. Ms. Sylvia, I had a teacher once tell me that your most valuable asset is your time, so stop wasting it. You need to be paid for your time, you should be paid for your time as an consultant. If they are unable to afford it now, get a contract that when they are able, they will pay you for your time down the line. The problem is if they went to someone else, they would have to pay. Why not support you. it just makes me angry that people are so selfish that they don’t want to support each other. I had to start a blog to tell people the things they don’t want to hear, and I told them ohh well, deal with it.

  3. Sylvia, okay, you got my attention! Funny you mention this as I go through my own little introspection and think of how much taking I do and a lot less giving. Now is the time to get my karma cleaned up. Never know how long we’ll be here! On that note, I want to say thank you for the exchange in emails we had when we first met as I was plugging away at writing my first romantic mystery. You answered a couple of good questions for me and I truly appreciate the time you took to do so! I’m going to go write about one of your eBooks I read! Mahalo nui loa!


  4. Sylvia, thanks for mentioning my article! Love the blog post title, too. 😉

    What you need to do is respond, “Why, yes, of course I can help you, and I only charge $100 an hour for my consulting fee.” 😀

  5. oh most definitely. currently, i’m setting up my consultation fee schedule and boy will i be sitting pretty (or pretty broke) in 2012. LOL. thanks for swinging by Lindsay!

  6. Sylvia,
    I am not an author just a fan of yours and I must say I’ve always thought you gave away to much. I love your free stories but always felt I should be paying for it. As I’ve often said before I would gladly pay for your work. I even tried my hand at proofreading a few years ago and you offered me an opportunity with that. If I didn’t say it then I’ll say it now it was most appreciated. It’s about time you claim your worth for all the information you put out there. Let’s claim 2012 as your finanicial breakout year!!!! Tari

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