The Lit World of @SylviaHubbard1 has gone @Pinterest!

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English: Red Pinterest logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

First, Author Update:

Busy as all get out and that’s why you haven’t heard from me… much…

Researching another story (Mistaken Identity Sequels) and also editing The Mysterious Mr. Black (which is missing some blocks of stuff I have to go and re-create. grrrrr).


If you don’t know what it is, then this post seems silly. (click the link to go to home page or see the links below for more information). Basically it’s a fun way to see things through a social network. I’ve been looking through some fun boards lately and really increasing my follows and friends on Twitter and Facebook, but I’ve neglected my blogging and for that I’m so sorry.

So I came back “home” to give an update on what’s going on.

The Literary World of Sylvia Hubbard has placed Pinterest share buttons on pages, posts and media. These are for fans who wish to share the news, book covers or posts. most of my posts or pages have pictures on it and you can share my updates and stories with others simply by “pinning” to your boards. If you have Twitter or Facebook or any other social, including Tumblr, you can also share as well. I encourage you to do this, because the more readers I have, the more time I have to write.

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I also have my own Pinterest and I invite you to “follow” me over there. currently, I share my other friends boards with books on there and also I share free books I’m getting or my Kindle. (It’s a Fire, so you really can’t hate me cuz I love it too much).

BTW, I’ll be having Dreams of Reality (which is free for Prime members now) for free in the upcoming weeks, during my #HopeIsLove Tour, so be on the lookout and share that too. Or should I say “pin it!”

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