Stealing Innocence video Montage and the Sweet Sounds of Yancyy!

Created at, I was inspired from a blog post that is coming up to put together this great montage of the stealing innocence series.I should have done this a long time ago, but one night in the middle of writing about Armando's disappearance, I decided to shuck the writing and spend six hours putting … Continue reading Stealing Innocence video Montage and the Sweet Sounds of Yancyy!

Author’s Note

Wow!It's been a great first week of live story blogging.Currently our stats are averging about 100 click throughs a day (although there were quite a few return visitors on the love scene days. LOL). Not including the 300 in the yahoogroup and the fifty or so who read the weekly update.Like a crackhead, I crave … Continue reading Author’s Note

Five Updates from Your Author:

Hellow everyone!It's been quiet on the home front and I know you all would love to know what's going on.First off: Tanner's DevilI have signed a contract to publish with Red Rose Publishing (www.redrosepublishing) for electronic and print rights. I will rely on you to spread the word about this book and of course post … Continue reading Five Updates from Your Author:

Emperor’s Addiction Chapter 25.3 – about time!

Writing Actions Scenes Suspense involves a lot of elements. Killing scenes and love scenes I've mastered perfectly. (A little bit too good on the love scenes, huh, LOL.)But the action scenes have been a challenge for me for a while.The best action scene I've written is in Stealing Innocence when Onyx and Lethal entered the … Continue reading Emperor’s Addiction Chapter 25.3 – about time!

Author’s Note – the halfway mark & responses

No this is not to stop the story... (new readers the old readers know I'm good for that one after chapter 20).I forgot to warn you that we've approached the halfway mark and we're right on schedule to the SHTF moment. I for one am pretty proud of myself and now looking for some kinky … Continue reading Author’s Note – the halfway mark & responses

Author’s Notes: Questions, Answers & Thank yous!!!

lilo asked: how are these two compatible?they have the sexual attraction going and i think they're figuring it all out. Yes, there's a significant age different and Emperor still has to get through this because she's still young for him, but I dont think it's his age that bothers Reese but if you mix in … Continue reading Author’s Notes: Questions, Answers & Thank yous!!!

Emperor’s Addiction Chapter 11.3

Okay, this one took a moment because I had to go back and do some digging. In this post I mention several players for people who have read me before should know about and will be happy just to say hello!If you've never read me a lot then you should know, everything the characters say … Continue reading Emperor’s Addiction Chapter 11.3