Emperor’s Addiction Chapter 25.3 – about time!

Writing Actions Scenes Suspense involves a lot of elements. Killing scenes and love scenes I've mastered perfectly. (A little bit too good on the love scenes, huh, LOL.)But the action scenes have been a challenge for me for a while.The best action scene I've written is in Stealing Innocence when Onyx and Lethal entered the … Continue reading Emperor’s Addiction Chapter 25.3 – about time!


Author’s Notes for 19.1

these are responses to comments made in 19.1 of Emperor's Addiction.jr boss: that's not mandingo, it's luscious (which I think i spelled his name wrong on the family chart)tori: yes, you will know eventually if that's really em's daughterwild_horses (first of all welcome. don't think i've seen you around here before). HE'S GOING TO BE … Continue reading Author’s Notes for 19.1

Author’s Notes

RQ: What is Emperor's age and what is Reese's age?Emperor is about 34 -35. You'll find out Reese's age soon.RQ: Who is the Hearts in Chicago and how can I find out about them?As explained earlier, Emperor and Sheriff come from the Hearts of Chicago. I don't know if you've recognized by now, the Chicago … Continue reading Author’s Notes