Reader’s Question: Sweet Justice ending

READER'S QUESTIONOk, I just finished reading Sweet Justice. You have got to be kidding me, G can't die like that. Is there more to this story? If not, here are my thoughts: G doesn't die, but blacks out. And before she dies, someone comes into the laundry room attacks Nick and knocks him unconscious. Her … Continue reading Reader’s Question: Sweet Justice ending

Author’s Note – the halfway mark & responses

No this is not to stop the story... (new readers the old readers know I'm good for that one after chapter 20).I forgot to warn you that we've approached the halfway mark and we're right on schedule to the SHTF moment. I for one am pretty proud of myself and now looking for some kinky … Continue reading Author’s Note – the halfway mark & responses

Emperor’s Addiction Chapter 11.3

Okay, this one took a moment because I had to go back and do some digging. In this post I mention several players for people who have read me before should know about and will be happy just to say hello!If you've never read me a lot then you should know, everything the characters say … Continue reading Emperor’s Addiction Chapter 11.3

Author’s Notes

RQ: What is Emperor's age and what is Reese's age?Emperor is about 34 -35. You'll find out Reese's age soon.RQ: Who is the Hearts in Chicago and how can I find out about them?As explained earlier, Emperor and Sheriff come from the Hearts of Chicago. I don't know if you've recognized by now, the Chicago … Continue reading Author’s Notes

His Substitute Wife… Links and last comments from Author

Good morning guysJust in case you didn't get the notice, I'm done and finished with the book.To download the PDF, please go to: Thursday being around the corner, I have compiled the HTML for the book.Click the Buy NOw button to purchase your copy if you cannot download it from Lulu or do not … Continue reading His Substitute Wife… Links and last comments from Author

Author Note’s 2/14/08

First and foremost, Happy Valentine's.Of course, I'm not having one.I waited two hours for a durn bus and i'm so exhausted and still cold it ain't funny.So I've had no coffee, Aunt Dottie's doing a new one on me and I haven't written a word since yesterday's when i say you're getting it live, … Continue reading Author Note’s 2/14/08