Author’s Notes

RQ: What is Emperor's age and what is Reese's age?Emperor is about 34 -35. You'll find out Reese's age soon.RQ: Who is the Hearts in Chicago and how can I find out about them?As explained earlier, Emperor and Sheriff come from the Hearts of Chicago. I don't know if you've recognized by now, the Chicago … Continue reading Author’s Notes

Author’s Notes

In case you are new, Author's Notes could mean something good and bad. Most time, like today it's to answer questions I get offline.Readers Question: Why did I post today? I thought you only posted on M, W & F?Even though i said I was sticking to a three day schedule, I decided to post … Continue reading Author’s Notes

Did you read Drawing The Line? Post a Review, PLEASE! are very important to an author and we need all we can get.So I see a lot of people downloading the book, but no one has posted a review.My nails are biting and even though I've receive a few offline comments here and there I still wanted you guys to go back on the … Continue reading Did you read Drawing The Line? Post a Review, PLEASE!

Sex Weed – Part 16.2

Don't everyone click on this at once, but lulu's been having problems uploading the book and I wanted to get you guys caught up. HEnce.... is where you can go to view the entire book from Chapter 1 - 16. If you can't get in right away, then you have to wait because too many … Continue reading Sex Weed – Part 16.2