Author’s Notes

RQ: What is Emperor’s age and what is Reese’s age?

Emperor is about 34 -35. You’ll find out Reese’s age soon.

RQ: Who is the Hearts in Chicago and how can I find out about them?

As explained earlier, Emperor and Sheriff come from the Hearts of Chicago. I don’t know if you’ve recognized by now, the Chicago Hearts usually have titled names or colors.

  • King
  • Queen
  • Emperor
  • Sheriff
  • Prince

and then there’s also Blaque and Red.

You can read Sex Weed to find out history of King and Queen. King is also in Sin’s Iniquity too. Sheriff’s story is in Baby Doll and Red’s story is in Red Heart. Prince Heart has his story in Cabin Heart. Blaque comes in as a mercenary in Teach Me To Love. There’s no other single story about these characters.

RQ: What’s the beef between sexy Lethal and King?

Read Sex Weed.