Emperor’s Addiction Chapter 11.2

Silly me I did it again. I’m using some of the Hearts and I didn’t introduce the new readers to let them know who they are.
If you don’t know Sheriff’s story, it’s in another book called BABY DOLL.

BTW, I’m in the midst of another book in my head and I can’t think of a slutty but cool topless dancers name. I know some of you are out there and have heard some good ones. NOthing like X.T.C. or Sugar. I want something that’s so good I cant help but to use it.

okay, enjoy…

This chapter is no longer available.

Book to come soon.

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8 thoughts on “Emperor’s Addiction Chapter 11.2

  1. How about Chocolate Thunder – that is my sisters alter ego (no she is not a stripper but she did say if she was slimmer she would. LMAO.)YES GIRL EMPEROR HAS REDEEMED HIMSELF. I KNOW REESE IS HAPPY ABOUT THAT.Keep it coming girl!

  2. Em is sneaky something. So he is going to be sneaking in her room at night now. The name I came up with is Delicious.

  3. Hi Sylvia,I’m having a real hard time getting into the story. I think it’s because of the age thing. I get the reason for it but it’s still messing with my head. I know in my mind that Reese is older but I keep seeing this teenage white girl and I’m trying to understand how Em could be attracted to her…just my thoughts but you know I can’t stop reading anything you write 🙂

  4. Jr boss, I hear you, girl. I have had a hard time getting past the age thing too (no need to repeat the reason why). In fact, had this been another author, someone I didn’t TRUST, I would have abandoned the story a long time ago for that reason alone.But…Since it’s Sylvia, whom I trust to just make me uncomfortable and not gross me out completely, I’m able to push past a few things. Especially with other trinkets in the story that hint at Reese’s real age, which is likely old enough to engage in legal (consensual) sex with any adult man, but still much younger than Em is reputed to be. I still don’t know his exact age yet. Did Sylvia ever confirm his age?Hope that eased your mind a little, Jr. Boss.Suprina

  5. I thought i read previously that Em was 34 but then i could be delusional lol, just kidding. Yeah Sylvia what was Em’s age again? When is the next post lol. Can’t get enough of your writing i get all withdrawl like when you are on hiatus. lol

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