Emperor’s Addiction Chapter 11

This chapter is no longer available.

Book to come soon.

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3 thoughts on “Emperor’s Addiction Chapter 11

  1. Is he crazy! Are they really going to do it her bedroom. Suppose Juanita here and did Sheriff hide Juanita some where. What did Sheriff have to do with him getting in. Is there more to the story.

  2. Sylvia, now come on, girl. Don’t leave it hanging at that point. At least let us know if Em thoroughly made amends with Reese. Otherwise we might be just as scarred as she is by her awful first-time experience. lol. Just kidding. By the way, that was a straight up teenage move by Em – sneaking into a girl’s bedroom at night. *rolling my eyes* Can we say high school? lol.Thanks for keeping the story interesting.Suprina

  3. Tori I am with you on this one. Sylvia has something up her sleeve with Sheriff being involved with his fine *fanning myself* behind.Suprina is does remind me of a teenage boy(not that I had any boys climbing through my window. LOL)I JUST HOPE HE REDEEMS HIMSELF!

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