Emperor’s Addiction Chapter 10.2

This chapter is no longer available.

Book to come soon.

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4 thoughts on “Emperor’s Addiction Chapter 10.2

  1. the internet at work was going up and down and i was working like a hebrew slave today on various projects plus this story.yes i am the master at multitasking but my brain is hurting.lol.<>RQ<>: <>How could you make a glorious lover like Emperor a two minute brother<>I decided to do that for several reasons. As you can read through the history of Em he was a great lover and pleasing himself was just as important as pleasing a woman, but Reese was on another level. He was overwhelmed by her and hence, lost control. He’s not really a two minute brother and after this entry you can see he’s very upset that he gave her a horrible time. it’s not in his nature to leave a woman dissatisfied but Reese really not expressing her true dissatisfaction and anger.

  2. I see Reese is trying to get a back bone huh. The things she said to Em was funny. I wonder who she called?

  3. Sylvia keep on doing you……I AM LOVING THIS….I AM HOOKED AS USUAL.I almost threw my blackberry in the garbage today I was so dang mad it would not refresh…..Sorry I had to vent.I am loving the sparring that Reese and Em are doing.

  4. MG – Who was Reese on the phone with. Could it be Eartha.Love your post Sylvia. Keep it up

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