Emperor’s Addiction Chapter 11.3

Okay, this one took a moment because I had to go back and do some digging.

In this post I mention several players for people who have read me before should know about and will be happy just to say hello!

If you’ve never read me a lot then you should know, everything the characters say or do has to do with something else either in the story or in ANOTHER story.

Emperor’s Addiction is actually opening the door for three other stories, one of which is listed on the Work In Progress link (yes, I will update that soon)

The other stories linked to this one are:

Other Side of Love – this one will be my introduction to the new family you’ve all been hearing about: The Bellini’s. I’ve been asked a lot of questions about them and actually I thought of this family way before the Hearts. Well that’s because William Stone of Stone’s Revenge has a connection to them. (No, I won’t tell you how). You’ll meet Faith and Armando Bellini. Yes this will be an interracial. Plus I have Taylor Bellini, that evil heifer from Drawing The Line (correct me if I’m wrong).

King’s Paradise This is the story of King Heart that will intertwine actually a lot of stories in one. The continuation of Silent Lynx (which Emperor’s Addiction has to do with too) and the struggle to end the battle between Lethal and King. Plus, You’ll get that exotic gorgeous looking sistah again from His Substitute Wife…My Sister (betcha can’t guess her name) and who I’m gonna hook her up with. (But I’m still not tellin’!).

And finally Stealing Innocence III. I’m setting it up now so it’s little work when I have to get it out there. Yeah, you’d be amazed at what goes on in my head and if I could eat popcorn while I was sleeping (kettle corn peferably).

Now for Emperor’s Addiction Question and comments: Yes, Em got it together. No I’m not telling ages. Keep reading and you’ll find out. Yes, I like making you feel icky and uncomfortable and pushed to the limit, but that means I’m doing a darn good job.

Keep reading. Trust me. I’ll get it together. This is off the top of my head people and you know I really have one direction – make love work and cause agony while doing it.

bear with me just a little longer.

Oh yeah and to respond to another question that was emailed to me : No I do not have the recipe to the Gaston’s Desire, LOL. Yes it did sound wonderful and good but really I made that up. Lawd da help: I’m emailing Bobby Flay for help! LOL



This chapter is no longer available.

Book to come soon.

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4 thoughts on “Emperor’s Addiction Chapter 11.3

  1. Aw come on Em doesn’t need another beating. Sheesh how much can he take and what about his back. And right when Reese put it to rights now Leathal is gonna wreck it again. Anyhow great post nice read to go with my morning coffee.

  2. Well I already think I know one of the stories and that is Nevada and I forgot the guy name but no one would guess it was him because if his face. I am ready for that story. Em is happy he finally got some from Reese and I guess he’s happy.

  3. Now come on Sylvia that is an easy one. Nevada is the exotic beauty from His Substitue wife……My sister and you are going to hook her up with MANDINGO.I cannot wait for the follow up to Silent Lynx.Sylvia I hope you are going to explain what happened to Sheriff and Pendulyn?I love how high Em feels right now but please let Lethal keep the fear in him just a little longer.

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