Emperor’s Addiction Chapter 12.1

this might be my last post for the end of the day.

going on a cruise tonight and i’m excited.

I’m doign a VIP event. Lawd, you know it’s hard to put the ghetto girl to the side and act like i been ed-ja-ma-cated, LOL.

but i gotta so i gotta …. I mean I have to (sticking pinky finger out to look sophisticated). ROFLMAO.

Yes, you will scream hollar and FINALLY get your answers. No threats in the texts to the cell phone okay. And no checking Expedia for flight times. I might not even be at home all weekend, plus I still have that renewal on several restraining orders and i’m not afraid to enforce them.


Y’all are funny when y’all frustrated… oops, supposed to be “you all.” (chuckling).



This chapter is no longer available.

Book to come soon.

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12 thoughts on “Emperor’s Addiction Chapter 12.1

  1. <>RQ:<> why’s Lethal going south? shouldn’t he stay to handle this?<>Yeah, he should, but there’s a dire problem in the south. If you read <>ROAD TO FREEDOM<> you’ll know what the problem is. Can anyone guess? Huh? Huh?<>LOLDidn’t know you had to take quizzes while you read did you?Ha ha! Have a great weekend guys. I’ll be on to chat till 4pm EST so leave messages here and I’ll keep an eye out.

  2. oh one more thing.Could you send this free book out to others?I’m trying to get the total over 15,000 and it’s almost there.Other free books are listed on my wordpress site:http://sylviahubbard.wordpress.com/books/by novels and by stories.Okay. I think I’m done, but send that out to others so they can get a free read and find out about your favorite author.

  3. i do want to send a shout out to Suprina too. < HREF="http://mochainterlude.bravehost.com/" REL="nofollow">(Visit her now!)<>Her books are <>inspirational and edgy<> but she’s given me so much shout out on her blog that I have to say in front of everyone else: THANK YOU!!!<>and I like reading her live blogs too, so make sure you join her mailing list too so you’ll know when her next one begins!!<>

  4. Thank the LORD…whew, maybe now I can really get into the story. I’m so happy – great post Sylvia

  5. Woo-hoo! Reese’s real age is finally known. ‘Bout time, girl. You were causing people STRESS behind that age thing (me included). lol.SuprinaPS. Thanks for the return shout-out, Miss Lady. It was much appreciated. Be safe on your trip!PSS. And do you know my sister hasn’t returned my copy of Diary of …YET! I think she’s trying to keep it. Maybe she’ll give it back if I send her a copy of that freebie you mentioned.

  6. Good she is not a minor. Nevada and the heart witht messed up face are going to end up together I am sure of it. I can’t wait for you to finish Silent Lynx story. Why did Sheriff and Pen break up you can’t leave a sista hanging like that they had there own book and everything they should be good.

  7. OH MY MY MY!!!!!!!! I LOVE ME SOME LETHAL LONG TIME.Yes, you finally said it…..REESE IS LEGAL!!!!!!OH YEAH…..EM is going to get hime some more Reese…….I need for you to bring my girl (ONYX) to kick Juanita pornstar looking behind. That triffling Trick, how dare she steal Reese from her biological mother and then try to ROB her of her inheritance. Sylvia I know you, you are going to have Juanita try and harm that girl when she gets that money. Please let ONYX, BLAQUE OR QUEEN kick her stinking behind.Just venting…..I really LOVED this post. KEEP IT UP GIRL……

  8. Juanita is a snake. How did she custody of Reese anyway. She’s been spending Reese money like it’s going out of business. I am glad Lethal found the information out. I forgot where Letahl was going down South for. If recall the daughter was missing and she went away from the mother and step-father.

  9. I don’thave much to say b/c was questions has been answer. Sylvia I want to give you your props. You are a phenomon writer and talent author. I okay with the story. Its not mine cup of tea but it is growing on me. I think it is b/c of your amazing writing ability. But my money on because I like you and your stories ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ethan is married to Nicole. The name of the book is LOVE LIKE THIS and its free read. Its good story. It will have you on pins and needles.**SPOILER**Sylvia kill off alot of poeple in this book. She does not care if it man woman or child. So get your tissue handle it is tearjerker.**SPOILER**

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