Emperor’s Addiction Chapter 13.1

I know i’m late posting, but it’s a Monday and I work hard – or hardly word.

Lot has happened over the weekend. I think My world turned upside down and rightside up all in two days. See my weekend complaint by clicking here

Again I apologize as to why it took so long, but if you read the other post, you’ll see why.

thanks for your patience…



This chapter is no longer available.

Book to come soon.

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One thought on “Emperor’s Addiction Chapter 13.1

  1. ok now that I know Reese is 26 I agree with the rest Reese be tripping she needs some back bone.on another note I was youtubing and I came across some clips about what’s wrong with blk women and interracial dating blah blah.So I read um “Secret Lies &…” and I was comparing the dynamic between Grea and Zeke to Reese & Em and I was thinking these two to me are starting to not match.Deference in generation gap/culture, upbringing, sexual experience, race ectso in this all blah blah I was just wondering how exactly are these two compatible?just thought I should put that out there since everyone is going on about height (angel face) and age vs. more important things

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