Emperor’s Addiction Chapter 13.2

here’s some more before i take a mental break



This chapter is no longer available.

Book to come soon.

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8 thoughts on “Emperor’s Addiction Chapter 13.2

  1. Don’t tell me Eartha is pregnant! Is that her little secret? Is that why she was so liberating towards her father?The plot thickens…Suprina

  2. I hope Eartha is not pregnanct b/c someone is going to end up dead. She probably date an older man…maybe. Who know what goes on in Sylvia’s mind. We just have to read and find out.

  3. Sylvia,You sure know how to leave a person in supense, but I can surely wait to see what happens next. I am truly enjoying this book also.

  4. ok sylvia i am truly sorry you had a bad weekend. and im sooo happy you finally answered some questions!!! BUTT!!!! why is ty black? or whoever reese’s daddy slept with.. it says there was a black gurl in the room….. i thought reese was white?? you know we loove you (mwa mwa) and i’m loooving this story… but.. im confuddled about that part??

  5. eartha prob lost her v-card. and reese needs 2 find her a bellini lawyer quick fast & hurry so they can straighten out her moneys. i swear i heard sheriff sayin somethin about drugs that turn women into zombies?? aint that dreams of reality???? sounded kinda familiar. sylvia i loove how you connect just about every 1 of your stories.. its borderline confusion or maybe i’m jus slow but i still love how every story has to do with another. it keeps us guessing & on our toes. now what do we get if we get good grades on our quizzes?? 😀

  6. and lethal was headed down south 2 straighten out whitney & her sis’s mess and that hot sexy dude jaelen?? that she worked for… or whoever both dudes sounded sexy as hell. you need 2 bring them back 2 😀

  7. AAAAND one more thing… your ex is stupid. some people get so comfortable around a person & sometimes they say the wrong things and dont think before they speak. your ex had a horrible case of bitch-ass ness verbal diarrhea. sometimes its not cureable. you are right.. you shouldnt have 2 put up with that shit. he was wrong and needs 2 learn how 2 respect women. i hope his mama or sis is reading your blogs and goes and hits him upside the head for that shit. and im done til 2moro

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