The Other Side of Love – Preview First Chapter

Lots of you have asked about The Other Side of Love (It's Armando Bellini's story from Road to Freedom mixed with Skye's sister story of Dreams of Reality. This book also introduces the Bellini Clan to everyone.) SynopsisArmando Bellini becomes lost at sea. A horrible storm tears his yacht to shreds and he’s saved by … Continue reading The Other Side of Love – Preview First Chapter

A little bit of sin Chapter 23.2

Just in case you're a little confused, your author, Sylvia posted the chapters in the wrong order. I'm so sorry. So if you're a little dizzy wondering what you missed. I'm going to repost the links in the right order right now:Chapter 22.1Chapter 22.2Chapter 23.1Scan through them and you'll see what you missed and then … Continue reading A little bit of sin Chapter 23.2

Author’s Note

Wow!It's been a great first week of live story blogging.Currently our stats are averging about 100 click throughs a day (although there were quite a few return visitors on the love scene days. LOL). Not including the 300 in the yahoogroup and the fifty or so who read the weekly update.Like a crackhead, I crave … Continue reading Author’s Note

Author’s Note – the halfway mark & responses

No this is not to stop the story... (new readers the old readers know I'm good for that one after chapter 20).I forgot to warn you that we've approached the halfway mark and we're right on schedule to the SHTF moment. I for one am pretty proud of myself and now looking for some kinky … Continue reading Author’s Note – the halfway mark & responses

Author’s Notes for 19.1

these are responses to comments made in 19.1 of Emperor's Addiction.jr boss: that's not mandingo, it's luscious (which I think i spelled his name wrong on the family chart)tori: yes, you will know eventually if that's really em's daughterwild_horses (first of all welcome. don't think i've seen you around here before). HE'S GOING TO BE … Continue reading Author’s Notes for 19.1