His Substitute Wife… Links and last comments from Author

Good morning guys

Just in case you didn’t get the notice, I’m done and finished with the book.

To download the PDF, please go to: http://www.lulu.com/content/1414554

With Thursday being around the corner, I have compiled the HTML for the book.

Click the Buy NOw button to purchase your copy if you cannot download it from Lulu or do not want the PDF.

If you’ve had trouble downloading, please email hubbooks@yahoo.com with the receipt and it’ll be resolve asap.

Since the book is so large, I have placed the price at only $1.50. I usually make it a dollar in it’s first week, but this was like blood sweet and tears and it’s word count is equal to almost two books. After Monday, that price will no longer be available and the book will be online for $3.00.

I think I ended it well. I don’t think I left any stone unturned and I hope I have given you a very fun ride for the money.

I want to thank all of you for your support to my literary endeavors and please please tell others about me and encourage them to come to the site to purchase my books.

Your support is so appreciated and your word of mouth is so wanted and needed.

I’ve had three request for the next live story and I’ve love to hear what you think…

  • Emperor’s Heart
  • Stealing Innocence III: Lethal Heart
  • King’s Paradise

(post your opinion in the comments and we’ll see. I’m not promising anything, but your consideration will be taken into account for the decision.)

12 thoughts on “His Substitute Wife… Links and last comments from Author

  1. first lemme say.. sylvia you are my friggin lint licking SHERO!! trying 2 handle life, kids, love, AND writing a book, freehand, LIVE?? WHAT?? you are like a modern day superwoman and you did a superb job with this last book. like omg totally you really did lol. i just want 2 thank you for making my time at work not so boring and letting us read your everyday.. and i can’t pick between emperor or lethal jeez!! i guess SI 3 cuz its long awaited. we will miss you and the crazy characters you made!! until the next story…… i bid you all good day!! p.s. **what are we gonna do at work now we aint got nothin 2 read?? any suggestions?? the BIGGER question.. sylvia what are YOU gonna do at work now that you’re done with this story??

  2. actually, i’m going to try to work on dark facade and also How To Meet And Marry in 24 Hours. I might add another audio chapter to that.

  3. I read His substitute wife’s ending and as i say its a bliss… that was so wonderful…

  4. Yes you said my favorite words work on dark facade. I will be the first to buy that once it’s finished actually why not do that book as your next live book btw when does that start anyway. my second choice would be SI:III.

  5. I brought the rest of the book last night and I was very happy with the ending. I was on thr edge of my seat reading it and I love how Charisse and Parker find eachother. They also had triplets and that was so awesome. I would love for you to finish Dark Facade but if you are going to do a love one my vote will be for Nevada and Mandido story. Naveda intrigues me and I would love to see her and Mandigo come to light. I could wait on Lethal’s story. I also wanted to know where you going to finis sweet justice the short story. I bought and read it over the weekend and I was like that’s it. There has to be more to the story and I hope that it is. Great Job Sylvia and I really enjoyed your writing skills and I wish I had your push in writing. I am so lazy with my writing and I am almost done. Go figure…lol. Take care and I looking forward to the new live story soon.

  6. I pick Lethal’s story. I am so tired of women fawning over him in other books. I want to see that brother fawn over somebody for a chance – even the playing field just a little.On another note, I may not be the first get a copy of Dark Facade since Carmel Beauty already claimed that crown, but I’ll definitely be next in line…or at least somewhere in that line since I know it’s going to be L-O-N-G. lolAnyhoo…The ending to Substitute Wife was great. I won’t say what part I liked the most since I don’t want to spoil things for those who haven’t read it yet, but know that I was touched by Charisse and Parker’s abiding love. Tickled by Onyx crazy sense of humor.Suprina

  7. Wonderful ending Sylvia. Thank you again. I’m really looking forward to Mandingo and Nevada’s story. But in the meantime, I waiting for SI3.

  8. SI3 is my pick too.. i just love to lethal struggle thru love..emm emperor addiction is my second choice. Love the story sylvia.. but unfortunately, in Nigeria, we don’t have paypal.. hence i’m never able to get my copy of your stories..hopefully, paypal will work here soon..and thgen i can pay for them!!taa2s

  9. my choice is SI: 3, i really want to see lethal dethroned…if ya know what i mean. i like the guy like crazy but who is the woman that can match HIM??? that’ll be a bomb to read.Sylvia, my hats off to you- i do know that you’re on a direct path to author stardom, you write too well to not be one day recognized for your incredible talent.Now what am i gon’ do at work till’ june??? AHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!LOL!!!!Tanya

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