His Substitute Wife… My Sister … is ready for downloading

But before I release it. . .

I do have to give the people who donated a chance to read it first.

What took so long?

Since I switched flashes like three and four times during the story and bumped from a 2000 to a 2007 system the formatting was so durn whacked that I ended up almost retyping sections or reformatting several chapters. Eight chapters had no tabbing at all that carried over from the original and then sometimes in the document you’re going to see misspellings in England English rather than American English (because I had to also switch templates because the one from Lulu was corrupted with lines all throughout the middle of the stories or at the ends or at any other place it just felt like putting it.)

I’m hoping it looks okay.

Now for the ones that need HTML, I’ll have that ready by Thursday and post a blog that you can purchase straight through this website. I’m sorry for the wait and thank you so much for your patience.

When is the next story and what is it?

I have no idea right now, but I’m leaning heavily toward SI3.

I’m so exhausted mentally. It was like running a race for two months and not stopping and now my brain needs a long break. We’ll start the next one probably in June so keep a look out for it and sign up to be notified if you haven’t either through the yahoo group or on this blog itself.

5 thoughts on “His Substitute Wife… My Sister … is ready for downloading

  1. Sylvia, thank you for yet another great story. I still need to read the ending, but I have faith in you. Enjoy your break, it’s well earned. Though, sneaky as I am with all that flattery, I would like to make an inquiry; When are you going to finish “Dark Facade”? I’m dying to get read that story!!! Please don’t let it lie too in that draw in the back of your mind. Let it get a life…a devoted reader Helena

  2. im so excited and so sad at the same time. this was a really great book!! and please do SI3 i’ve really been waiting on that one!thank you thank you thank you

  3. Thank you Sylvia for all the hard work..get some rest. Are you going to finish Emperior Heart stories. I read it on ten things I hate, it close to name of the site I click. I hoping the next story is interracial romance. You have not done one in awhile. I am not counting DRAWING THE LINE AND LOVE LIKE THIS, free read, yes…thank you that was very good. Good luck and can’t wait to here from you again.

  4. Thank you so much Sylvia. Hail to the Queen of Cliffhangers! I guess we can let you rest for a bit now (but just for a bit). I wouldn’t mind another interracial romance story either. Again, Thank you.

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