Emperor’s Addiction Chapter 14

Details are so hard to put together.

Now if you have been following ALL the stories you know where Leah is from. (Clue: the eyes) and who’s momma she is too, which will have something to do with the Other Side of Love as well.




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9 thoughts on “Emperor’s Addiction Chapter 14

  1. ARE YOU FRIGGING KIDDIN ME??? you lil trickster sylvia.. that is a big bomb. shoulda saw that coming. so skye and reese are sisters… woooow. kool. and who’s this costello cat? shadow sounded like pari for a second, but i cant remember how old she is. and how in the freak are you gonna tie this w/other side of love? your mind works overtime gurl. dunno how you keep up with this.

  2. i feel like im missing something else… there is another connection sumwhere in this chapter. im lost. is this della woman is mcguire’s sister? why keep his daughter who he needs away from him? so he can die and her & juanita can split the money. que horrible

  3. and that’s why i love my readers!!Wow Eva, you’re analyzing the story and I don’t know if that means I’m a good writer or I should be terribly scared.Okay, yeah, there are bombs I’m dropping here and there while throwing other story lines you’re familiar with the get you off track.This are called RED HERRINGS. Writers love to do this to fool you to go in one direction when their going in another. Or they drop them to get you going in the direction they want, but make you think you shouldn’t trust what they are saying and the reader tries to look for more.Which one am I doing?Now I can’t tell you that. You can either try to go into a direction or you can just sit back and enjoy the ride and see what happens.Lots of characters and story lines in this one even though I’m only dealing with three main people.As for your other question: Greed is a horrible thing and it makes people do selfish things. Feeling twisted. Need to throw more monkey wrenches out there. (evil laughter)

  4. Wow I didn’t even look at it like that Eva. You did a great job and thanks for the insite.

  5. Eva girl you are on it. I was so dang mad that my stupid blackberry would not allow me to get in on the comments earlier for this. SEE SYLVIA YOU HAVE DEVOTED READERS.Faith in the other side of love is her sister also. She is one of the twins Ty gave up. Em is going to have a fit because Shadow sounds like she could possibly be his daughter, which Sharlie claimed she had an abortion.YOU ARE JUST TO MUCH SYLVIA…..YOU ARE WORKING ME OVERTIME ON THIS ONE. KEEP IT UP YOU ARE HEADED FOR PERFECTION AGAIN.

  6. *crying* i’ve read this 3x (really i did) and i still only understand like 20%. sigh. but if no one has any major question then im trusting that this story makes sense

  7. Ok I took notes this time like it was a text comprehension exam.So I guess my question was I didn’t get why Juanita took Reese but I guess it’s like Eva said more money.1. from Reese’s trust fund2. From the money she collected earlier to help Devon get a baby3. If Devon dies I guess she will split the money with his sister.Um I think I read this story so could you refer me who also has purple/lavender eyes?

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