Stealing Innocence video Montage and the Sweet Sounds of Yancyy!

Created at, I was inspired from a blog post that is coming up to put together this great montage of the stealing innocence series.
I should have done this a long time ago, but one night in the middle of writing about Armando’s disappearance, I decided to shuck the writing and spend six hours putting this together.

Although, the fact that I was chatting it up on the phone with Yancyy didn’t help with the time factor, but it did help with the inspiration.
No ideas ladies, he’s just a client and good friend!
I threw him in the video along with his music. Of course staying up all night is never ever good for a woman my age and my creativity was shot the next morning.
It took an hour to roll out of the bed and the only reason I succumb to putting my feet on the floor was because the 8yr old left Chicken Little running in the DVD player and with Disney DVD it kept playing over and over again the extra features.
A post about stealing innocence sequel is soon to come about this so keep a look out for it. I found some interesting items on this blog itself as I was putting things together.
Kisses and hugs and please don’t forget to check out Yancyy’s CD, Sax Chronicles. He actually makes you miss the old music of the days that inspired a muse inside of you.

Purchase CD by clicking the cover, or go to his website to download the music!

And without further ado, here’s your video:

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