Stealing Innocence III: The African Sweetheart (standalone) now release #romancethriller #sensusalsuspense

About book:

She was experiencing her sister’s fantasy with her soon to be brother in law…

Enola prided herself in tradition and culture, but when her twin tricked her into trading places, she had to make the best out of the situation.

Yet, she did not know this was the beginning of a situation she had no control over and no matter how much she tried, she could never be able to win because Aeden Faust would never lose.

Aeden was a man bent on revenge and unfortunately Enola was in his path. Never a man who let anything get in his way, he is determined to destroy this woman and prove there is no such thing as a good woman.

The pain from his past drive him to his goal and at every turn, he makes sure Enola will never be happy and never have anything.

Yet, he comes to find Lust feels like love until it’s time to make a sacrifice. Would he be able to let go his lust for revenge to achieve the perfect life with His African Sweetheart?

Stealing Innocence is the third installment in the standalone stealing innocence premise. Readers can start at this book and pick up the other stealing innocence series later, while they await for the last book in this series: Stealing Innocence: Lethal Heart.

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