Author Note’s 2/14/08

First and foremost, Happy Valentine's.Of course, I'm not having one.I waited two hours for a durn bus and i'm so exhausted and still cold it ain't funny.So I've had no coffee, Aunt Dottie's doing a new one on me and I haven't written a word since yesterday's when i say you're getting it live, … Continue reading Author Note’s 2/14/08

Update on the live story

If you're just joining us, please pop over to Drawing the line We're up to Chapter 10 and the response has been phenomenal, but make sure you're telling five friends or even making donations to the funds to help me.While this is going on, I'm going through Sex Weed before I turn it over … Continue reading Update on the live story

Sex Weed – Part 16.2

Don't everyone click on this at once, but lulu's been having problems uploading the book and I wanted to get you guys caught up. HEnce.... is where you can go to view the entire book from Chapter 1 - 16. If you can't get in right away, then you have to wait because too many … Continue reading Sex Weed – Part 16.2

Sin’s Iniquity – Upload Location

sorry it took so long. It's monday and I'm always busy on Monday.Anyhoo, Here's the location of the upload and I'm soo sorry again about taking so long.You can stop refreshing. Don't forget if you could be so kind as to donate for reading such a wonderful story, I'd appreciate it at: and … Continue reading Sin’s Iniquity – Upload Location

Author Interuption – Sin’s Stupidity and the end of Sin’s Iniquity

I've gotten a lot of flack regarding the fact that Sin drunk what her sister gave her.How could she be so stupid?How could she allow Annelle to see the baby?Well, we all hope for something good in people and when it concerns family, we hope for good more than the bad, even though we know … Continue reading Author Interuption – Sin’s Stupidity and the end of Sin’s Iniquity