Sin’s Iniquity – Chapter 30.2

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4 thoughts on “Sin’s Iniquity – Chapter 30.2

  1. Still hanging in there with you on this story, Sylvia, despite your warning that some of us probably won’t like it.Praying for you on that single mother tip. I was raised by a single mother and was one myself for about four years, so I definitely feel your pain. Hang in there, girl. It gets better. It has to.Suprina

  2. I just love Dwight and I am curious to know what’s going on with Gideon. Don’t he want to know his own children…or what Mel did to them. I mean if he didn’t want them to know him that’s one thing…but he coulda hired a private investigaton and found out about his kids without having them know.And he wanted to know which one Dwight was dating…and then he seemed angry/upset/disappointed (something), what’s up with that. I would figure he would be happy that his child’s found love and somebody that was willing to do anything for her. And on that note, Sinclaire better run and marry Dwight and have his many babies before I start to think of ways to take her place, lol.

  3. Ok….what the hell is going on here! Is he being truthful or just in denial? He seemed truly perplexed about Sinclaire. WHY is he hiding like this? And what happened to make this man try to kill himself on numerous occasions?

  4. hey im back. anyway, i have been wondering if maybe sinclaire actually was mels daughter. her twin sister doesn’t have anything in common with you think that maybe sinclair’s name was changed?

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