Sin’s Iniquity – Chapter 34.2

Yeah it’s short again, but I really doing this as I go to pump out these chapters. I want to be at 80 thousand words by the end of the weekend and you know what that means folks…

Oh yeah, the newbies don’t know.

Well, usually these works average about 100,000 words. We’re at 70,000 right now which is a pretty good deal of a free read. Trust me, my brain is showing the tell tale signs of being exhausted – which is why I only do this every three months.

Sometimes I feel like nothing exist, time stops and all the world just disappears. It’s just me, the clicking of the keyboard and what my brain makes my fingers do. And when I come out of it, I actually have to reread what I’ve done because it was like i wasn’t there as I created something really good.

I really don’t like Lethal. I really don’t like scenes with him. He’s mentally exhausting to write for because of how complicated he is. He’s a man you would love to want to be around, but dont’ want to get next to. I’m attracted to him, drawn to him, in love with him, but … there’s just soemthing about him I can’t put my finger on as to why I dislike him.

Anyhoo, like i was saying in the beginning. My word count is usually about 100,000 for all stories and with it going on 80K that means we’re coming to action scenes.

I’m in a bitchy mood this weekend. Maybe because Aunt Dottie moved in and was one day late so she’s making up for all she missed and causing havoc below the wasit which in turn causes havoc with my mind. Guess it’s a good time to jump into Onyx – whose safer but dealdlier huh? Lethal’s in akilling mood and I don’t think I want him around dwight too much.

I know i’m talking crazy, but hey I’m an author and we got license to be crazy, just like James Bond got license to kill.


okay, enjoy…


Sin’s Iniquity Chapter 34.2 (c) 2007 Sylvia Hubbard

BTW, Delores, you are one smart cookie. I just re-read your posts over and over and i’m just amused at how you figured things out… but why is Gideon is hiding? What secret does the household maid holds over Amelia and who really killed Amanda?

It’s less than two weeks to Thanksgiving. Two weeks until Sinclaire can tell Dwight the truth.

3 thoughts on “Sin’s Iniquity – Chapter 34.2

  1. I am so happy to see lethal i just love love love him he is a lot scary though if he doesn’t like you and he doesn’t seem to like anyone but onyx so if you can please post more this weekend keisha nc

  2. Okay you have been hinting at this too long is King Heart gay? Did he molest Lethal Heart? Or hurt Oynx? Is Amelia suppose be Mel also Sinclair mother. But this women Mandy might be Sinclair mother who might be bury 6ft under. BTY Lethal Heart when first introduce him in STEALING INNOCENCE I. I thought he was cool and sexy. I love big black man. I can’t wait for SI3 to be released. When is the bless day. When are you going to tell us why Black and Lethal Heart hate each other gus. *HINT* need a good hot up against the wall full boby contact MAKING LOVE sex scene between Sinclair and Dwight *hint* OKAY!!!!!!!!!!

  3. LOL…I, nor do I think Sinclaire or Dwight would have a problem seeing a “hot up against the wall full body contact MAKING LOVE sex scene” lol.Oh Sylvia…my brain hurts, lol. The only reason I can think of is that Mel has something over Gideon. Maybe she threatened Sinclaire’s life if Gideon didn’t cooperate with her. Mel isn’t afarid to kill as you can see how Amanda was scared of her (and I think Mel killed her), Gideon always stated his innocence, and Mel has no problem getting together with Jackson to take down Dwight and letting Jackson have a field day at trying to kill him.As far as the maids, they could be shady and know what Amelia/Mel has done and are holding it over her head to get money. Maybe they are related to Mel in some way and Mel is doing these things to get more money to help them, or they know alittle of what Mel has done. If Amanda was that scared of Mel I’m sure Gideon could be too. And if she has his children, who knows what she’ll do. He has to know that his kids don’t know him, they only know Mel so they love her and their loyalties lie with her so she can basically play them. Maybe Gideon is trying to work his way up underground before he saves his kids. Or maybe there’s a bigger picture her and Mel is going after King Heart. He does have lots of money and is a powerful man. Mel wasn’t in love with Dwight but who’e to say that she didn’t love King Heart. King might have never took it there because of his friendship with Dwight but Mel could have fell in love with how ruthless he could be and how money hungry he is. Dwight is is best friend, and she does have a connection with him so that could be her way to get to King. And use Jackson’s hatred of Dwight and King, plus use Gideon by making him work for King and earn his trust. That’s all I can think of right now. I think Mel probably already let Gideon meet Annelle, and that’s why she could care less about Gideon when Sinclaire came to her with info about him…but Mel is probably holding Sinclaire over his head. He probably feels sorry for his affair with Mel and still loved Amanda…and now that she’s dead really want that child with her back/that piece of her that he had left.Oh and I don’t think King Heart is gay, but you never know. And I really don’t think he molested Lethal or Oynx especially after the way he acted when he found Dwight after what happened to him.

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