Sin’s Iniquity – Chapte 29

First off, Delores, you are absolutely fantastic. I adore your insight and it’s been real hard keeping you on your toes, but you make it very worthwhile.

Secondly, You guys are in trouble. (stop reading here if you don’t want to be disappointed.) From here on out everything will happen fast. I’ve built up the story enough to make you understand how Dwight and Sinclaire are meant to be together and also how fragile Sinclaire is.

Now it’s time to start tearing down.

If this is your first time reading me then I should take this moment and explain.

Usually I start wit hteh character at the bottom of the bucket. Usually they can’t go anywhere but up.

Although Sinclaire was not exactly rich, she wasn’t broke. She had a good future ahead of her.

Dwight was not looking for love, and he was wealthy successful with his kids just getting out the nest.

Things were looking up.

Yes, I said were.

This is the first time I made it miserable in the middle of the story and for som reason I’m dreading what’s to come.

Last night as I was watching the news I saw the story about the mother that killed her children by slitting their necks and then repeately stabbed the three family dogs and pet mouse to death. She was a single mother working just over broke (like me) with her heat and lights cut off. (I’m not that far… yet.)

The other family members said there was some history of family problems (but who doesn’t have those, huh?)

I’ve got family problems. I’m a single mother and I’ve got financial problems galore. My gas and lights are barely on and I’m tyring to hustle up just fourty bucks to pay my phone bill.

Yet nothing could drive me to take the life of my children. Even as I write this and they lie in the bedroom that’s freezing with three thick covers over each of them and when I touch theirrunny noses, their skin is cold to touch, I don’t think of ending their lives.

Although the fie year told sitll snores like a fifty year old drunk sometimes and I wish I could shut her up. But it’s a pleasant sound tonight as I relish her breaths to show she is alive.

That story made me really feel the hurt I would have to delve into as I vanquished the lives of one of the characters. And it made me cry harder.

No, I wailed because love is so precious. To have it at one moment andl ose it the next is a terrible terrible thing.

I cannot write anymore without giving away too much.

But I will say, the story will go downhill from here.

Enjoy… (as if you could after reading that.)


Sin’s Iniquity Chapter 29 (c) 2007 Sylvia Hubbard

6 thoughts on “Sin’s Iniquity – Chapte 29

  1. OHMYGAWD that was wild I need a drink. What is wrong with these people. Which book Has King Heart as the main hero? Its going to get rought you say. rought is my middle name go for it girl!
    The story about the crazy mother who kill her children have you came across the website to that story. If so please leave the address.
    Girl hang in there its going to get better especially when you get your book deal. Stay strong its tought but don’t give up.

  2. i am soooooo lovin this story so far ms.sylvia and hope u keep up the good work. what u are doin now is gonna lead u to something much greater, u just have to wait and see and continue to do what u do. dont stress about it cause its not gonna help ya no way.

  3. ok you have me dreading for more and wanting more at the same time. I am so into this story I don’t want anyone to die though I thought things were going to good to be true so this is an interesting twist from you so tell me are you going to finish the book on the blog or are me going to get only a little bit more then have to wait like a year or more for the story to be published I have a feeling that dwight is going to lose his shirt in this business deal i know you can’t staight out tell me but am i warm?

  4. Oh Sylvia..are you really going to kill Sinclaire and Dwight off? i hope its not that bad. I’m so sad now and dreading this part.


  5. Oh Sylvia you flatter me so, lol…but really I’m just guessing most of the time. But since I’m like stalking this story, lol, some of the little details stick out more then others.

    Does this mean someone’s gonna die…noooo. Enjoy…how can I enjoy when your making me scared for my couple, lol.

    Um no words on the woman killing her kids and pets. I can’t understand how someone could take drastic measures like that when all they had to do was pick up the phone and ask for help.

  6. The story you shared is so tragic; it’s so sad that this mother felt she had no recourse than to do what she did, we don’t know the circumstances, but it’s still tragic nonetheless.SI is getting so good!I think I’ve lost track of all the plot twists at this point, but I’m still enjoying the tale you’re weaving…Philly Girl

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