Author Interuption – Sin’s Iniquity

you know what, i sent part two of chapter 32 this morning and I don’t know where it went.

I’m sitting here thinking it posted and nothing!!!

BTW, I wanted to thank all of you who sent me chapters to help me recover the entire files.

There was about twenty lost paragraphs that hadnt been posted that are just gone and you might feel the mood change in Chapter 32 part 2 because it was a difficult scene to rewrite with the same intensity as the first time. (cause there’s nothing like the first time.)

Oh and I meant to say King Heart’s body was familiar to a tree trunk not a tree truck. Gawd, I’m so goofy. I changed the master but not the downloaded version.

And news in advance: Please don’t ask me about Lethal Heart’s story. It’s coming. To meet him or know more about him, start with Stealing Innocence I with Kimberly and Jalen.

I will tell you that you’re about to meet him. I’m nervous too.

I’ll post the next chapter section in a moment. Let me go back over it.