Sin’s Iniquity – Chapter 25

I’m sorry about numbering the chapters wrong in the last post. Blogger was having a lot of trouble and I was too scared it’ll stop again if I didn’t hurry up and post rather than go make sure I was right about what I was posting.

Okay, I’ve got to go pick up the kids and then I have a radio interview tonight. Wish me luck.



Sin’s Iniquity – Chapter 25

And yes, this is another cliffhanger.

6 thoughts on “Sin’s Iniquity – Chapter 25

  1. Ok this is the part where Sinclaire looks at him like he’s grown two heads and starts stuttering “What”. Lol, Dwight has a way of bringing up subjects. I wouldn’t be surprised if Sinclaire doesn’t decide to go with him. Delano is funny but his relationship with Dalton is interesting.

    Talking about problems with the blogger…for some reason when I reason when I tried to access your blog earlier it just kept saying error. I guess its fixed because I have been able to access it ever since. Well good luck with interview and hurry back with an update.

  2. good luck with your interview in your last post you stated that silent lynx would be the last in the heart series does that mean there won’t be a story about onyx I remember this question being asked before and I thought you said you would do a story on onyx so just curious. great post I am so into this story I check like evrey 2 hours to see if there is an update

  3. is this where the newly found comfort which Sinclaire has with Dwight is gonna be tested?

    Dalton sound like a character interesting enough to have a great story behind him- am interested in knowing if there is any woman who can actuallly earn his respect and be his equal!

    Waiting for more the story to get more interesting- Aran

  4. Ok…maybe before she didn’t have a reason to open up to Dwight but she does now.

    To tell her all that really personal stuff while she
    kept demanding why!why!why! when see gave him no info when he asked was really cool.Its her turn now. It wasn’t any easier for him to answer her questions than it would be for her.

    And Dalton…kinda creepy. And maybe also he should not judge ALL women by one skank he had the misfortune of hooking up with yeah?

    You and these cliff-hangers Sylvia….your killin’ me!!!!


  5. okay you still haven’t updated today and I am just dieing to know what is going to happen two cliffhangers in one week i don’t think my heart can take it

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