Sin’s Iniquity – Chapter 27.3

thank you for enjoying the last part. don’t ask me where it came from. LOL



Sin’s Iniquity – Chapter 27.3 (c) 2007 Sylvia Hubbard

2 thoughts on “Sin’s Iniquity – Chapter 27.3

  1. Ok so i was wrong it was better for her not to do and he still managed to help that good she needs him very much I would like to see how she helps him more too I believe it will have something to do this with his business it will be a great step for her to be working with him it will help him in many ways I can see all the different possibilties. all good so write more i am so in love with this story any good car news

  2. Sylvia, I had to catch myself. I was just about to sign off without leaving you a comment. Especially since I hate when that’s done to me.

    Don’t get me wrong, if a reader has nothing to say, I wouldn’t want them to make something up just to appease me (my ego? comment craving? Whatever – lol). But if a reader enjoyed a chapter the way I just enjoyed this one, I think it’s only right to share your joy with as many people as possible (especially the author).

    Anyhoo, I absolutely love Dwight! That quirky sense of humor and the way he just seems to be able to read Sinclaire is what did it for me. Combine those inner qualities with his fine exterior and I’d say we have another ‘McDreamy’ on our hands… or maybe ‘McSteamy’. lol. Both. Definitely both.

    Good job, Sylvia.


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