Sin’s Iniquity – Chapter 13

Author’s Note: Chapter 12 was short. I don’t know why but I’m moving on the 13. The story starts to get a little complicated, which is why I was slow to posting all weekend because I had so much to think about and construct.

I spent time with the kids and I’m starting to see this new beau. He’s a sweet guy and he makes me laugh, but (and if you’re familiar with my rantings on How To Love A Black Woman) I’m not one to just fall in love easily, so I take it slow.

In any case, it’s hard not to incorporate him into the story I’m writing and the things he makes me laugh about – which could be why Dwight’s suddenly have this droll sense of humor.

In any case, I’m still trying to figure out Annelle’s deal and working it out with Sinclaire. Now, last night, my brain went ahead of schedule and mapped out what’s to come for Dwight and I want to tell you in advance you better not be mad at me. I won’t tell you, of course, but my reasons for dragging out their growing love has a lot of purpose.

I was really planning on changing the story and this was a pivotal chapter in the book where I could have went either way – onebeing more complicated to explain than the other. I choose the easier way and let it go at that.

you won’t like it. You won’t like me for a while (just a couple of hours maybe or I might cliffhanger for about a day or so, but don’t you dare purchase any tickets to detroit to find me and hurt me because then you’ll never knowthe ending and if… if, well everything will turn out right)

Although I was challenged by a reader who asked why do I have happy endings all the time? Why can’t things work out for the worse or she really doesn’t end up with who we all want her to end up with?

At the beginning ofthis story I did ask that same questions and wondered was there a way to create a happy ending without the beginning love affair? And then another comment said I was doing the same thing as I did in all the other stories and that I had become predictable.

At that time, I decided maybe I should do soemhting really different. Something that no one would ever do in a love story.

I would change the path of two people who were meant to be together.

I know this all doesn’t make sense to you now, but maybe it will soon.

Stop jumping to conclusions.

This could all be some strange ramblings of an insane writer.

Oh BTW, I did get a migraine yesterday, but this one was because of Aunt Dottie visiting. (I know TMI) Strangely though, it didn’t stay and linger andsettle like it usually does and I was able to enjoy the day off with my children (even sit at a movie – flushed away) without feeling the pain of all the bright lights. After the movie, my body shut down in a three hour coma, but after I awoke, I felt even better and actually got up and cooked dinner, did some exercise on my new ball and then wrote down my eating habits.

I’m trying to get rid of my hips because at this rate, if I stepped off a plane in Africa, I’d be crowned a queen.

okay, now that I dropped that bombshell on you, thanks for all your comments and story analysis. I love it when you guys do that. Please don’t stop it and try to enjoy…

Sin’s Iniquity – Chapter 13 (c) 2007 Sylvia Hubbard