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Chapter 9

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7 thoughts on “Ravenous-Chapter9

  1. Omg that Dorian is something else. I am surprised he is just now showing his true side and not before. Omg I don’t know what to say about whether Chon should continue to see where this leads because I am so over her and Austin, he is using her for his own personal gain. Men like him that’s why woman stay to themselves. But I am so glad she has goals. But I need Chon to realize she is a beautiful woman inside and I. Can’t read the next chapter. Have fun in New Year. Oh by the way when is Emperor’s Heart coming out in dire need of the rest of the story.

  2. emperor’s heart has to be released after betrayed is done and before King’s Paradise can start so I hope to start that to finish in the beginning or middle of 2018

  3. This book is very intriguing. So many questions need to be answered. How does Dorian Zane know so much about Chon’s Mom & brother? What is Tracy’s relationship with Dorian Zane? What is that no good Austin up to? It’s very apparent that Dorian is sexually interested in Chon, but goes out of his way to make her feel like scum. Can’t wait to see what past issues made him this way, very twisted mindset. I could slap him for his cruelty to Chin. He knows he can do this do her. He feeds off of her fears & determination to not Let him see that he is able to shake her. Can’t wait to find out how she will respond to his DEMAND!!!! Not to mention the answers to all my questions. You”‘re a master at Doug this Ms. Hubbard. I know there will be many twist & turns to come. Love It!!!!

    1. I should add to my title Queen of Cliffhangers and Master at Intrigue. I’m just as curious as I peel away everything about Dorian Zane. I like hate him too.

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