#Talking #Tuesday Edition: As we #Twitter along… @sylviahubbard1 #sylLit #amwriting. Readers talking abt me… #SneakReaders


December 11, 2012 by @SylviaHubbard1

Lately, I’ve seen more “readers” connect with me on Twitter than “techies.”

This pleases me to know with help from my current readers I’m garnering the attention of other readers.

My readers are “talking” about me.


I’d love to go way back but a few current ones I will point out that I favorited or retweeted:

Please take a moment and if you have a twitter, follow these Literary folks and thank them for me for their support.

It’s always nice to author’s to see others “talking” about them since when we that started out as writers REALLY HATE TALKING ABOUT OURSELVES AND OUR WORK.

And really that’s the author’s hardest job of talking about ourselves.

When we were young and you heard people “talking” about you, it always felt like a bad thing.

Now with the 21st Marketing techniques of “engagement” and SEO (search engine optimization) being talked about is a good thing.

My first experience with “readers” talking about me occurred with stealing innocence.

When I put this book up initially, I really didn’t think it would garner any downloads at all.

I had it for free on a site I built and then put a comment box underneath.

I had become disenchanted with the book because all my rejections letters pretty much said, the story had too many characters in it and it would confuse the reader.

I didn’t want to cut down on characters so I just felt “well, if no ones else wants it, I’ll just offer it for free.”

I forgot about it and came back three months later to over 100 comments about the book.

Readers were loving it and I was shocked and amazed the book had been downloaded over 900 times.

If anyone has the earlier edition you can still see the ugly masquerade blue cover on that version.

This was my first eBook experience and it was my first experience where someone was talking about me and I was shocked! Really shocked they wanted more and loved Jaelen.

Even I can’t understand how he got Kimberly to love him cause he’s still one of the meanest characters I’ve ever written aside from the Hearts and William Stone. 


I’m pretty proud of myself on that experience and I learned from that to help my readers more and more “talk” about me.

I even love to say Tuesday is TalKing Day. That’s the day I’d love for my fans to “talk” about me on their social network.

On Facebook, You could tag my MichigansLiteraryWorld in your status message if you want me to like or re-share. Or even make a comment about it on my page and then re-share that status message.

Also, you could tag me on Twitter using my handle: @sylviahubbard1. (See above twitter statuses for details.)

In the New Year, I’m going to have #SneakReaders chats on Twitter. These are chats with specially invited readers that will take place there as we discuss more to the sagas that are building around the four different families you as readers constantly as me about:

  • The Hearts
  • The Bellinis
  • The Blacks
  • The Lotts

There are upcoming stories to coincide with current stories, but we won’t go into that right now. It’s going to be fun!

Trust me.

Signing off. And if you haven’t enjoyed stealing innocence, please take a moment to download it. If you have, leave a review wherever you have purchased it and also, take a moment and check out stealing innocence II: The Ravishment.

Yeah, you want me to give you an update on stealing innocence III: Lethal Heart, but at this time, I STILL can’t.

But I will tell you, King Heart’s story comes out first.

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stealing innocence

By Sylvia Hubbard
Rating: 1 star1 star1 star1 star0.5 star
(4.50 based on 2 reviews)

Published: March 16, 2009
Words: 112308 (approximate)


Kimberly could not believe what her uncle wanted her to do after her wealthy husband unexpectedly dies. Uncle Charles kidnaps a man, ties him to a bed, and orders Kimberly to rape the man until she is pregnant.

When surly, mean tempered Jaelen his cold eyes realizes the beautiful, angelic Kimberly intentions, he vows to escape and get revenge if it take the rest of his life.

Available ebook reading formats

How to download ebooks to e-reading devices and apps.

Format Full Book
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Kindle (.mobi for Kindle devices and Kindle apps) Download
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LRF (Use only for older model Sony Readers that don’t support .epub) Download
Palm Doc (PDB) (for Palm reading devices) Download

(I would like to thank @lyancyy for letting me borrow his music for the video. He’s awesome!)

16 thoughts on “#Talking #Tuesday Edition: As we #Twitter along… @sylviahubbard1 #sylLit #amwriting. Readers talking abt me… #SneakReaders

  1. S Dunn says:

    I have a twitter page but im never on. But I will be shouting out one if my favorite authors. Sylvia Hubbard… Twitter here I come. I already Got my book club on FB going in with Sylvia. You Go Girl! Your name stay in my mouth. I sure do be “TALKING ABOUT YOU” & I’ll tell you to your face & behind ya back! Lol

  2. Stephanie says:

    I don’t have a twitter page. But, because of you Ms. Hubbard, I will set one up to promote my favorite author. I am already connected through FB also. I don’t mind promoting your books because you are a gifted and talented author. I have posted many reviews on amazon on each book I have purchased. I love your novels. My first one was Deceptive Nights, and from there I think I have read everything you have published or posted(27 or more stories). Of course I searched every where I could to find stories. KEEP UP THE GOOD TALENT THAT GOD HAS GIVEN YOU. YOUR TRUE FANS WILL ALWAYS BE BEHIND YOU.

    Your Loyal Fan,

    • awesome upon awesome and you can connect your facebook to yr twitter, so every time you update your FB you’ll update your twitter! And twitter has a great mobile app

  3. Mrskt20 says:

    Going to Twitter right now to give you a shout out.

  4. Shuerray says:

    I love you Sylvia ….last summer I was browsing Amazon and found your book Stilling Innnocence …and I was hook I went and download all you ebook and end them all ….I must say I can’t get enough of your work

  5. Shuerray says:

    Read them all ….my spell check is off sorry

  6. Nevea Lane says:

    The first book I read by you was Love Like This, and I’ve been hooked ever since, and actually, you were one of the first 20 people I followed on Twitter… :) Happy Writing Syl, we love you and your work!

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