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By Sylvia Hubbard
Rating: 1 star1 star1 star1 star1 star
(5.00 based on 3 reviews)

Published: Nov. 01, 2012
Words: 102666 (approximate)
Language: English

Short description

To save her life and the life of her children, she must give in to becoming a man’s wife.

Extended description

A woman with her children on the run from her past swears never to be another man’s whore. Now her baby’s father turns up dead and not only is his loan shark after her, but the police are after her as well.

Yet, when the malevolent, real estate accountant, Sterling Newman, finds out she is the key to completing his dream property, he blackmails her into marriage or turn her over to police.

Forced to marry in order to save her life and the life of her children, she vows to hate him forever. Yet, somehow he finds a way to make her body betray her heart.

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42 thoughts on “#WickedChances Chapter 44 – #LiveStory #amwriting #lawritingchallenge #wip #amreading – WC91021

  1. What will happen next? I know as smart as King is, he is not that gulliable to think that it would be that easy to catch Shadow. And, did he really fall for that plan of theirs? I myself had a hard time believing that. But, sometimes when you hate so hard, you can believe anything, But, if he believes that this is part of Lethal, then he knows he has a fight on his hands. Even if he believes this is Onyx’s child he has a fight on his hands. He did say she should have died in the womb. You go Ms. Hubbard. YOU DID IT AGAIN, I CAN SEE THE BUZZING AND CHATTER STARTING ALL OVER AGAIN. I LOVED THIS CHAPTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! KEEP GOING THIS IS GETTING GOOD!!!!!!!!

    Your Loyal Fan,

    1. King’s goal is to get to Paradise. He is willing to do anything to have her and not just for a short period of time.

      As much as my readers wanted me to go into it, i didn’t want to get caught up in the heart’s turmoil, but keep it focus on Blair and sterling’s POV only.

      1. Great way to build for the future with the hearts… Im not worried about Shadow. She is a heart & she will survive. At least we know King IS NOT THE FATHER (In Maury’s voice, lol). Blair will forgive Sterling, but he maybe in the dog house first. She didn’t get her medicine so maybe a pregnancy can bring him out & into her arms completely. KUDOS YET AGAIN SYLVIA. YOU ROCK!!!

  2. His wife?!?! I sure hope tis plan works. Great way to start my day. Patiently waiting fo more! Great job on this book.

  3. Seriously! Dwight took his wife!?!?!?!? I am shocked she didn’t pee on herself. Poor baby. I would love to see King brought down to his knees by a woman. Please let Shadow be okay. Reunite the families is going to interesting due to all the hate. I can’t wait for this book. to by published.

    1. I hope shadow will escape. I absolutely loved this chapter. Absolutely loved it

      1. I wonder what did King whisper to Sinclair that made her faint and if what he whispered to her alerted to him that, that was not Paradise? I’m just saying, Ms. Hubbard always put twist in there that we are not expecting. I don’t think King would ever kill Dwight’s wife??????? When she fainted, what ever he said may have been something that he knew Paradise would’ve reacted to. I don’t think that Blair will be too mad at Sterling, she will just want to see her kids. I think she is giong to be to distracted to think about taking that pill I think that Shadow went into this with her plan of escape from King. Now, the interesing part is how she wil do it? Well, you keep going Ms. Hubbard, because like I said before, this is a great lead into the Heart Saga. I can hardly wait. Excellent chapter, now onto the next one. Keep up the good work.

        Your loyal fan,

      2. thank you so much Stephanie and yes, onto the Heart Saga which is building up quite nicely.

        I’m in the process of looking for a stetson and a mackintosh coat to shoot a video with “lethal heart.” I found a guy that… resembles him.

        Seriously, I did. He’s got lethal’s big lips, thick features and sexy as all get out. AND THE DREDS!

        He said he’d be honored to do the video in 2013 and I can’t wait!

      3. I CAN’T WAIT!!! I Love when you find someone close to what you envision. It guides the story better. I definitely need a visual

  4. I’m speechless! I can’t really believe Dwight will use his wife as bait. Seriously???

    Good work, as usual Miss Hubbard. Loved it

  5. I KNEW IT !!! I KNEW IT WASN’T PARADISE IT WAS SINCLAIRE under that hoodie & scarf. Im glad the plan didn’t back fire & King found out cuz everyone would’ve been dead. I thought it was may at first, but Sin makes better since because her figure is closer to Pari. OMG, Yet another Awesome Chapter… Sylvia does it AGAIN! Great way to start my day. Can’t wait for more.

  6. I just have one more thing to say: what kind of friendship can you have with King if he bugs your phone and holds a knife to your neck? I would drop King like a bad habit, maybe. :-). If Shadow is actually Oynx’s daughter I hope they both will kick Kings butt for sucker punching Shadow.

    1. THAT WOULD BE AMAZING TO READ! But King had to knock her out cuz she’s a heart & would’ve gave him hell. Lol. No other little woman can flip a man on his back like that But ONYX! That would be the ultimate twist & turn Ms Hubbard is known for. It took a lot of thought for me to go over but I have been combing over every detail & it is possible. My kids look like my siblings. BUT WHOES THE DADDY?NNow time to figure out the daddy. Ler me think of all the Hazel eyed men. Lol. Jaelen’s sexy mean ass comes to mind, but its most likely someone else. He could be white too.. wow… I am dying to know who the parents are. It still maybe lethal but it will all unfold soon enough

  7. I have been waiting for this chapter. Is Shadow Onyx daughter???? This is the only one that is listed in all your books of losing a baby. I can’t wait to read the next charpter!!!!

    1. Actually there are two baby’s that came up missing. Onyx and lethal’s little brother was killed supposedly (although the body was never found) in the incident that divided the family and later on Onyx was poisoned and supposedly “lost” the child, yet the hospital lost the records & the body during her grieving period.

      1. I know about Lynx their brother being taken as a child & I knew of Onyx losing her baby, but I never read the details about the hospital. Which book was that in. I know silent Lynx & Diamond in the Rough holds key info but what’s the other?

      2. the baby incident I want to say hope is love or something before that….

        my brain is not in retro mode so I gotta remember what order I typed in.

        I go from past to present to future with these hearts.

        i also want to do a video that goes through the family tree because I get the question all the time…”what order should I read the books in.”

        My answer is a question…

        There’s an order?


      3. @ S Dunn. Finally read Double Playing and a new person could be Shadows father if Oynx is her mother. Nathan Mitchell had a baby that died in the womb. So I still have several books to read. I hope we were able to solve the mystery of Shadows parentage.

      4. I read only the beginning bar scene & couldn’t find the rest of the book. I usually don’t read the password stories because its sometimes all over the place witj hoops to jump through to get it. I always figure out the passwords cuz they’re fairly easy. I read about the older brother Nathan but didn’t get far enough to know his story. I was mad cuz it ended abruptly… but hopefully soon we can gain our sanity back. Lol

      5. Haha. I read them all & fill in the pieces as I go. Cabin fever I know is after sex lies & family ties because of the fiance. So depending on where the characters are & who they are with helps me find my way. Im just confused with Sheriff heart. In hope is love he’s depressed about his girlfriend but im assuming he broke up with baby doll. I loved him for her. I love the Hearts & the Black family. I need a family reunion book lol. Too many Hearts & I love it. The family tree helped me but time for a new one. Why is King & Queen heart so dark & Prince is yellow. They have the same mom & dad. In my first book read with king he was light then fark in all the rest. Red & Blaque, Rob have a different mom so I get it. But oh well. Im still loving the stories. Keep them coming.

      6. oh gawd, you really are dubbed queen of the hearts, S dunn. I wish I could just come have coffee and you help me chart out everything!

        Must see can we schedule a booksigning in your city in 2013 or 2014. LOL

      7. Im typying so fast I ment to say cabin fever came before secrets lies & family ties. Now as for Book Signing. I am in New York so you are definitely welcomed to come. :-D. There’s plenty of fans here. I’ll get to work on charting as soon as I get time & will email it to you. 😀

  8. I’m putting all my cards on the table Onyx is Shadow’s mother. What a twist I knew that wasnt Paradise but I never that of Dwight’s wife. Action time, this was the turning point, the Hearts of all Heart is coming.
    This was my substitution for caffeine this morning.
    Great job 

  9. If Shadow is Onxy’s daughter, S-will HTF and she might try to kill King. I’m loving this story. I can’t wait for King’s book.

    1. i am trying to build towards the book with this book MrsDBo. that’s why the POV on this one is so hard and everything is pretty much elusive.

  10. Aww now im all worried about Shadow. It would be awesome if Onyx rescued her……just saying. lol

    1. Im not worried about Shadow. She’s a heart she’ll be fine. With the exception of Lethal. Heart’s fight each other, but don’t kill each other. Its a family thing I recall reading a few times in books with Heart Family Drama. Its a lot of them & like King said he knows a heart when he sees one. He will ruff her up a bit but not kill her. In my opinion she needs a little discipline, she is a child. Onyx is the only one to put her in hee place. She’ll be fine. 🙂

      1. Shadow is only a child that actually just needs a childhood.

        Hopefully when she learns the truth, maybe she can be at peace and not so… Heart-ish. LOL

    2. … just saying… yeah, well, we’ll see.

      In Hope Is Love, I went a little overboard with the Hearts, so I’m trying to be good and not introduce too many people.

      Some of the “professional reviewers” get confused when I do that, so If I want a review where this book is more standalone than not, I gotta stick within the require “house rule” of not having “too many” characters.

      Trying to be good…

  11. It seems like a lot of readers think Onyx is Shadow’s mother, I still think Lethal is her father. It just seems like Onyx would’ve recognized her own eyes when she saw her in “Hope is Love”, but who really knows but Sylvia H. who Shadow’s parent is? At least we know she’s a Heart…according to King who claimed to smell her as blood. This chapter was a bit confusing, however I hope Shadow gets away from King and causes him real damage in the process…I just wish for once Lethal would be in Chicago when King thought he wasn’t….and then let the shtf!

    1. i know i will have to straighten out this chapter, but I needed to keep the story moving.

      Although I think you probably noticed my computer shut out on me after I had typed half this chapter and when I came back into it after rebooting I had only 10 percent of the chapter typed.

      When that happens it’s like trying to remember a conversation someone had word for word that you have to re-remember.

      I did the best i could, but I know in thefinal I’m going to have to go back through and correct a lot of things and make it so it’s easier to understand.

      Thanks for keeping me on my toes Juanita

    2. I understand where ur coming from Juanita, but you’ve got to remember Onyx has mourned her child & believes it to be dead. A heart knows a heart so she was able to make the connection to her brother. My kids could pass for my brothers kids. Onyx eyes are black but sometimes kids take after the father with some features or other relatives. So if Onyx is the mother it is SO believable. No need for too many corrections on that Ms. Hubbard. Its a great intro to Onyx book. We can be taken back in time with a prelouge & find out who the daddy is & why her baby was taken. Then focus on the present. This is the ultimate twist if it is Onyx. Although Lethal would be a good story to. It could be a shock to Shadow too to find out the REAL truth.lol

      1. I am Honored & gladly accept. I love detail. It is vital to remember information to follow as your plot thickens. I get where you are coming from & sometimes where you are going & I love it!!! :-D♡♥♡♥

  12. Amazing chapter, I wasn’t sure who they were trading for Blair, but knew it couldn’t be Paradise. As a little kid meeting my father for the first time, I ran to him without knowing him and my grandmother said I smelled the blood. I had never heard that term again until this chapter. WOW! King would know Shadow was family because he smelled the blood!

    1. Thanks Ida.

      My grandma who had over ten kids, used to say that when a “bastard” would pop up on the doorstep or usually at the funeral.

      I used to hear that term a lot down south “I smell the blood.”

      I don’t equate the hearts as having a “magical” abilitiy, but sometimes our magic lies in our very old human abilities we always had but technology and time has dissipated.

      Scientifically speaking: Smelling blood is just a sense that we give off to people we are relative to that actually make us sexually unattractive to those people who have the same blood as we.(first and second cousins and so forth)

      This is actually a natural human instinct that comes so to prevent “incestuous relationships” in close knit societies.

      Although in this day and age, we have very few “close knit” societies and tend to “spread” ourselves out.

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