On the 6th day After Christmas, my author gave to me… A new short story to read: Delilah’s Desire

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Thank you guys for enjoying the journey and I hope you loved the treats.

Let me know and then tell me if you like what’s going on in this new work in progress Delilah’s Desire. This is only the intro to a much larger story, but the setup is coming along nicely for a first draft. What do you think?


Delilah looked dejected at the cake she had made with Andre’s first print in the middle. 

“You really gonna cry?” he asked shocked between licks of the rich chocolate cake off his knuckles. “I can’t believe you’re really going to cry over something that wasn’t even there? You can’t expect me to take this day that serious, Dee.”

He licked more of the cake off his hand. “Damn, girl, that was good.” Andre chuckled. “It’s just a day, Dee. Stop harping over the past.” He pushed his knuckles to her lips and she knocked her hand away. He only cackled more and tried again to get her to lick off his hand. 

She turned away and picked up the cake to take it over to the garbage. 

“Stop your crying. It’s just a stupid cake. Hurry up and throw that shit away then get the mail,” Andre ordered. “Speed it up, I’m hungry.”

A chill went down her spine and her chest welled up. To anyone else those words meant one thing, but to Delilah they mean something else, something no one could imagine. 

Delilah tossed the ruined cake in the garbage and went to grab her coat. There was a mirror by the door and she checked her face. Dark almond skin with acne scars on the lower left side that always reminded her of the searing alcohol her mother had scrubbed into her face.

Delilah made sure there were no dried tears under her golden chocolate eyes. She wouldn’t want the neighbors to talk. If anything made its way back to Andre, she would die or at least feel like she died. 

He could be cruel when other’s knew their business. 

Andre had his reasons to be cruel, but when she was disobedient or caused problems he was especially brutal. 

The mailbox was just at the stairs of the porch, so she grabbed a jacket to combat the cold January in Detroit and grabbed all the contents out. A very intricate over size envelope was addressed to Andre had been placed in the mailbox. There wasn’t a stamp on the envelope so she knew it had been specially delivered.

Looking around, she didn’t detect any strange vehicles in the area and went back inside as a cold wind whipped about her body. 

The quality of the envelope was a beautiful silver paper, which she was positive consisted of cloth. The letters were raised in a gel glitter calligraphy writing. 

“This is for you,” she said handing the letter to him.

He turned his back on her to study the envelope and she leaned in on him to see when he opened it. Andre was about five inches over her five foot two height. His short nature made it easy to see what he was doing.

“Get the fuck back, Delilah,” he growled and moved to the other side of the room. 

She turned away to wipe up the mess on the table, but she peaked a little over her shoulder to watch his serious reaction as he stared at the envelope. 

From watching him intently over the years, she could almost read him like a book and she knew the tense shoulders and pursed lips meant something bad, yet it was personal. 

“Get the rest of this shit cleaned up,” he snarled, tearing the beautiful envelope in a million pieces and just throwing it to the ground. “And don’t take too long. You know how I hate to wait.”

Andre walked out of the kitchen and she listened as he went to the bathroom to start the bath. The very hot bath that would scalded her and leave her red all over. 

Delilah shivered in fear knowing it would be worse if she refused. She never refused because secretly she did gain some benefit from their bath, but she would never admit this to Andre. 

Cleaning up, Delilah joined Andre in the bathroom. He’d lit some candles that made the room smell like warm chocolate with a mint of vanilla.

He had already taken his clothes off and thrown them everywhere. The card which had accompanied the beautiful envelope and matched it’s intricacy with rich raised lettering was laying on top of the toilet, but she didn’t dare touch the card.

“Hurry the hell up,” he growled, hitting his fist on the side of the tub. 

She pulled her dress over her head and then slowly started to take the rest of her clothes off. If she hurried, she knew she couldn’t get what she wanted. Andre liked to finish quickly, but she needed to savor that feeling of having some type of power over the situation. 

His eyes moved immediately to her bountiful breasts. Delilah had never felt Andre liked any other part of her body because his eyes never waned anywhere else whenever her clothes were off unless he was standing behind her. When that occurred, she had no idea what he was looking at.

Delilah slowly took off her clothes from her feet to her shoulders, making sure she took her time. From experience, keeping him from seeing her breast as long as possible and delaying his gratification worked out better for her because the more excited he was the sooner everything was over with. 

Would she ever tell him how she was no longer able to stand his touch?

Andre would be heartbroken and Delilah didn’t have the nerve to say those words. 

He leaned back in the tub and watched her intently. His dark chocolate skin looked absolutely delicious wet. Andre was a fine specimen of man, cut to perfection at five foot seven. He wasn’t tall like other men, but Andre made up for it with the looks. He was thick and muscled where everything counted including a washboard stomach, thick legs and a pleasantly pleasing eight inch phallus. Just the right size to hit all the good places. 

If he had a little more girth, maybe she would be a bit more aroused during lovemaking. 

Initially, she thought that having a man like him pay attention to her was an honor. 

Andre worked in computers and he was a great guy with his own money and could take care of himself. 

They’d actually met through a friend who worked at his office. Jason had a man crush on him, but Andre didn’t know Jason was bi-sexual. Jason was her roommate and he called her one night when he’d gone out with the guys from work and was too drunk to get home. 

“You got him?” Andre asked in concerned as she strained to get Jason to the car. 

“Ah… yeah,” she lied, panting and about to pass out herself.

Andre helped her not only get Jason back to the apartment, but get him bed. 

Afterwards, he stayed up with her and talked with her all night. He was quiet about his life, but he listened to her, complimented her and made her feel special. From what she knew of his past, he was raised by his mother who’d died recently and was a lot bitter about his father, whom he rarely had contact with.

After graduation that following year, Andre started to seriously date her. She really thought she loved him. 

Delilah found him to be charming and he kept saying he was always looking for something different. 

And then it happened. Six months of dating and she found herself at his place, in his bed, and though his lovemaking was rudimentary, she kept telling her how much he loved her, 

She had taken off all her clothes as he sat on the bed naked like the day he was born. 

She started to crawl on the bed with him, but he stopped her. 

“You’re not done,” he said. “You’re not done undressing Dee.” His eyes looked above her head at her wig she always wore. 

She shook her head.

He gave her a pleading look with his dark chocolate eyes. 

She slowly pulled the wig off and looked to the ground ashamed. 

Andre put his finger on her chin and put her head up so she would be forced to look in his eyes.

“That’s my girl,’ he said and kissed her deeply. “I don’t care what the cancer did to you. Your beauty lies within Delilah.”

Her fear of being laughed at quickly dissipated and even she didn’t enjoy the sloppy way he kissed or how he rubbed her body roughly, but he didn’t laugh.

He kissed her again and again until she was breathless.

Andre pulled her on the bed and then moved over her so her body was under him. She winced as he seemed to scrap his chin on her chest and then over her nipples. At first she thought this was an accident until he did it on the other side too. He came back to the initial nipple and drew the tip harshly in his mouth and then twisted his face side to side. She tried not to wince, but was glad when he released the nipple and started on the other one. He repeated his actions and then moved back up her body scratching his chin intermittently up her chest and neck until he arrived at her lips again.

She was glad to kiss him, even though his kisses were sloppy. They were better than the tug and scratching on her chest. 

Andre was her fourth lover in her whole lifetime. She didn’t expect perfection and didn’t allow those unsettling moments to bother 

Fast forward to now after three years, she was able to learn how to hold off on Andre’s touch and manipulate her own foreplay. 

“Come here,” he ordered once she was fully undressed. 

Stepping slowly into the water on the farthest side of the bathtub, he watched her adjust to the water and then slide toward him

She moved between his legs and braced herself for his touch. 

Resting her back against his chest, Delilah tried to look as relaxed as possible. Andre’s large strong hands moved immediately to her breast. He knew what the hot water would be capable of doing soon and she could tell he was excited by the prospect.

Andre kneaded her breasts like he was about to make break, flicking the tips painfully and then rubbing them in an upward motion causing a stinging pain to shoot over her skin. 

He palmed and kneaded her bread even more erratically. It took everything inside of her not to wince. She pretended to squirm, which he would think she was getting aroused. He guided her to turn around to face him and kissed her. His passionate kisses were something not to be desired. His tongue snaked out sloppily licking her inner lips, over her teeth and gums and then scooping in her mouth, rubbing to the inside of her cheeks. 

Sometimes he made her feel beautiful. And for those small moments these were the sacrifices she made. Her mother’s voice always reminded her, no one else would ever love her.

Delilah clung to him, clinging to the hope that she would never be alone as long as she endured what Andre meagerly gave to her.

Delilah’s Desire 2019 (c) Sylvia Hubbard. All Rights Reserved. 

Leave in the comments how you like it? Thank you in advance!

5 thoughts on “On the 6th day After Christmas, my author gave to me… A new short story to read: Delilah’s Desire

  1. So far the story is good, most woman can relate to Delilah story.
    There’s some error in he and she placement. Ready for part 2

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