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Welcome to the enthralling world of "Eve's Deception," a gripping Christian romance suspense crafted by the award-winning author, Sylvia Hubbard. Immerse yourself in a tale of faith, temptation, and redemption as you follow the journey of Evie and Adam through a turbulent web of emotions and unforeseen circumstances. Ready for pre-order soon!

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BETA READER REMARKS: Man this story is crazy! I’m enjoying it so far.

Essence’s Divinity – Part 1 and 2 now available #exclusive on #SylLit

About this story: n a world where boundaries are blurred, where do you draw the line between love and betrayal? Enter Osirus, a man caught between life and death, his existence hanging by a thread. Prescribed a DNR during a five-year coma, he defies the odds, clinging tenaciously to life, and begins breathing on his … Continue reading Essence’s Divinity – Part 1 and 2 now available #exclusive on #SylLit