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She would do anything to be beautiful... But she didn't know she would lose everything, jeopardize her life and be alone. Great weekend, stress getaway sensually suspenseful, read. Grab your copy Http:// Wherever books are sold 💜📝💜📑💜📚💞 Working with my vivavideo app on music and transitions. Getting pretty good at it... I think. Check out … Continue reading New #Beautiful Book Trailer #goodreads #weekendgetaway #tbr


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As I'm learning to create more videos, please be patient with me. Thanks guys     #QOTD Writers: what are 3 things you'd like readers to takeaway when reading your book?? 📚 #AMWRITING #AMREADING 📝💜📑💝💁💞 My take away from my WIP: 1. Understand my Black series 2. Bad things happen to good people 3. … Continue reading #BlacksInnocence: Reader Takeaways #writerslife #writeLive

Detroit is Different featuring #HighSuspense #DarkRomance Author, @SylviaHubbard1 [Video] via @detroitwae Sylvia Hubbard is the founder of Michigan Literary Network and author of over 35 novels and an independent publisher. Hubbard began her journey as an independent publisher leaving a marriage and raising her three adolescent children. Read more | Click here

Conversations w/Kai Mann wsg @SylviaHubbard1 – ‘The Book Whisperer’ Sylvia Hubbard on the couch. Join us for transformation, laughter, and fun! @converskaimann ‏#michiganwriters #syllit # Conversations With Kai Mann have 'The Book Whisperer' Sylvia Hubbard on the couch. Watch Conversations With Kai Mann Wednesdays at 7pm EST. Visit Detroit Author & Founder of Motown Writers Network, Sylvia Hubbard has published over 40 books on suspense romance. As a happily divorced mother of three, Ms Hubbard has received numerous … Continue reading Conversations w/Kai Mann wsg @SylviaHubbard1 – ‘The Book Whisperer’ Sylvia Hubbard on the couch. Join us for transformation, laughter, and fun! @converskaimann ‏#michiganwriters #syllit #

[Video] Intro to #BlacksInnocence Interactive #Storytelling #Amwriting These are standalone books about a dark family. Currently, I'm live writing Black's Innocence and you can check out this book at Read and tell me what you think. Black Family Series Love Like This Hope is Love The Mysterious Mr. Black La Revanche Des Trois (Revenge of Three) Black's Innocence … Continue reading [Video] Intro to #BlacksInnocence Interactive #Storytelling #Amwriting

#WritersLife: Writing Habits To Addiction [VIDEO]   How I achieved over 5500 words in one day and how I rewarded myself. I also speak about how I work to make my writing habits an addiction and how you can too. Subscribe to my youtube and share this to other writers   Check out my books Connect with me … Continue reading #WritersLife: Writing Habits To Addiction [VIDEO]

#Detroit Romance Author, @SylviaHubbard1, featured at Twisted Storytellers: Monumental Mothers| See her story now| Find out how she found love #MotownMom @satori_10

Being a writer is no easy feat. Being a mom is even harder. Finding love is even more difficult. Listen to Detroit Romance Author intertwine being a mom and love in a true story that will stir your heart. Let us know what you think? Comment below.