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About the book:

Discover the alluring world of “Tanner’s Devil,” a captivating novel filled with suspense, romance, and the powerful pull of desire. Follow the journey of Tanner, a strong-willed ex-prostitute, caught between her past and an uncertain future, creating a web of passion and danger that will leave you breathless.

Once trapped in the clutches of the city’s seedy underworld, Tanner broke free from her life of degradation, and most importantly, her ex-boyfriend and former pimp, Donatello. However, he remains a constant shadow, seeking not just to lure her back into the illicit trade, but desiring to reclaim his lost love. When a financial crisis threatens Tanner’s newfound freedom, she faces a life-altering decision – should she adhere to the path of righteousness or succumb to Donatello’s dangerous proposition?

Devlin Sanchez, a man of principle and unspoiled innocence at the age of 33, had vowed to save himself for marriage. But when his world shatters, he seeks solace in the most unlikely place, the intriguing and complex Tanner. Their impassioned encounter ignites a flame that leaves Devlin yearning for more. Yet, can he handle the tumultuous world Tanner inhabits, or will he be another casualty of her precarious life?

“Tanner’s Devil” is a seductive tale that intricately weaves suspense and romance, exploring the depths of love, betrayal, and sacrifice. This book delves deep into the complexities of human relationships, creating an addictive narrative that speaks to the heart of suspense-romance enthusiasts.

If you crave romance layered with thrilling suspense, characters that will capture your heart, and a story that keeps you guessing, “Tanner’s Devil” is your next must-read. Embark on this thrilling journey that explores the tantalizing line between love and danger, right and wrong, and the lengths one will go to for love.

Experience the heart-racing suspense and the intoxicating romance of “Tanner’s Devil.” Add this unforgettable tale to your collection today!


Genre: Fiction, Literary, Suspense, Thriller, Romance

RAW Rating: 4.0 (out of 5)


Tanner is an ex-prostitute whose ex-boyfriend, Donatello, was also her pimp. Even though she has left the business, he is trying to persuade her to return. She thinks he just wants her back in the business, but he actually wants her back in his life as well. Tanner finds herself in a rare predicament when she needs to come up with an outrageous amount of money. Does she find the money legitimately, or does she take Donatello up on his offer?

At age 33, Devlin Sanchez is a virgin and has vowed to save himself for marriage. When he catches his bride and his brother together, all of that goes out the window. He finds himself in the arms of Tanner and once the night is over, he is left wanting more.  Has Tanner added more drama to her life, and does Devlin know he has a fight on his hands?

TANNER’S DEVIL was a good read.  It was very fast-paced and filled with drama. The author does a good job of drawing the reader in from the first page. The characters are so real to life; it makes them easy to relate to.

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Latifa was born and raised in Atlanta, GA. Reading and writing has always been a strong passion for her. She spends most of her days reading books from up and coming authors as well as working on a new literary magazine she plans to launch this winter.

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  1. YEAH!!!!!! Ever since I discovered you this book has been on my radar. Thank you on the update. I can’t wait!!!!!

    1. Aww, that’s awesome. I know i’ve been lagging and going through the get on the horse thing, but I decided before the year is out I need a book to give to my readers. it’s been a box of fear, resentment and just exhaustion on my part that’s kept me from this… mostly fear.
      Thank you all for sticking with me on this.
      Other versions will be available soon especially paperbacks. I hope to have that released shortly after as I build buzz.
      Thank you again.

  2. YES!!! Finally a another full book to read from you. I’m excited for Tanners Devil.. Thanks Sylvia. 🙂

  3. I would like to be a Beta Reader. I’m a big fan of your books and it would take me no time to finish your book because every book that I have read by you because your books are so good it takes me no more than two days or less to finish your books.

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