Like I said Shadow is a different kind of person. But here’s more of her… You can meet her in Wicked Chances

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12 thoughts on “Ravenous-Chapter39

  1. I knew she was pregnant. But how. I thought Dorian got fixed? I’m so confused. Did Onxy do something to Chon when she kidnapped her or did Dorian do something and lie so many questions. Why won’t Onxy leave them alone. I need Onxy to find a man and a life.

    1. I agree with her being pregnant, but I don’t think she would have pregnancy sickness just three days after being impregnated. So, I don’t think Onyx did it. I think Dorian intentionally got her pregnant that time she when out with Austin and past out from drinking.

  2. So Chon probably was artificially inseminated if Dorian had a vasectomy. But by who? He said he deposited sperm at a sperm bank. Who would know that and what does he need to do to get Onyxz off his back? Chon doesn’t even realize she’s pregnant how does Shadow know? If your almost at the end Ms.Hubbard you’ve got a lot to do to wrap this up.

  3. How in the world can you be almost finished when Shadow has come into the picture? Are there enough chapters remaining to see how Onyx is dealt with? This could take another 10 chapters. This is getting really good! Anxious to see how Chon deals with Onyx(putting her in her place which is out of her life) and Dorian(what role will she allow him to have in her life after she gets this mess straighten out).

  4. Slight spoiler: If you know Shadow and any of the Hearts you know they have a high sense of smell. You’ll learn more about it later.

    I would say about now as we go into chapter 40 we might have about 8 chapters to go? Not ten.

    Thank you guys so much for enjoying the story

  5. I KNEW IT! Shadow is okay with me with her keen eye to see every dang thing. That dang Onyx is pissing hot coals of jealousy. My question is, dis she really abort Dorian’s baby or was that the baby Blaque killed? Curious minds want to know… Was she trying to push Dorian away hoping he would stop loving her eventually? Did she personally approve of Chon but had to keep the front that she was angry still? Though I feel she really is hurt to lose Dorian, was injecting his sperm into Chon her way of accepting defeat? So many thoughts are running thru my mind.

    1. Interesting!!! What book is Onyx and Blaque’s story? I don’t think Onyx would abort Dorian’s baby. But, can you imagine Onyx as a mother? I would be very afraid of that offspring.

  6. I’m at a loss, how did Chon get pregnant, what can Shadow do to get rid of Onyx even for a little while, who killed the guy with the notebook and why, as much as i dislike Austin and Craig they are too silent…

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