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Chapter 39


Chon awoke the next morning in Dorian Zane’s bed. Somehow, late in the night, they made their way back to his place to make love again.

   He could not get enough again and eating her to insanity between the times he needed to revive himself was just sufficient to keep him happy. If he was using her body, she didn’t care. Chon had enjoyed herself immensely.

   Now that she was awakened by herself in his bed, she was a little worried.

   On the bed next to her was note in Dorian’s handwriting.

   It looked like you needed to sleep, so I left you to go into the office to meet with the Cytee client. Will return soon. Don’t worry about coming to work. Take a day off. DZ

   She read the note at least five times but for the most part, it wasn’t anything sentimental to the normal eyes, yet the fact that he considered she was exhausted from her days missing and his extensive all night love making meant that he held something for her.

   He wasn’t just using her. He was concerned for her. He could care for her.

   Stop reading more into what he’s feeling, Chon. THIS is Dorian Zane, Grandmother Wei’s voice said in Chon’s head

   Getting up, she found the shirt he had tossed off last night from the office still smelling like their love making and put it on. She liked the smell of their sexual jubilation.

   Going into the kitchen, she made herself some coffee and eggs. Her laptop bag was in the front room, and she dragged the bag into the kitchen, set up her laptop and started to work.

   The rumblings in her stomach started right after she finished her coffee. She was part way through with her eggs and looked at the plate.

   Suddenly, the room began to spin, and moments later she found herself rushing to the guest bathroom near the kitchen to empty her stomach.

   Her abs were aching by the time she was done, yet still tried to, get rid of what she didn’t’ have in her stomach anymore, because not only did breakfast come up, but what she had eaten last night with Dorian at the office.

She hadn’t binged in a very long while, and all the times she had thrown up it had been voluntary. When she threw up this time, she had no control over anything.

   Was she sick?

   Feeling her head for a temperature, she didn’t feel sick, and the doctor didn’t say he found anything.

   Worriedly, Chon went back in the kitchen to quickly grab her laptop and leave out before the smell of just the food again made her squeamish. Just as she settled down on the couch to work some more on different business matters, the doorbell rang.

   Chon was hesitant about answering Dorian Zane’s door because she didn’t know enough about the man to be handling his very personal life.

   After a moment the doorbell stopped ringing, and she relaxed until ten minutes later, she got a text from a blocked number.


   Going to the front door, Chon looked out of the peep hole to see a slim built person with a black hoodie on and their head covered.

   Chon had no idea if this was a man or female, nor did she know this person.

   “All the staring you’re doing through the peephole can be done when you open the door, Chon,” an annoyed voice said on the other side of the of the door.

   The only thing that actually made Chon open the door was that the person had said her name right emphasizing the first two letters.

   “Who are you and how do you know my name?” she questioned forgetting her half undress, very interested in the person in the door way.

   She still couldn’t make out the face all the way, but saw the pitch black eyes and almost thought she was looking at Onyx, but the face was too young.

   “Are you going to let me in or just keep me outside so I can tell all your business?”

   “Who are you?”

   Huffing in exasperation, the slim stranger said, “Jona sent me.”

   That was enough and Chon moved out of the way to allow the visitor to enter.

   By the time she closed the door behind the stranger and turned around the stranger was nowhere to be seen.

   Walking into the front room she initially panicked thinking she’d let in some hoodlum, but her laptop was safe and sound on the couch untouched.

   Chon heard the refrigerator door open and then close and went to the kitchen doorway to see the stranger making themselves a plate of the eggs she no longer wanted and getting some juice out of the refrigerator, drinking straight from the bottle.

   “Who are you?” Chon asked again.

   “Most people call me Shadow,” the stranger said before stuffing the eggs down their throat and then just getting the rest out of the skillet and eating that as well.

   Chon was positive there had been no chewing involved in the consumption. “Were you just a little hungry?”

   “I haven’t had homemade eggs in forever.” There was no apology in the tone of voice.

   Take off the hoodie, please,” Chon ordered in frustration.

   There was some hesitation, but then the stranger slowly pushed the hoodie off to reveal a head of pitch black hair in a very sloppy long ponytail, indicating this was a young black woman – or maybe a teen. She couldn’t have been any older than seventeen. Chon still noted again the girl’s eyes were pitch black, but there was some other familiarity about her.

   “Thank you,” Chon said. “So you go by the name Shadow, but what’s your birth name?”

   “My mother named me Zilla Costello. I dropped the H and her last name when I ran away from home, but my first name means the same thing.”

   “Shadow,” Chon answered.

   The girl smiled and put the dishes in the sink. “You’re smart. Smarter than I thought.”


   “Well, any woman trying to get involved with Dorian Zane can’t be that smart, especially knowing he’s Onyx’s ex. She doesn’t take too kindly sharing what’s hers.” She turned around from the sink and gave Chon the once over from head to toe and then back up again. “I see what he likes about you. You have this scent that’s sweet and melodious.”

   Chon frowned and wondered how did this girl know how she smelled.

   “Don’t ask,” the girl said and sat back at the table. “Are you going to stand in that doorway or come in.”

   “The kitchen isn’t the best place to have a discussion.”

   “I’m still hungry.”

   Chon didn’t want to enter the kitchen because she was worried she’d get sick again. “I’m alright here. Eat what you like. I wouldn’t want  my smell disturbing your appetite.”

   “Never that. I can still smell you from the doorway.” The girl got up and went back over to the refrigerator to pull out the leftovers from last night.

   “What do you like to be called?” Chon asked.

   “For you?” the girl asked looking around the refrigerator door as if this required deep thought. “Zilla is fine.” She stuck her head back in the door and said, “Jona told me you needed some help with Onyx, but I personally think you’re doing okay.”

   “I’m not okay,” Chon protested, rubbing the side of her face.

   “Really? Because I’m sure she gave you the warning like she gave all the others to stay away from what’s hers and you just fucked him all night. I’d have come last night, but that bitch sulked across the street for what seemed like forever.”

   Chon shifted uncomfortably not at all liking they had been watched like that. “I’m unfortunately very attracted to Dorian Zane sexually,” she admitted.

   “Just attracted?” Zilla asked with a sarcastic snort. “Because the noise you guys were making, I could have sworn you were in love.”

   “Lust,” Chon corrected her not knowing if she should be talking to this young lady about her sex life.

   Zilla stuffed more food in her mouth not bothering to even heat up the food. “I’m old enough to know all about sex, Chon. I’ve lived on the street all my life, and I’ve seen things you’d never imagine.”

   Amazed the girl had read her mind, she felt uncomfortable, just like she had always felt with … Dorian.

   “Yeah, I do that a lot… Read people’s thoughts. Terrified my uncle for a while, but then he figured it was just one of the things that made me unique.”

   “Your uncle?”

   Zilla ignored her question and said, “I’m here to help you with Onyx. Make her stop pestering you, just for a while, but it’s going to be clearly up to Dorian to make her stop. He needs to put his foot down.”

   “She’s going to kill me?”

   “Nah, that’d be too easy, but she’s going to continue making you miserable until Dorian puts his foot down and does what he has to do.”

   “Which is?”

   “The one thing that will convince Onyx he’s really through with her.”

   “Which is?”

   Zilla looked up from her food and again ignored this question. “Aren’t  you even curious as to how I know so much about Onyx?”

   “If you were sent by Jona who knows I have had trouble with Onyx, I figured you were some expert.”

   The young woman smirked. “I wouldn’t say an expert. I just know how to get a Heart off your ass.” She finished up the food and looked like she was tempted to go back to the refrigerator. “Does Dorian know about the baby?”


All Rights Reserved. 2016 (c) Sylvia Hubbard


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12 thoughts on “Ravenous-Chapter39

  1. I knew she was pregnant. But how. I thought Dorian got fixed? I’m so confused. Did Onxy do something to Chon when she kidnapped her or did Dorian do something and lie so many questions. Why won’t Onxy leave them alone. I need Onxy to find a man and a life.

    1. I agree with her being pregnant, but I don’t think she would have pregnancy sickness just three days after being impregnated. So, I don’t think Onyx did it. I think Dorian intentionally got her pregnant that time she when out with Austin and past out from drinking.

  2. So Chon probably was artificially inseminated if Dorian had a vasectomy. But by who? He said he deposited sperm at a sperm bank. Who would know that and what does he need to do to get Onyxz off his back? Chon doesn’t even realize she’s pregnant how does Shadow know? If your almost at the end Ms.Hubbard you’ve got a lot to do to wrap this up.

  3. How in the world can you be almost finished when Shadow has come into the picture? Are there enough chapters remaining to see how Onyx is dealt with? This could take another 10 chapters. This is getting really good! Anxious to see how Chon deals with Onyx(putting her in her place which is out of her life) and Dorian(what role will she allow him to have in her life after she gets this mess straighten out).

  4. Slight spoiler: If you know Shadow and any of the Hearts you know they have a high sense of smell. You’ll learn more about it later.

    I would say about now as we go into chapter 40 we might have about 8 chapters to go? Not ten.

    Thank you guys so much for enjoying the story

  5. I KNEW IT! Shadow is okay with me with her keen eye to see every dang thing. That dang Onyx is pissing hot coals of jealousy. My question is, dis she really abort Dorian’s baby or was that the baby Blaque killed? Curious minds want to know… Was she trying to push Dorian away hoping he would stop loving her eventually? Did she personally approve of Chon but had to keep the front that she was angry still? Though I feel she really is hurt to lose Dorian, was injecting his sperm into Chon her way of accepting defeat? So many thoughts are running thru my mind.

    1. Interesting!!! What book is Onyx and Blaque’s story? I don’t think Onyx would abort Dorian’s baby. But, can you imagine Onyx as a mother? I would be very afraid of that offspring.

  6. I’m at a loss, how did Chon get pregnant, what can Shadow do to get rid of Onyx even for a little while, who killed the guy with the notebook and why, as much as i dislike Austin and Craig they are too silent…

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