Chapter 40 is usually the time when I start to bring it all together. The craps about to hit the fan and you should know we’re coming up to the end. If you’re a paid subscriber to the website, you will still get the story for free on the subscriber private pages, but for everyone else, you will be going to Amazon when I decide to buy the rest of the book.

Thank you for enjoying and please let me know how you liked this story?

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12 thoughts on “Ravenous-Chapter40

  1. If I am not with a private subscriber, how would I go about it signed up with one. I am really excited, and enjoying Chon and Dorian’s story. I would really like to continue reading their story without any interruptions. I am hoping for a happy ending. Would you remind who Blaque is?

      1. I think there was a point in the story when Chon was speaking with Jona and his/her was used in speaking about Zilla. For a second I was confused also ☺

      2. Do you remember where? I’ll go back and try to clarify or I’ll just do a find for Jona’s name and look at all the convos. THANKS. That really helped!

  2. Will you finish this story where it can be purchased on amazon. I really would love to add this to my collection of books by you. I love your books.

    1. working on chapter 47 as we speak and then the ending chapter of 48 tomorrow. I was trying to put the book up for pre-order, which I’ll hopefully accomplish tomorrow.

  3. Midway through this chapter Chon spoke with Jona on the phone. The his/she is spoken during that dialogue.

    Here is the passage:
    “She told you her real name?” Jona asked surprised. “Took me five years to know his actual name. I just wanted to know how did it go? Did she help you?”

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