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Chapter 40


Chon didn’t know if she had heard the young woman correctly. “I’m sorry what did you say?”

“Your baby. Does Dorian know about the baby?” Zilla insisted.

“I’m not  pregnant.”

“You smell pregnant.” Zilla sniffed the air. “It’s early. Real early and it’s Dorian’s.”

Flustered, Chon said, “No it’s not! I can’t be. He can’t have kids.”

Zilla shrugged and went back to the refrigerator and found an apple. “I heard denial is the worst form of the truth.”

“Zilla, I can accept any truth, but Dorian’s had-”

“A vasectomy, I know,” Zilla said finishing the sentence. “You don’t have to talk to me like I’m a child. I’ve been on the street since I was ten for fuck’s sake. I know all about Dorian Zane and his obsession to control the one thing that was taken away from him, but he wasn’t entirely honest with you. He didn’t tell you everything.”

“What didn’t he tell you?”

Zilla used her sleeve to wipe her mouth and then threw everything away that was trash. Amazingly, she cleaned up her mess as if she had not been there even going so far as to placing everything she had eaten off in the dishwasher. “Let’s just say he’s got a fascinating gut instinct and can smell bullshit a mile away – even Onyx’s bullshit.” She said this as if something hurt her about Onyx’s bullshit.

“Why are you so evasive?’

“Because that’s just me.” She looked at her phone. “I gotta go, but I’ll be back when Dorian gets home.” She walked past Chon and headed for the front door.

“Wait! You can’t leave after you’ve told me I was pregnant without proof.”

Zilla stopped in her tracks and turned towards Chon, tapping her nose. “I don’t need proof. I know.”

“That’s not enough. I just went to the doctor yesterday, and he would have said I was pregnant.”

“As I said, It’s still really early.” Zilla proceeded to the door and was about to open it but stopped herself and looked back at Chon. “Oh yeah, and if Onyx comes around, just say these exact words… ready?”

Chon was confused, but she nodded.

“Blaque’s hiding behind Red, but he doesn’t know.”

“What does that mean?”

“She’ll know, and she’ll leave you alone for a while.” Zilla chuckled. “But if she asked you how do you know, just tell her the truth. A little shadow told you.”

Chon phone rang in her pocket, and she looked down to see it was Jona. Looking back up to let Zilla, all Chon saw was the front door open. It was the only indication there had been someone there with her, and she wasn’t crazy.

Now, there was no one.

Closing the door as she answered the phone, she asked Jona, “Who is Zilla?”

“She told you her real name?” Jona asked surprised. “Took me five years to know his actual name. I just wanted to know how did it go? Did she help you?”

“I think? I don’t know,” Chon said confused. “I know she ate everything in sight.”

Jona chuckled. “That’s usual. Shadow doesn’t always give you all the answers. Most times you have to figure them out yourself.”

“So was she being evasive when she told me I was pregnant?”

“Oh no,” Jona said in a deadly serious tone. “She can tell anyone they’re pregnant. It’s a gift with smell she has. She told me once, the body chemistry of a woman immediately changes once pregnancy takes root. She knew I was pregnant way before I knew. It’s scary, but you must be excited.”

Chon was the farthest from feeling excited. “Who is she?”

“All I can say is that she shows up in people’s lives when they need her the most. She has this way of knowing things, reading minds almost that makes her invaluable. Having her in your corner when it comes to Onyx was the only thing I knew that could ease your suffering and ultimately stop Onyx in her tracks.”

Chon wanted Onyx to stop from bothering her, but did it mean dancing with another devil? She felt squeamish again and wanted to throw up. “I think she helped, but I don’t know yet. I haven’t said what Zilla wanted me to say to Onyx.”

“Let me know if you need anything else,” Jona said.

Saying her thanks yous and goodbye, Chon hung up the phone. She couldn’t be pregnant. How?

Trying to push the thought out of her head, she jumped in the shower and then put on a long undershirt and some oversize jogging pants of Dorian’s before going back on the couch and trying to do more work in front of her laptop.

Two hours later, she was still staring at her laptop screen wondering if Shadow had told the truth to her or not.

Chon didn’t feel pregnant.

What about the throwing up this morning?

It could’ve been bad eggs.

They hadn’t made Zilla sick, and the human food vacuum had eaten twice as many. Chon had only been able to make it through one egg.

Zilla could have a stomach of steel.

That sounded like malarky, but Chon wanted to believe that. That made a lot of sense. More sense than saying she was pregnant.

Dorian came home about four in the afternoon, closing the front door quietly and quickly finding her in the living room on the couch.

He stopped at the doorway putting down his laptop bag and his coat on top and just leaned against the wall with his arms folded. “For some reason, I like you on my couch.”

All the things she had been worried about seemed to melt away as she looked at him looking sexy as usual. He was wearing a whole new suit, and she swore he looked even more perfect than the day before.

“You act as if I have been on your couch before,” she remarked.

He twitched his lips and moved to her.

Never been in the predicament of intimacy with this man, she wasn’t sure if she should stand to greet him or stay where she was.

Dorian didn’t’ give her a chance to make up her mind. He knelt in front of her and moved her laptop to the side table. “I like you in my clothes too.”

She blushed from his hot glare knowing fully well where his mind was going. “Why is that?” she questioned.

He tugged down on the shirt exposing a breast. “They’re easy to maneuver on your body,” he said dipping down and suckling a nipple.

Fuck he could be so erotic when he wanted to be.

But damn she needed to talk to him.

“Wait! Wait!” she said breathlessly before the cloud of lust overtook her senses. “We have to talk.”

He looked up at her with displeasure, but moved beside her on the couch, practically lifting her in his lap sideways. “Let’s talk about what, Chon?”

She was so flustered by his proximity. One moment she wanted to jump his bones and then next she needed to pile drive questions down his ear to get some answers.

“A lot,” she said to give herself time to get her thoughts together. “How was your meeting?”

“Fine. Only Lincoln Cytee showed up, and I took him around to several buildings I had worked on. He was happy with our last choice which gave him more than enough space. I insisted on knowing his employer because if I know the Cytee Boys, they don’t just work for themselves.” He looked troubled. “And he revealed to me what I pretty much already knew.”


“He’s working for someone Onyx would pitch a bitch if she knew. Her cousin, King Heart out of Chicago. He’s practically buying two floors in this building, trying to go legit, according to Lincoln, but I don’t see how he plans to go legit in Detroit, when Onyx’s brother, Lethal wants him dead.”

“Her brother’s name is Lethal? Her cousin’s name is King & Salacious? Who named these kids?”

Dorian chuckled. “Those are tamed compared to some of the other ones.”

“But did he help like he said he was going to help get Onyx from bothering us?”

“He gave me two options. Hell, he said I could do both if I were so inclined.”

“Which is?”

“Marry you for one.”

Now the room began to spin and being familiar with this feeling hours ago, Chon knew she was going to pass out again.


All Rights Reserved. 2016 (c) Sylvia Hubbard


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12 thoughts on “Ravenous-Chapter40

  1. If I am not with a private subscriber, how would I go about it signed up with one. I am really excited, and enjoying Chon and Dorian’s story. I would really like to continue reading their story without any interruptions. I am hoping for a happy ending. Would you remind who Blaque is?

      1. I think there was a point in the story when Chon was speaking with Jona and his/her was used in speaking about Zilla. For a second I was confused also ☺

  2. Will you finish this story where it can be purchased on amazon. I really would love to add this to my collection of books by you. I love your books.

  3. Midway through this chapter Chon spoke with Jona on the phone. The his/she is spoken during that dialogue.

    Here is the passage:
    “She told you her real name?” Jona asked surprised. “Took me five years to know his actual name. I just wanted to know how did it go? Did she help you?”

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