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Chapter 38


Chon snorted not wanting to see the slimy detective right now. At this point in her life, she was sick of anyone with the last name Heart.

Seeing Dorian now made her realize how much she missed him, his touch, his kisses – everything! Damn! Why couldn’t things just work out smoothly for them? Or at least for her?

Her skin was flushed, and there was fluttering in the pit of her stomach. She contained herself to deal with Salacious Heart. She needed him to leave, but just telling him would probably only provoke him to stay longer just to annoy Chon and Dorian.

“Were you concerned, Detective, or were you just looking for something to falsely pin on Dorian again?”

His big body bristled in anger. “I’ll leave you two alone since you are no longer a missing person. I can tell you don’t want a third wheel a part of this reunion, but I will be finding you again, Ms. Tolbert, to know where the hell you were and the journal you promised me.”

Chon didn’t take her eyes off of Dorian as she addressed Salacious. “No need. Ask your crazy cousin, Onyx! She should know the truth, but she will probably never tell me.”

Salacious let himself out, closing the door behind him and leaving them alone.

Under Dorian’s intense gaze, she felt like a school girl, warm and tingling inside. “Hi,” she said meekly.

His office space was enormous, but it only took less than three steps for him to get to her and pull her into his arms. He didn’t speak. He only kissed her with a passion so strong; she thought her toes were going to burst.

“Are you okay?” he asked briefly.

He didn’t give her time to answer before he was kissing her again.

“Where the hell have you been?!”

Again he didn’t give her time to answer before his mouth worshipped her lips, face, and neck.

She giggled into his passion, loving the attention he adored upon her and kissing him back with just as much passion. The more she gave, the more he wanted, and the more he put out. He was soon guiding her to the sofa nearby, and she knew where that was going to go.

“Dorian,” she said, trying to take control. “We should talk.”

“Not now. I need you,” he said with a desperation that touched her heart. Chon was almost inclined to let things happen physically, but then she knew nothing would get done or said and she did want to be that old girl that allowed just the physical to guide her into being silent about things anymore.

Pressing on his chest to hold him away and keep her passion at bay, she insisted, “No, Dorian. We really need to talk.”

“About what?” he growled annoyed. “Onyx? I left her a message that if I found out she damaged one head of hair on your body, I was going to kill her.”His eyes glared down at her chin where the bruise was. “And I see I’m going to have to.”

“You’re not going to kill Onyx, but you really haven’t spoken to her?”

“Not since you disappeared. She ignored every call and text I sent her because I knew it could only be her that would cause you to come up missing. Salacious was here to convince me not to get the police involved, but I think it’s time for someone to put their foot down and I can’t keep living my life to her expectations of me.”

Those words touched her soul. Dorian was making a change in his life that he honestly wanted and she could feel her emotions immediately opening up for him. Could he really be in love with her and want to become a better person just for her?

It was just too much to wish for from a man like Dorian Zane, and Chon had to keep her emotions in check or end up losing herself, while never knowing the real truth about everything. If she was going to defend him, be with him, even care deeply for him, she needed to know what really happened.

“Onyx was not what I was saying what we should talk about.”

“Then what?” He was irritated or was it more like horniness?

She was just a horny, but she knew she couldn’t pretend reality didn’t matter anymore. She needed the truth. “About Deliah.”

He fully released and emitted a string to curses.”Did Tracey say something to you? Put something in your head?”

“Why would Tracey say something? You mean Onyx?”

“I know Onyx would never bring up Deliah, but Tracey would. They were best friends.” He calmed down immensely with a deep breath in and blew it out his mouth. He walked over to his door and locked it. “I’ll tell you everything you need to know after you’ve taken a shower in my private bathroom,” he promised.

   Suspiciously, Chon asked, “You promise?”

   “Anything you want to know. I’ll have the lobby assistant deliver us food for later and tell her not to disturb us. Afterwards, you’ll tell me what happened to you and leave nothing out.”

   She tenderly kissed his cheek in gratefulness and went to the bathroom. Finally, answers she needed from Dorian. How the hell Tracey was so involved, she really had to know. He was going to be straight with no bullshit.


   Taking a shower felt wonderful and whatever pain she had been feeling was all gone. Dorian had some extra t-shirts, socks and even some jogging pants in a drawer, which all were oversized but Chon put on.

   When she exited the bathroom, Dorian was enjoying a drink on the couch where she sat on the other end. He patted the space next to him, and she moved closer. He offered her his drink, which she took and just drunk a sip wanting to be very lucid to hear and discuss whatever he was going to reveal.

   “When I came here to work it only was because I was tired of being an independent or I was sick of being a hermit. Thaddeus got me this gig because he plans to buy it out eventually once I finish this contract. The partners aren’t willing to sell it no matter how awful they were doing.  If I do well with this contract, and I’ll give Thaddeus the leverage he needs to buy the rest of the stock and push the partners out completely because if they don’t give it to him, their star engineer will leave.”

   “Isn’t that illegal or something? Inside devilment?”

   He shrugged. “Thaddeus is my friend. I’m willing to do whatever it takes for my friend.” He finished off the drink and placed the glass on the table. “Tracy was working on this floor way before I arrived and lusted after me since the day I walked in this office. One day her childhood best friend came over, and that was it, I knew I wanted to get married. I liked her enough to want to settle down, and she didn’t take my wit too serious like everyone else does. Unfortunately, Deliah told Tracey everything.”

“Deliah told her everything about our relationship. Tracey worked for me since we moved in this building and has lusted after me since her first day, but when I met Deliah, I knew I could settle down with her. There was going to be some friction with Tracey in Deliah’s ear, so I made up the contract, and Deliah signed it willingly thinking one day I was going to love her eventually.” He snorted. “I honestly just wanted to get married and have a wife that would put up with me. Love was not in my heart, and I was a realist. The day Deliah disappeared, she comes ramming in my office and accuses me of being a whore. Tracey lied to Deliah I was still receiving oral pleasure from her. Deliah was very angry, but I was so busy and not really ready to deal with my first argument with my soon to be wife. I didn’t take what she was saying serious enough, and that made her angrier.”

“Why didn’t you take her serious?” Chon questioned.

Dorian shrugged before finishing off his drink. “If I didn’t do something why should I care? In my mind, I thought she was logical enough to understand I’m a monogamous man, and when I pledge myself to someone, I don’t want anyone else.”

The thought excited her, and she was almost tempted to ask if he had sworn himself to her, but was terrified of what he would say.

He continued while placing his glass on the side table by the end of the couch. “She then announced the end of the wedding, and I only teased her over my dead body. I just thought she was just having jitters about the wedding. That’s what Onyx convinced me Deliah’s erratic behavior as the wedding became closer was. I believed her. I didn’t follow Deliah, and I didn’t give a fig that Tracey was trying to tear us apart. I had the contract, and I was very confident Deliah was going to be at the altar at the appointed time.”

“You believed your ex about your current woman’s behavior?”

“Yeah, silly of me, but I thought … Well, I wasn’t thinking. Onyx wasn’t going to let me fall in love with her, but I didn’t think she’d make it crazy for me not to have anyone else. Not until… Well, a lot of the things Deliah was shouting at me had Onyx’s name all over it. Onyx probably put it in her head I’d be a horrible husband, and I was going to be controlling and all that shit, but the other stuff… Well, I don’t think it was Onyx.”

“What about Deliah’s death?”

“I’d swear it wasn’t Onyx,” he said very quickly, but it wasn’t in defense. He had a surety about that statement. “Onyx wouldn’t kill anyone like that. She gets off on the torturing, not the death. She’d think that was too good for them.”

“And who do you think?”

“I really don’t know. I’ve assumed all these years Deliah was erratic from the wedding. Later, I found out she was pregnant after the autopsy. Salacious told me himself, and I nearly thought I died. If she killed herself, I always wanted to know did she know she was pregnant? And was it really mine? And if she did, did she commit suicide to hurt me? And if someone else killed her, did they know she was pregnant? And if they did, did they do that to hurt me? I had too many questions, and I was truly on the verge of losing my mind, but instead, I got a vasectomy.”

“How did that prevent you from losing your mind?” she asked confused.

“Then I would be able to knowingly without question choose who I wanted to have my child. I would be able to control the situation more.”

“You mean to control the woman who was going to have your child.”

He nodded.

“Dorian, you can’t mean that,” Chon said worriedly.

“I do, Chon and by Gawd, I’m damn serious! I won’t have some simple chic run out my life again with my child in her belly to do whatever she wants to do.”

Chon almost understood his logic, first Onyx and then Deliah, had taken a child away from him. It was hard to believe he wasn’t an even bigger control freak than what he let on. Still, she asked sarcastically, “Are you going to tie her down? Lock her in a room until she has the baby?”

“If I have to.”

She rolled her eyes. “Then it’s a good thing I can’t get pregnant by you because I would not want to be the mother of your children.”

He tensed slightly, but in the next second, he relaxed. “I don’t think we were taking our relationship that far. You’re only here until the end of the contract, right?”

“Yes,” she said firmly.

His hands had started to caress her back and rear. “And only to learn, right? I’m using you, and you’re using me? Right?”

She nodded feeling a little too choked up with lust to speak.

“Now share with me what happened to you. Jaelen let me know you were coming to me. I think he wanted to rub it in that he knew first, but also prepare me for you.”

“Onyx happened to me. One minute she’s rubbing in my face how you and her talk and how she knew you and I were having sex and the next thing I know, she gave me a right across the face.”

He winced and looked down at the bruise on her face. “I must apologize to you, Chon,” he said sincerely. “She came to me and said I would never want another woman in the world the way I wanted her.”

Chon swallowed and nodded. “I understand. I understand we’re just -“

Dorian cut her off coldly. “I didn’t say that for you to drill the fact in that we are using each other. I said that to let you know I let her know I would never love a woman as I loved her, but you are different to me. I lust and crave for you in the sense of addiction.” His hand moved around to the nape and gripped her neck. “I have to have you, Chon, morning, noon and night. You give me life; you make my blood run hot, you give me the reason to see the world in a much different way, Chon.”

The confession left her speechless, and she couldn’t swallow or even blink. All she could do was stare into Dorian Zane’s gorgeously handsome face and wish he would smother her with his lips.

Dorian’s cruel, light brown eyes were on her, and she was starting to recognize he wasn’t mad or bitter. The intense look on his face meant that he was sexually turned on and planned on getting what he wanted from her.

Chon rested her hand on his thigh, and that was about all the prompt he needed to move his hand to grip her nape. The strength and power exuded from him immediately turned her on, and she found herself overwhelmed by his sexuality yet open to receive all he was going to give to her. From their weekend love making, Chon had been paying attention to his body and could remember what he liked. This she now implemented with the long kisses he craved, weaving her tongue deep in his mouth so he could suckle on her oral muscle. When he groaned, his vocals vibrated down her throat as he scooted her under him while lying down on the couch over her.

He nearly ripped her clothes from her body, and she giggled at his eagerness, loving that he showed his attraction to her with raw passion and how his eyes danced when he saw her naked body under his. He was insatiable and didn’t hesitate to dip down between her brown thighs and engulf all of her. Her hips shot off the couch, but he quickly put a thick arm over her waist to hold her in place as he licked her from clit to perineum slowly drinking her sexual syrup voraciously.

Chon was out of her mind in bliss. His mouth commanded her entirely, and she squealed her delight while covering her mouth so no one on the outside of the office could hear them. When she exploded she literally could feel leakage pouring from her body, but he didn’t move away. He received her juice and then laved her for more until she was exploding again.

At one moment she begged him to stop, and at the next moment, she begged for more. In between, she praised him, his mouth and body.

Dorian took a minute to move away from her and the couch to undress.

Sitting up on the sofa, she watched him in adoration, and when he stood naked before her, she looked down to his manhood, stiffened and hard pointing at her in praise.

Reaching up, she gripped the base of him barely able to grasp her fingertips together from his thickness.

Her thighs gripped firmly around his calves while his hands cupped her face. He knew what she was thinking, but needed his help because she had never done this. He pressed a thumb between her lips.

“Grip with your lips and suck my thumb,” he ordered, seeing how she craved instruction from him.

As she followed this instruction, she felt how he moved his thumb over her tongue right before the back of her throat and just when she was about the gag; he ordered her to breathe out through her nose.

The gagging motion disappeared immediately, and she was left with giving smooth fluid strokes. Dorian groaned and used his other hand to guide his shaft to her lips, pulling his thumb out and replacing the tip of himself in his mouth. She didn’t stop her strokes, but Chon had to struggle just a bit with the immense size of him.

His groan became louder as she pressed him to the back of her throat blowing out when she felt herself about to gag from that great thickness and slobbering profusely all over his manhood.

She didn’t know if his leg had buckled in weakness, or he just needed to kiss her, but Dorian dropped to his knees removing himself from her and covering his mouth to hers, drawing her in delicious kisses that took her breath away.

Her body was laid on the couch entirely, and he moved between her thighs keeping his upper body connected with hers but loving how she squirmed to feel his lower body. He teased her with his flesh against her womanhood, and she whimpered in his mouth pleading for him to fill her.

He finally gave in, and she wanted just to die.

The orgasm shot out of her squirting her juices all over the front of him and even onto her stomach. The continuous rolling storm of pleasure had her entire body for extended minutes, and soon he too was coming with her.

They were vocal, groaning, shouting and cursing their glory of bliss holding each other close never wanting the beautiful glory to end.

Moments later after their orgasm, reality came to them, and she said, “I hope your office is sound proof.”

He actually had the nerve to chuckle. “Fuck’em.”

She giggled as he moved from her, but kept his hands firmly on her to hold her down while he descended between her legs. The tip of his tongue circled her clitoris titillating her to arousal once again, and then he slowly laved down the sides of her womanly lips.

Since she had been sated, Chon knew he was going above and beyond pleasuring her, and she adored every lick as they took her closer and closer to erupting again.

His mouth moved back to her clitoris, and he seemed to apply a perfect pressure, surrounding her sensitive button repeatedly with fast and slow motions until this time, she couldn’t help but scream at the top of her lungs. She could feel full more leakage from her twat, but he didn’t pull away.

Looking down, she could see this look of complete pleasure on his face as he licked her clean.

His face was wet from his nose all the way down his chin as he rose up from her and was about to wipe himself off, but she stopped his arm and cupped his face to kiss him. The taste of them together in her mouth with his lips sealing their exchange was unbelievably erotic.

Kissing him felt so natural, so delicious, so beautiful.

Dorian Zane was absolutely the most erotic man she had ever met and the most delectable man she could ever want.


All Rights Reserved. 2016 (c) Sylvia Hubbard


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  1. OMG! You guys had a lot of questions from Chapter 37!

    After this chapter is there any more unanswered questions?

    Busy wrapping up in Chapter 45 so I need to make sure I haven’t forgotten anything.

  2. So Tracy is crooked, I figured as much. Where is Onyx now? I don’t see her giving up super easy or does she feel that Chon is the right replacement for Dorian? What kind of foolery is Austin and Craig involved with?

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