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14 thoughts on “Ravenous-Chapter37

  1. Oh no…I’ll need to review and see what pieces of the story I’m missing. So are you going to leave us hanging on who killed all these people or will we definitely find out by end of story?

    Oh so I don’t understand the friction between Jaelen & Dorian or the strong bond btw Jaelen & Onyx. Does Jaelen know Kimberly is helping Chon with Dorian & conspiring against Onyx?

    I will have to think up some more loose ends I need tied up! 🙂

    1. You will find out who killed everyone by the end of the story. I figured you guys would have deduced them by now.
      Animosity is due to just cousins and they are mostly the same person … the bond between Jaelen and Onyx is that they are best friends. Have been for a while. You’ll understand their bond more in Onyx story but to see more of their bond see Stealing Innocence I
      Jaelen knows what his wife is doing AND he loves Kimberly to side with his wife before he sides with his BFF.

      1. I have a few people in mind for the killings but its seems there is info that comes up to deny what I think. Could really be Dorian or Onyx but they both are too obvious or it can even be Salacious! Shoot. IDK! But now Tracey seems to come to mind from info in this last chapter. Will be waiting to see how this all unfolds…

  2. Sylvia, have you ever seen the movie THE GAME with Michael Douglas & Sean Penn? This story feels like I’m being set up for this to be a joke or set up on Chon. Like she’s a pawn in all these players game. A Very good movie if you’ve never seen it!

    1. I did see the Game and that was f’d up at the end. And of course Onyx plays with her prey all the time in every story she’s been in. But the end result is always going to be an HEA even if I have to fight for it and fight with Onyx. Only ONE person who really could make Onyx back off and that would be Lethal. … but no I’m not bringing him in.

  3. I swear before cheese and crackers I want to stab Salacious, he is always jumping to conclusions. #BUTTHOLE I can’t wait to seeb what happens next. I wonder what is Onyx up to. What did she mean by her last statement dealing with hate? I hope Chon keeps this hard front up, she does not need to back down to Craig or her asshole ex. Dorian needs to come clean. What if the person who she had relations with when she was drunk got her pregnant and Onyx performed an abortion? So many different possible outcomes. 😒😒😒

  4. So, I may need to read the other books to get answers to my questions. But, here there are anyway.

    1. What is Tracey’s background? Other than the obvious reason of a rapid climb up the corporate ladder, why is she sucking up to Dorian? She doesn’t love Austin, why is she so ingrained in the business? What is her motive?

    2. I really like Chon. I like the way she protects her heart but is allowing herself to experience the pleasures that can be had from an intense and experienced manlover. I like her innocence and how she is able to pull herself together when she is confronted with information that is too much for an inexperienced person. One of these times, Chon is going to blow her top with the events and the information she is receiving and kick somebody’s butt.

    3. What is Salacious’s story? He sounds like a selective-sexy-protector type. What is relationship with Onyx?

    I will have more to add, but I am being summoned at this time.

    I am really enjoying this story. Thank you!

    1. i giggled at that “sucking up to dorian,” thing. that was funny, renee. I like question one. You’ve answered yourself though

      i like how Chon is developing too and how I’m making sure she’s reacting to every piece of information properly. I’m pretty proud of myself that I haven’t had a character overload…. yet

      Onyx is Salacious cousin. He’s trying to be on the good side and you’ll have to see the family chart to see where he comes in, but sadly and this is a SPOILER the Heart “War” is coming and Blaque don’t take too kindly to the Detroit side. Salacious MIGHT be a casualty. WIP Emperor’s Heart Part 2 will have that

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