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Chapter 37


Dr. Chance Jefferson was not only an urgent care doctor, but he was also a gynecologist. That wasn’t what made him stand out. At six foot nine and four years younger than her, she couldn’t believe how handsome this African American male was – for just a doctor.  

  To get over her nervousness during her examination, she sarcastically asked, “Did you miss the draft?”

   Surprisingly, with his big hands, his touch was extremely gentle.

   Chance only smirked as he placed a sample on a tray and sent the nurse to get tested. “Leg injury early in my college days sat me out completely. I decided I couldn’t keep playing, endure years of pain, made lots of money and died from some random brain swelling most likely, or I could get a doctor’s degree and examine women all day long, plus still, make lots of money. I decided on the latter. I pay my dues here in the urgent care and emergency rooms until I can get my office.”

   The man was logical and an excellent catch, but looking at his empty left hand, she asked, “You work a lot?”

   “Too much to just casually play around, so I just choose not to play. No romance without finance, right? Plus, I need to find a woman with specifications who can handle me.”

“I bet you get a lot of offers.”

He blushed. “Too many to name, but I’ve matured a lot, and I realize I can just go around giving myself to all who apply if you know what I mean.” He winked boyishly.

She relaxed liking his odd sense of humor, but also how he still kept everything professional. It made the exam much easier to endure. Half an hour later as the test results came back and he was flipping through all the notes he had taken from her insane story, he had this serious look on his face with his brown eyes going darker. His thick eyebrows were almost touching in a deep frown and his lips purse to show he was doing some major thinking.

   “Do you have a primary doctor?” he questioned after he had thoroughly examined her.

   “No. I usually just see whoever is in the office,” Chon said casually.

   Chance looked a little bit irked about that, but typed up some notes on a tablet, before asking, “Would you mind if I became your primary? That way when you do your follow up, you won’t have to explain that strange story again to another doctor.”

   This time Chon looked irked because he made her feel like she was almost insane. “That story is true!”

   “Oh, I, no doubt, believe you, Chon, but I don’t think other’s will believe it.”

   “Why not?”

   He looked at her paperwork. “The pain pills you took, are just that. Unless you have some allergy to Moltrin, there’s nothing wrong with them, and I suggest if you’re still in pain in a couple of hours you just take those, and nothing stronger is needed. That face bruise was just a tap, but since you’re not going to press charges against this woman, it’s healing well on its own.”

He flipped through her paperwork some more before adding, “Whatever this Onyx person gave you has completely dissolved from your system, so if she did give you something to knock you out for three days, then there’s no trace. This could mean she’s a professional at kidnapping people, which would be rare for you to know someone like that or like anyone else would believe, you made it all up. The only way that your story can be believable physically is that there is some unusual redness around your cervix. I only found it because I notice anything odd when it comes to a woman internally, but if you had gone to just any doctor, that wouldn’t have been seen or given a second look.”

   “Was I raped?” she asked worriedly.

   “No, nothing to that degree, but there was something strange swelling I only see in rare cases, but you said the man you’re sexually active with had a vasectomy. Right?”

   “Yes. A while ago.” She thought the question was bizarre for the doctor to ask.

   “I’ll run some more tests on the swabs I took, and I should call you in a couple of days.”

   “Is it an infection?”

   “Oh no, Chon. You’re clean as a whistle, but I’ll need you to follow up with me early next week? I’ll discuss your test results, including the sample blood the nurse took and any other concerns at that time,” he promised.

   She was satisfied with his answer and assured this doctor would know what was best when they spoke again.

   “Get dressed, and I’ll see you next week,” Chance ordered. “The nurse can get an exact time when you exit at the desk of your follow up appointment. I’ll let her know I need to see you personally at my office on the upper floors.”

   She shook his hand and watched him leave. Taking a moment to clean herself thoroughly, the soreness from when she had awoken was gone, but there was still this feeling that something wasn’t right. Maybe it was the internal bruising the doctor mentioned. How had that happened? Surely not from having sex with Dorian. No matter how intense their sex had gotten, she had never been this sore before.

Hurrying up, Chon finished getting dressed and was happy to see Kimberly still out in the lobby waiting for her. Kimberly even hugged her in comfort.

   “Is everything okay?”Kimberly asked very concernedly.

   “My doctor says I’m good. Whatever Onyx gave me has disappeared from my system, and I’m healthy.”

   “Nothing was broken? Missing? Fractured?”

   Chon couldn’t help but smile at Kimberly’s teasing. “No, I guess you were right, she probably kidnapped me just to torture Dorian.  I could be worrying for nothing.”

   “Whew!” Kimberly said. “You want to call him now?”

   “I’d better go to him. He’s probably a worried mess.” She looked at the time. “I’ll go right to the office.”    

   “Do you mind if I let Jaelen know you’re okay?”

   Knowing how close Jaelen was to Onyx, Chon was wary. “Is he concerned?”

   “He is,” Kimberly insisted. “I was shocked too. He said Onyx has never done something so insane. I think knowing Dorian might love you scares the shit out of her.”

   “Loves me?” Chon asked confused and highly flustered. “Dorian’s never said he loved me.”

   “A man doesn’t need to say it to feel it, Chon,” Kimberly said. “Especially people like Jaelen and Dorian. They love a different way and watching Dorian go out of his mind these last few days over the concern for you, certainly solidifies to me that he’s in love with you. The man came over in the middle of the night accusing Jaelen of having a part of your disappearance.”

   “So Jaelen REALLY doesn’t know what Onyx did to me either?”

   Kimberly looked at Chon seriously. “I made him swear the truth to me, and he said he honestly didn’t know, and even he was worried because he hasn’t heard from her in a week.”

   Chon was even more confused. “What did Salacious say about Dorian’s other girlfriend getting killed like Walter? What other woman has come up dead or missing in his life?”

   Shifting uncomfortably, Kimberly said, “About five years ago, Dorian was ready to put away childish manners and get married. He wasn’t truly in love, but he desperately wanted to settle down according to Jaelen, and he was going to marry this woman name Deliah. She seemed content about marrying him and had enough patience to put up with Dorian’s sarcastic wit. Four days before the wedding, she also disappeared after a very public argument that happened in the lobby of Dorian’s office.”

   “Onyx had something to do with her disappearance too?”

   “No. She had a valid alibi the whole week before Deliah’s disappearance. The day of the wedding, Deliah’s body was found inside of her car in the Detroit River as if she had just driven off the port and into the water. There was no injuries or bruising to the body. There were no security cameras around at the time of the incident, and to everyone, it looked like she had just driven off the embankment and into the water at a high rate of speed deliberately.”

   “So it was a suicide?” Chon asked.

   “Well at first that’s what it was ruled until Salacious noted Deliah had made plans to see her hairstylist the day before she first went missing. After leaving the office, the parking lot shows she was being chased to her car by someone who expertly avoided the cameras,” Kimberly pointed out. “Where she had bought the gas to fill up her tank before driving off the embankment, they pulled the cameras, and you could see her looking up at the cameras and mouthing the words, help me. Her death was ruled a murder.”

   Chon gasped in horror. Just like Walter! Just like his other girlfriend!

   “Dorian was suspected, right? And I think Salacious Heart still has a bug up his butt that he couldn’t pin anything on Dorian.”

Kimberly nodded. “It was a well publicized open cased murder for the city, and to this day no one has solved the case.”

“And did Dorian have an alibi?” Chon asked.

“No. All he said was that he was at work the whole four days of her disappearance and didn’t find out about her death until the police met him at the church and told him his bride wouldn’t be showing up. People who still work in the office to this day testified they saw he and Deliah fight before she stormed out of his office, never to be heard from again with her saying the wedding was off and he yelled back, Over his dead body.”

“And did he follow her out of the office?” Chon asked.

“No witnesses said that.” Kimberly sighed. “The witnesses also testified Dorian was only getting married because he wanted a wife, not because he loved Deliah and that was what everyone heard the topic of the argument. Dorian told her loud and definite he didn’t love her but he wanted a wife, and she would suit his needs. He also told her she should be happy because she had nothing and would never be anything so she should be happy just to be with him. Deliah realized he would never love her, and she wanted an out but had signed a document saying she wouldn’t cancel the wedding, had to stay married to him for ten years and produce two children.”

Chon gasped horrified. “He wasn’t kidding about the control he wanted over everything? Are you sure he didn’t say over her dead body?” Chon asked sarcastically.

Kimberly smiled sympathetically. “A lot of people said that too, but the argument was on security camera with Dorian continually telling her she wouldn’t leave him.”

“But if he didn’t love her. Why was it so important for him if she wanted to leave?”

“Dorian is a man of his word. He wanted to go through with the wedding no matter what.”

“He was that desperate to get married?”

“He was that desperate to have someone who could put up with him,” Kimberly corrected her. “Men like Jaelen and Dorian know what an ass they are and relegate they will never find agreeable companionship. Dorian was going just to settle because he was aware that there was little to no chance any woman would ever be able to love him.”

Chon thought the idea was unfortunate and guess she needed a little more insight to Dorian, but then that would mean getting closer to him, which could lead to deep feelings for him.

The idea chilled her to the bone.

Being with Dorian was purely supposed to be physical, and she meant to keep it like that, she told herself as she let Kimberly drop her off in front of Dorian’s office building.

Security seemed shocked to see her and let her pass through. She knew they were alerting Dorian of her presence and she wouldn’t be surprised if he greeted her in the lobby when she stepped off the elevator.

Sadly, Dorian didn’t meet her when she stepped off the elevator, but other staff members did, including Austin who came up and hugged her as if he hadn’t seen her in decades.

“Where the hell have you been?” he demanded to know as he shook her. “Your brother is worried sick about you?”

“Really??” she asked in disbelief. “After what he did to me? Told me? Made me feel? Was he concerned about me? I find that hard to believe from Craig and even from you, Austin, unless you were looking for something to use me for. ”

“We all were worried,” he said, shuffling nervously. “Just because we don’t date anymore, doesn’t mean-”

Chon cut him off tired of his phony crap. “We never dated, Austin. I was just some booty call you occasionally pacified with a discreet dinner just to get into my pants. Most times we were sitting in your car or my car, my place or some musty motel where I allowed myself to be pacified with your worthless sex. Let’s put the truth out there so we can’t be deluded by it anymore.” She didn’t know where this fire was coming from inside of her, but she was sure as hell liked the feeling of taking charge of her emotions and her life.

In the corner of her eye, she could see Tracey looking very angry, and disappointed Chon was there. Chon could also imagine Tracey was not pleased Austin was looking so concerned over his ex-girlfriend. Not wanting to be apart of any more of their weird drama, she said to Austin sternly, “Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to see my boss.”

Pushing away from Austin as if his touch was diseased, she stormed into Dorian’s office, not bothering to knock and opened the door.

Dorian was standing in front of his desk, looking like he wanted to pounce on her, but something invisible was holding him back.

“Well, I see you finally decided to show your face again,” Salacious said from a corner in the room.

Why the hell was he here?!

All Rights Reserved. 2016 (c) Sylvia Hubbard


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14 thoughts on “Ravenous-Chapter37

  1. Oh no…I’ll need to review and see what pieces of the story I’m missing. So are you going to leave us hanging on who killed all these people or will we definitely find out by end of story?

    Oh so I don’t understand the friction between Jaelen & Dorian or the strong bond btw Jaelen & Onyx. Does Jaelen know Kimberly is helping Chon with Dorian & conspiring against Onyx?

    I will have to think up some more loose ends I need tied up! 🙂

    1. You will find out who killed everyone by the end of the story. I figured you guys would have deduced them by now.
      Animosity is due to just cousins and they are mostly the same person … the bond between Jaelen and Onyx is that they are best friends. Have been for a while. You’ll understand their bond more in Onyx story but to see more of their bond see Stealing Innocence I
      Jaelen knows what his wife is doing AND he loves Kimberly to side with his wife before he sides with his BFF.

      1. I have a few people in mind for the killings but its seems there is info that comes up to deny what I think. Could really be Dorian or Onyx but they both are too obvious or it can even be Salacious! Shoot. IDK! But now Tracey seems to come to mind from info in this last chapter. Will be waiting to see how this all unfolds…

  2. Sylvia, have you ever seen the movie THE GAME with Michael Douglas & Sean Penn? This story feels like I’m being set up for this to be a joke or set up on Chon. Like she’s a pawn in all these players game. A Very good movie if you’ve never seen it!

    1. I did see the Game and that was f’d up at the end. And of course Onyx plays with her prey all the time in every story she’s been in. But the end result is always going to be an HEA even if I have to fight for it and fight with Onyx. Only ONE person who really could make Onyx back off and that would be Lethal. … but no I’m not bringing him in.

  3. I swear before cheese and crackers I want to stab Salacious, he is always jumping to conclusions. #BUTTHOLE I can’t wait to seeb what happens next. I wonder what is Onyx up to. What did she mean by her last statement dealing with hate? I hope Chon keeps this hard front up, she does not need to back down to Craig or her asshole ex. Dorian needs to come clean. What if the person who she had relations with when she was drunk got her pregnant and Onyx performed an abortion? So many different possible outcomes. 😒😒😒

  4. So, I may need to read the other books to get answers to my questions. But, here there are anyway.

    1. What is Tracey’s background? Other than the obvious reason of a rapid climb up the corporate ladder, why is she sucking up to Dorian? She doesn’t love Austin, why is she so ingrained in the business? What is her motive?

    2. I really like Chon. I like the way she protects her heart but is allowing herself to experience the pleasures that can be had from an intense and experienced manlover. I like her innocence and how she is able to pull herself together when she is confronted with information that is too much for an inexperienced person. One of these times, Chon is going to blow her top with the events and the information she is receiving and kick somebody’s butt.

    3. What is Salacious’s story? He sounds like a selective-sexy-protector type. What is relationship with Onyx?

    I will have more to add, but I am being summoned at this time.

    I am really enjoying this story. Thank you!

    1. i giggled at that “sucking up to dorian,” thing. that was funny, renee. I like question one. You’ve answered yourself though

      i like how Chon is developing too and how I’m making sure she’s reacting to every piece of information properly. I’m pretty proud of myself that I haven’t had a character overload…. yet

      Onyx is Salacious cousin. He’s trying to be on the good side and you’ll have to see the family chart to see where he comes in, but sadly and this is a SPOILER the Heart “War” is coming and Blaque don’t take too kindly to the Detroit side. Salacious MIGHT be a casualty. WIP Emperor’s Heart Part 2 will have that

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