I’m trying to remember what book Chance Jefferson appears in. Can anyone help?

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Chapter 31

  Dressing for the party, Chon continually looked in the mirror. There was a glow about her that she couldn’t believe. Yes, at Gate’s Spa, she had gotten a great makeover with her hair and makeup done, but there was something else.

   “That’s love,” Phoebe said at the doorway dressed in a long black gown.

   Chon wore a mid-calf, flowing royal blue shoulderless dress, with diamond embellishments. She also wore diamond encrusted shoes matching perfectly.

   Startled her thoughts were so readable Chon turned to the woman at the door. Crossing her arms over her chest in defense, she was ready to deny feeling anything remotely like love.

   “I denied it a lot too when I met my husband to be, Jacoby,” Phoebe said, holding an envelope close to her chest.

   “I don’t-”

   Phoebe put a hand up. “Please, don’t convince me. I made that mistake too.” She stepped fully into the room and looked Chon over. “You do look nice, though, Chon.”

   “Thank you. Do I look nervous to you?” Chon asked, overly rubbing down her dress and trying her best not to pace and wear out her new heels.

   Phoebe smiled. “You look beautiful, and Dorian would agree.”

Proudly, Chon said, “I don’t need Dorian’s validation.”

Phoebe nodded in full agreement. “Of course not. But you still look beautiful, Chon, I don’t say that only because I need something from you.”

Realizing, she was overly concerned about herself; Chon felt selfish. “I’m sorry. My mind’s elsewhere, Phoebe.”

“It’s fine I just wanted to give you my company’s  perspectives for you to still consider. Dorian has threatened to make my life a living hell if I dare try to steal you away from him before your time is up. He has also informed me you have your own business in mind, but with your valuable skills I feel you would be an asset to my company in an intelligent way.” She handed Chon the envelope she was holding. “I could work around the fact that you have your private venture easily. I’m realistic, and I know no entrepreneur is doing just one thing to get an income.”

Chon quickly glanced at the perspective and gasped. “But you are offering partnership?”

“Of course,” Phoebe said apparently. “With what you bring to the table in knowledge and contacts you would be invaluable to  growing the company.”

Chon couldn’t believe this opportunity brought to her. She could easily see herself teaching in the mornings, handling her hair clients in the afternoon and then doing her designs at night or on weekends. The opportunity was like she dreamed and Grandmother Wei’s  talents wouldn’t be wasted on just her. She could teach thousands her skill and Phoebe was making this all possible.

“I’ll look everything over. How long do I have?”

“I’d like to know by December. I can give you the partnership signing bonus by January when we sit down and speak about your schedule.”

“Bonus?”Chon questioned

“Yes.” Phoebe said apparently, “It’s on the last page of the perspective. Depending on your partnership it can be up to twenty-five thousand.”

That would be more than enough to get the new hair business up and running, and she wouldn’t have to have Andi wait so long.

Most importantly, she wouldn’t need Craig!

“Thank you, Phoebe.” Chon extended her hand to her.

“Oh no, I’m honored you are even considering being a partner,” Phoebe said shaking Chon’s hand. “And I would love to offer any personal assisting services you may need in the forefront to make your life a little easier. I know how hard it is to do everything by yourself.”

Chon was more than honored at the thought of actually having a personal assistant.  She was so used to doing things on her own and going through hard times without asking for any help from anyone. There were things she could dedicate to Phoebe that she needed to be done for herself and this was the perfect opportunity.  Going to get her purse and looking through her tablet where she kept her electronic notes to do list, the engineer’s notebook dropped out.

Phoebe picked up the journal and handed it back to Chon.

The thought to make a digital copy of the book for safe keeping struck her instantly, and she shook her head.  “How fast can you make a digital copy of this entire book? “

After quickly scanning the page lengths,  Phoebe said confidently,  “A couple of days. “

“Perfect,” Chon said. “By that time I should have thoroughly read the perspective and can ask any questions before signing. ”

Worriedly, Phoebe asked,  “And it won’t get in the way of your business work Dorian?”

“Not at all. But this journal is for your eyes only.”

Phoebe nodded happily.  “Text me a time when you can meet. “

To seal the deal,  Chon hugged her. “Thank you again, Phoebe.”

“No, thank you, Chon,” Phoebe said receiving the hug and hugging right back. “I’ll see you at dinner tonight.”

Chon didn’t sit down until Phoebe was gone and smiled to herself.  How much could she hate Dorian still if opportunities like this continually dropped into her lap?  He was adamant about their end date.

Meaning after that he wanted nothing to do with her?

Chon was unsure how she should feel about being Dorian’s plaything, but she was using him, wasn’t she?  She was feeling a sexual need,  allowing herself to be sexually uninhibited with him.     

So why was she worried?  

Because she was enjoying Dorian too much.  He was rocking her universe, and she could feel herself becoming emotionally attached to him.  

She would just fight the feelings.  She had too.  Otherwise, she would not be able to break away with her mental facilities intact by the end of her assignment with Dorian Zane.  

Chon would use him, check her heart at the door when she was with Dorian and do the best job ever for him.

Positive Dorian hadn’t pulled out all stops sexually; she needed him to continue his teachings to her body, while she continued to teach him a thing or two about what she knew about keeping it together in business.

They could impress each other, especially since she couldn’t get pregnant,  and walk away,  cutting ties as soon as the project was complete.

Putting the prospective in her purse and then putting the bag back in the closet. She locked her door and then proceeded to head for the steps. Dorian was waiting at the bottom of the steps looking gorgeously handsome in a tuxedo, but as she came closer to him, she saw an enormous black eye to his left side and some swelling on the other side of his face.

“What the hell happened to you? ” Chon asked horrified.

He smirked.  “You should see the other guy. “

“Who’s the other guy? “

Thaddeus and Skye walked up to them. Skype looked as if she barely contained her anger. Thaddeus looked very amused as he addressed them. “Are you two ready to go? The chartered bus already took everyone else to the restaurant.”

“Yes, I’m ready,” Chon said, still looking horrified at Dorian’s eye that was almost swollen shut.

   “You want to know what happened too, don’t you?” Skye asked bitterly. “My husband won’t tell me.”

   “Who’s the other guy?” Chon asked again.

   Thaddeus burst out laughing as if he had been holding back for days and Skye hit him in the arm as hard as she could, but that didn’t seem to phase him.

   “It’s not funny, Thaddeus!’ Skye spat.

   Dorian rolled his eyes and looped arms with Chon. “It’s none of your concern, Chon,” he said, escorting her outside to another limousine.

   When Skye and Thaddeus were inside, and the driver was pulling off, Chon felt she should inquire more.

   “Did you go to a hospital, Dorian? It looks terrible?”

   “I had a doctor look at it. He says I’ll be fine,” Dorian said.

   “You had Chance look at it,” Thaddeus pointed out. “He’s had his hands between women’s legs for so long, do you think he knows anything about eyes?”

   “Chance works in the ER as well at the hospital,” Dorian retorted. “He knows exactly what to do. I’m fine. Jaelen hits like a bitch.”

   Incredulously, Chon cried, “Jaelen did this to you?!”


All Rights Reserved. 2016 (c) Sylvia Hubbard


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I’m trying to remember what book Chance Jefferson appears in. Can anyone help?


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