Jona from Hope is Love appears in this chapter along with Phoebe and Jacoby from Deceptive Nights.

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Chapter 30

“Wow, you were right, Dorian,” Thaddeus said. “She would be mad.”

   Shocked Dorian had thought about her feelings; Chon still had to ask him angrily, “Knowing I would be mad, you still fought with him?”

   “He started it,” Dorian said directly.

   Chon was going to protest with him, but then with those three words from Dorian, she fully understood why he fought with him?

   “They were boxing already,” Skye explained sourly. “Taking their usual bets and Dorian was crazy to even get in a ring with him, knowing Jaelen is still Onyx’s sparring partner.”

   Dorian scoffed. “That doesn’t make him better. It just takes a little longer time to knock him off his feet as your husband can contest that I did.”

   Chon almost wanted to smile knowing Jaelen got knocked off his feet and no less by Dorian, but she suppressed this joy and huffed as if she was still annoyed. Matter of fact, she wanted to kiss Dorian for knocking Jaelen off his feet but fought the urge also.

   “He wasn’t trying to ruin our anniversary,” Thaddeus said to his wife. “Jaelen was egging him on, and then he mentioned the kid-”

   “That’s enough,” Dorian cut Thaddeus off. “We don’t have to go deep into detail. They just need to know Jaelen asked for it.”

   Skye looked at Dorian for a long moment very crossed but then relaxed. “Just promise me no more nonsense for the rest of the night, Dorian.”

   “I promise,” Dorian said, raising his right hand.

   Chon looked seriously at Dorian and then at Skye who only smiled in assurance. What did Jaelen say so wrong about a kid that messed Dorian up? What kid? Dorian didn’t have any children.

   Thaddeus distracted from any more conversation about the fight gave details about the buildings they were passing and proudly talked about the renovations he had made to Gaston’s warehouse restaurant and how future improvements to a rooftop balcony club was going to put the restaurant on the international map.

   Chon let Dorian lead her in and up the steps again. Her body was so attuned remembering their first encounter there on the second floor, but that wasn’t where they were headed. The third floor was their destination.

   Thaddeus had rented out the entire floor for his wife. The gesture was truly romantic because Skye had no idea what was to come as they entered the doors into the dining area where a room full of friends and family waited for them, toasting Skye and Thaddeus with wine glasses held up in the air as a sign of respect.

   The room was decorated in a Paris fashion where Skye and Thaddeus had spent their honeymoon. Chon was honored to be seated at the main table in front of the room with Skye and Thaddeus. Next to them, Phoebe was sitting with her husband, Jacoby Knight, a very handsome African American male, who was a computer software security programmer.

   “My wife has expounded upon you so much, I feel I almost know you, Chon,” Jacoby said, kissing her knuckles. “I hope you consider her perspective because she is going to drive me crazy until you do.”

   Chon smiled. “As I told her, Jacoby, it’s an honor to be able to be considered.”

   Dinner was immediately served now that the main couple had arrived and, of course, the food was a French dream that was heaven in her mouth. Chon had never eaten such rich foods before in her life, and every dish was to die.

   Between Phoebe, Jacoby, Thaddeus, and Skye, the conversation around the table was very lively. Dorian seemed pleasant but oddly quiet, and just after they took away the plates to prepare for dessert, Chon leaned to him and whispered, “I don’t think I can ever thank you enough for this opportunity this weekend, Dorian Zane.”

   He looked at her as if he was surprised she had said something like that to him. “You don’t mind being seen with me, Chon? I’m shocked you’re sitting up here with everyone looking at you knowing you are with.”

   She took his hand discreetly under the table and looked up into his eyes. “Being here with you is the best thing I could ever imagine, especially after the past couple of weeks I’ve had, Dorian.”

   He squeezed her hand and looked away, but she knew it was most likely because he didn’t use to public displays of affection.

   And if they were open enough, would he have kissed her? It looked as if he had wanted to. That serious look had been there before he turned away. Was he fighting his attraction to her as she was to him?

   There were so many questions Chon needed to have answered but right now was not the time. Now was the time to just enjoy the night with Dorian and her new friends.


   After dessert, Thaddeus and Skye had their annual re-commitment ceremony, and then there was dancing. “You look like you’re about to faint,” Phoebe noticed after coming to the table from the first dance with her husband.

   Dorian had left to speak to several men about business and had promised to return soon, but Chon was okay that he didn’t insist they dance together. She had never danced before in her life; even at prom, Austin just moved her body back and forth with one dance and then hurried her out of there to take her to the hotel room.

   “Do I?” Chon questioned, feeling the sweat come up on her brow.

   “Oh good lawd,” Phoebe said, sitting down from her, handing a glass of water to Chon. “Calm down. What’s wrong?”

   Chon lied, “N-Nothing, I’m just not a dancer.”

   “It’s not Broadway,” Phoebe assured her. “It’s just swaying to the music.”

   “I can barely hear anything, let alone the music because I’m breathing too hard.” Chon held her chest because it felt as if her heart was about to leap right out of her chest.

   “Is she going to faint?” Jaelen questioned, coming up on them with a smirk on his swollen lip. Despite his brown skin, anyone could see there were bruises by his eye and he was keeping his tie done to most likely hide more bruises to his body and arms. She also noticed cuts on his knuckles and she was positive there was a brace on his finger.

   “I think she is,” Phoebe said.

   Chon was too upset even to try to talk regularly to Jaelen.

   Phoebe explained, “I don’t think she’s ever danced.”

   Jaelen held out his hand. “Let me help you.”

   She should have been apprehensive regarding Jaelen’s help, but Chon truly was having a panic attack.

“I just need to get outside,” she insisted, allowing Jaelen to guide her, thinking he was going to lead her to where she could get some fresh air.

Instead, Jaelen led her straight to the dance floor, and Chon felt the room began to spin.

“Deep breath,” Jaelen commanded harshly.

“I’m going to…” Chon could barely muster the words she wanted to come out of her mouth.

Abruptly, Jaelen jerked her against his chest.”You’re not going to do anything, except listen to my voice and exactly do as I say.”

The man was annoying enough to get on her nerves and forget her nervousness.

“Sway with me, Chon,” he ordered.

Grinding her teeth, albeit she did start to move with him, she asked, “Why are you doing this?”

“Because my wife saw your panic attack across the room and ordered me to help you.”

“Do you always do anything to make your wife happy?”Chon challenged.

Jaelen twirled her around and drew her back to him. “I do my best.”

“Even if it comes between you and Onyx?”

“Onyx respects my relationship with Kimberly and would never try to get in the way of my marriage.”

“So the family is important to you?”

Jaelen snorted indignantly. “The love of my life means more to me than anything. Unfortunately, Dorian and I are semi-cousins. Onyx had every reason to drop that heartless son of a bitch like a bad habit.”

“Why?” she insisted just as the song ended.  

Dorian walked up to them, and Jaelen released her as if her touch had burned his hand. “Why don’t you ask him what means more to him.”

“I told you to stay away from her, Jaelen,” Dorian growled balling up his fist.

Knowing Skye would hate Dorian forever if a fight broke out, Chon took Dorian’s hand and led him away. “He’s not worth another black eye.” They walked out on the private patio as the evening was settling. “How can you get so upset with him, Dorian, when you know he’s just egging you on to do some physical violence to him?”

   “Because I care about you, dammit.”

   His burst of confession shocked her cold and touched her warmly at the same time. “I care about you too, Dorian, but I won’t allow you to mess up a perfect night for Skye and Thaddeus.”

   He relaxed, and that deadly serious look came into his eyes. Chon could almost feel his need to kiss her and she wanted to be kissed by him.

   Suddenly he took her and pulled her to the corner of the dark corner of the patio away from the doors where no one was standing.   

She thought she would need her shawl since it was in November, but she could see Dorian had a hand in designing the private balcony with a heated solar environment.

His body shielded them from the rest of the patio as her back pressed against the edge.

Dorian said, “I owe you an explanation before we go any further, Chon.”

   “Explanation for what?” she inquired, worried about what he was going to tell her.

   “About my ability to not have children and my decision to control that aspect of my life.”

   She didn’t know if she wanted to hear something so personal from Dorian Zane, especially as she was trying to keep her heart out of the relationship. “Hold on Dorian,” she said interrupting him. “Maybe we shouldn’t talk about this.”

   “Why because it’s personal?” he asked

   Of course, he would read her mind. He could always do that, and right now, she didn’t need that. Turning away from him pretending the scenic Detroit landscape was better than looking at him, she said, “Dorian, this is only supposed to go on until the end of my assignment with you. Getting too personal would be silly.”

   He didn’t say anything, and Chon wanted to look to see what expression was on his face, but she was scared to turn and look at him. His hands came on both sides of her to grasped the railing she stood near. He didn’t press his body to her, but he was close enough to talk almost in a whisper. “You need to know, Chon.”

   She closed her eyes bracing herself for his confession. “Fine, tell me.”

   “I met Onyx when I was just in college. Thaddeus was my friend, and he occasionally hung around Jaelen due to fraternity functions. I was mostly a tag along, but that’s when I met Onyx and thought it was real. I thought I’d spend my life with her and then she just disappeared. Three years after we’d been dating. It wasn’t her usual army mission gone; this one lasted two years and then she dropped back on my doorstep, literally raped me and then said she never wanted to see me again. I told her I wouldn’t have any hard feelings if she told me why she had left in the first place.” He turned Chon around, and she looked up in his eyes. “She left because she had been pregnant and knowing how it could affect our lives she aborted the baby.”

   Her mind was blown. Yes, she could see this kind of cruelty from Onyx.

   “Stupidly, I was still in love with her and was her off again; on again lover between all her other men she would allow to taste her. I had to unfortunate privilege to be the one to have full sex with her.”

   “You had a vasectomy?” Chon questioned.

   “Not right away. Two years after I graduated, I became involved with another woman and tried to tell myself I wasn’t in love with Onyx anymore. A year into our relationship, the woman ended up dead, floating in the Detroit River with a knife still driven in her heart.”

   Chon gasped hearing this.

   “Natalie was three months pregnant,” he confessed.

   “Do you think Onyx had anything to do with it?”

   Dorian shrugged. “When I asked her, Onyx said she had nothing to do with Natalie’s death. And that was the end of the discussion. The next day after leaving Onyx where we had made love, I went to my doctor and demanded an immediate surgery. I had to wait a week, but during that time, I deposited myself for safe keeping with a sperm bank until I am ready to have children.”

   “That’s why I don’t have to worry about getting pregnant?”

   “Yes,” he answered. “I became her on again; off again lover again, and dealing with my mixed emotions for Onyx. I’ll try to get away by finding a new flame and Onyx will scare them off; until you. All this morning, I’ve been worried about when you were going to tell me you didn’t want to be around me anymore. I’ve been waiting for you to say you didn’t want to continue to see me any more… In pleasure or business and I was going to let you go. I was, just like I let all the others go.”

   Chon responded honestly. “I’m not giving up just because that woman threatened me. I love a challenge Dorian, in business and pleasure.”

   He smirked wickedly, and that serious glint was very dark in his eyes. “Let’s leave early,” he suggested, but it was more of a command.

   She tried not to blush knowing his intentions.

   “And draw attention?” she asked.

   “You have a busy work day. Excuse yourself and go back to the house. I’ll meet you there.”

   “How am I going to get back in the house?”

   “When I let the couple know of your early departure, I’ll tell Skye you’re on your way back to the house, and she’ll alert the staff.”

   The idea was too good to resist, and she turned away to walk out of the room. Getting to the lobby, a woman walked up to her as if she had been waiting for her.

   “Chon?” the woman questioned.

   The woman was dressed for the party and very lovely. Her hair was in a natural kinky curl, twisted with a silk flower to match her dress with a smoky quartz in the middle.

   “I’m Jona Black,” the woman said when Chon nodded in acknowledgment.

   Chon shook the woman’s outstretched palm.

   “We haven’t met before, but my friend Nicole said it was urgent I speak with you. She told me you could help me and I could help you.”

   “How could you help me?”

   “By giving you information I think you need to help with Onyx Heart.”

   Chon’s heart leaped in excitement.”How? How could you give me a hand to get Onyx Heart to leave me alone?”

All Rights Reserved. 2016 (c) Sylvia Hubbard


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  1. I thought that Onyx had a child in one of the other books. She mentioned that her child died because it was ill. I thought maybe it was mentioned in the book with Jona Black does anyone else remember?

    On Sep 1, 2017 4:10 PM, “The Literary World of Sylvia Hubbard” wrote:

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  2. Good backstory. Made me say Ah Ha! Can understand the friction now, between Dorian and Onyx, in a crazy sort of way!

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