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Now the Shadow is a whole ‘nother person. I can’t even explain the irritating “thing,” but you meet the Shadow in a couple of books, but a lot in Wicked Chances.

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Chapter 30


Skye happily announced Chon and Dorian as the winners and then announced the winner of the course was some Sheik in Dubai.

   “We’re getting ready to go to the spa,” Skye announced. “I want to check on the children before I leave. Chon, could you help me?”

   A little confused as to how she could help with the kids, Chon saw the other women leave toward the front door, while she followed Skye back in the house.

   “Kimberly told me you needed an excuse to go to the library?” Skye asked.

   Remembering what Kimberly had arranged, Chon nodded and watched as Skye waved goodbye leaving Chon at the doorway of the library. Upon entering, the lights were down low, and all the curtains were closed.

   Nervously, she looked at the doorway and waited for what was to come. Should she still want him? Yes, his proximity had been arousing, but Dorian was such a complicated man, and he made her feel complex. One moment she hated him and the next she wanted to relive last night.

   “What important call?” Dorian asked annoyed from the hallway.

“In the library,” Thaddeus insisted, who was also out in the hall near the door of the library. “And then join us in the basement.”

Dorian huffed and entered the library.

   Chon could feel her entire body stiffen knowing she would be close to Dorian again and it would be in private.

Their eyes met as he quickly accessed the situation and then closed the door. She noted he bolted the lock before walking to her.

“You agreed to this?” he asked skeptically.

“I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t,” she retorted as he now stood in front of her. For some reason, she couldn’t catch her breath.

He looked down at her body and then back to her face. She was about to say this was a foolish idea until his hand encircled her nape and pulled her body against his as his lips swooped down and captured hers.

The taste of Dorian was like a thick mixture of a Mimosa and man. She groaned her desire as she felt her whole body shudder into the kiss. Parting her lips, his tongue took advantage of her acceptance and licked around her own before sucking her lower lip.

She pushed off his jacket, while he began to underdress her.

It only took a second for Dorian to open the front of his pants all the while he never stopped kissing her.

The desk she leaned against was now being used to hold her up, once her jumper was down to her feet along with her underwear, and he lifted her on top of the desk completely before impaling himself roughly inside of her.

Time was of the essence because he knew someone would get suspicious about his disappearance. Her arousal made him grunt in satisfaction because he knew he had done to her body. His mouth covered her lips as if this was their last kiss and he held her body close to his, while she held on for the most blissful ride of her life.

He pounded her body with his own, harder and harder until his manhood swelled hard in her and she braced for his essence. It was hard to keep her cries to herself as she shook in desire while receiving him.

Dorian lowly growled his release in her ear while holding her so hard Chon could barely breathe, but she didn’t complain. She loved it, she loved him and what he did to her.

His mouth kissed her cheek and her neck before swooping down to suckle both nipples. She covered her mouth to hide her happiness of being sated so fast, but it didn’t seem as if Dorian was done with her body. He nudged her back on the desk dislodging from her while licking down between her breast, to her stomach and then between her legs.

Shock rocked her body, as he greedily suckled her clit and then rounded his tongue around her labia, down to her perineum before circling slowly back up through her slit and then slurping their essence. Her eyes rolled to the back of her head as she glorified in his oral attention accepting the exoticness of this man.

He pressed his finger deep into her, making her hips shoot off the desk and was glad his other hand was on her stomach to hold her in place because his mouth kept titillating her senses until she felt the euphoric explosion from between her legs shooting out to her brain cells and even down to her toes.

The exoticness of his oral attentiveness blew her mind, and she didn’t just orgasm one time but several times. Dorian was a man on a mission to drink every last drop of her essence, and she drowned in the pool of blissful passion he pulled her.

When he was done, he stood with a pleased smile on his face, lips wet with their bliss and she leaned in, circled her arms around his neck and kissed him. He seemed hesitant as if he didn’t think she would enjoy kissing him

At first taste, she knew she was addicted to the sweet taste of them on his lips and then the sensual kiss he delivered, just increased her arousal.

His arms encircled her body and pressed her wholly against him. She felt more loved and wanted than ever before.

They both heard a bump in the hallway, which broke their kiss. That serious look was burning in his eyes, and Chon could read it now. He wanted more, but he knew this was risky.

“Check the hallway, Dorian, and then take me to the car waiting for me in the rear,” she instructed.

Reluctantly, he released her to check the hallway, while she quickly adjusted herself, pulling her jumper back up.

“All is clear,” he said returning to her and holding out his hand.

She smiled liking this new Dorian as she took his hand and let him lead her out of the room, to a door and down some steps, to another door where they exited out the house completely. A limousine was waiting just as Kimberly had said it would be and Chon moved ahead of him to get inside.

Dorian jerked her back hard against his powerful chest, and before she could catch her breath, he kissed her in desperation and then in passion, a groan escaping his throat as she immediately reciprocated with equal passion.

“Get away from me before I forget Onyx is trying to kill you,” Dorian growled.

She wanted to laugh and cry at the same time, but she didn’t. Instead, she obeyed and jumped in the back of the limousine, which quickly took off.

The smile on Chon’s face wouldn’t go away, dammit.

Her current sexual high further solidified, she needed to get Onyx out of the way. Digging in her shoe, she looked at the card with Nicole’s name on it. Would she be at the sauna with the rest of the women?

Chon hoped so. She couldn’t wait another day to plan and plot against getting Onyx Heart to leave her alone.

To her disappointment, Nicole couldn’t join them at the sauna due to a meeting with her co-partner at a laundromat but would be at the dinner tonight with her husband, Ethan Black.

Skye looked excited as she explained, “His brother James and his new bride, Jona will be there too.”

Kimberly gasped upon hearing Chon relay to them how Nicole wanted to help her. “Oh, I know why Nicole is helping you too.”

“Why?” Chon questioned as she was helped out of her robe by an attendant at Gate’s Spa. They were all dressed in a bathing suit about to get massaged, and it was just the three of them in the room while all the other women were in other rooms, so they could freely talk because Kimberly had picked the women personally who would not say a word to Jaelen.

“Jona’s her friend, who’s been conflicted without something called the Shadow,” Kimberly explained. “Now I’m not sure what that is, but I do know Onyx mentioned something about a shadow that no one can find, and Onyx’s sworn to get the information about this Shadow out of Jona.”

“So is Shadow a person or thing?” Skye questioned.

Kimberly frowned confused. “I don’t know, but obviously it’s important to Jona not to reveal anything about this Shadow.”

“How did this Shadow become lost?” Chon asked.

“Well, that’s where it gets complicated. The Shadow wasn’t lost, it was taken.”

“What is this Peter Pan?” Skye snapped frustrated.

“As I said, it’s complicated,” Kimberly answered. “That’s pretty much all I know about the Shadow, but Jona is very determined to do anything to get it back.”

“And Nicole is most likely to do anything to help Jona,” Chon concluded.

“Pretty much,” Kimberly agreed. “It is her sister in law and I believe they knew each other prior to Jona getting married to James, Ethan Black’s brother.”

Now Chon was very curious as to how she could help Nicole, but at the same time get Onyx away from her.

How had her life become so complicated?

All Rights Reserved. 2016 (c) Sylvia Hubbard


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